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Interview with Marjorie Herdes and
William Stockton: Practitioners of the Year.
Christine Herdes
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March 4th 3:30 – 5:30 pm,
Finding Your Compass: Aligning
Organizational Culture with
Development Network recognizes an individual who has made significant It’s my understanding that the award was
April 1st 3:30 – 5:30 pm,
contributions to the field of OD and to the given to you both because you do your
work in partnership. Would you talk a bit
about your partnership and how you see it
contributes to your clients?
highest values and practices in the field of May 6th 3:30 – 5:30 pm,
Marjorie: Will is committed to dialogue as
situation with a greater perspective. I was I had a chance to speak with Marjorie and understood that it was my own ego getting Will shortly after they were surprised with in the way because I wanted to show-up as June 3rd 3:30 – 5:30 pm,
smart or special in my own right. (While I recognize it now, I’m not over this desire.) What was and is your reaction to being
There is no doubt that our clients get less named Practitioner of the Year?
Will: “It really was a wonderful surprise.
The feeling that endures is appreciationfor the acknowledgement, and awareness Will: Peter Drucker advises leaders to find
that I have become an ‘insider’ in the OD my old but familiar identity as an ‘out- improve themselves in areas of limitation.
sider’ (appropriate for an anthropologist!).
I feel a strong desire to find ways to con- clearly how our dialogue contributes to agreater understanding for us and for our Marjorie: “Total surprise and delight!
clients. Marjorie brings natural talents, There’s nothing like being acknowledged strengths, interests and skills that I will Continued on page 4
Minnesota OD Network April 2003 Vol 17 no 8 Interview with Majorie Herdes and
William Stockton
contributes to the big picture. I think thisis one of our greatest contributions to Continued from page 3
leaders – to partner with them so that theylearn how to facilitate effective dialogue Together we offer clients far more than we Mobius, Inc.
with lots of stakeholders in a way that gets results they never thought possible.
Upcoming Workshop
What in your practice are you proud of?
Will: I have come to a simple way of
thinking about leadership. To quote Peter
Will: I am most proud of a few key things:
Coaching for Coaches
Drucker again: the only thing that power- ful leaders have in common is followers.
A Professional Challenge
my own life first. Partners who have been They lead in many different ways. I believe wisdom and skills to call attention to what What are your next steps as a
Marjorie: Explaining and facilitating
dialogue before it was ‘hot.’ Always Integrating the MBTI and
Marjorie: To pass along what I have
– transforming client ‘don’t wants’ into ‘do the Mobius Model
wants,’ and facilitating commitment to the ‘do wants’ before accepting a contract.
accessible to others, and to get the Mobius Model Instrument (MMI) into wide use.
perspective. I’m also proud of the work we It’s a wonderful tool for groups to discover in the public sector and in education.” where they could be, and to make a decision yes or no to develop. And, I want As you look back over your years of
experience, what do you value about your
Will: In a world focused on problems, on
Will: “I love this question because it
what’s wrong, and on evil rather than on makes me look with fresh eyes at people I voice calling attention to the possibilities that works for all of us. I’m not sure what that will look like, but it will include: willingness to trust us to lead when they munity could be the source of a powerful, www.mobiusmodel.com
global conversation about the forces that contribute to developing the world we all Marjorie: The clients that have been the
willing to say “I don’t know” and thenlook with us for new possibilities. I have • Developing whatever talents I can as a really appreciate opportunities for respectful communication both ways.
Written by Christine Herdes, Marjorie’sdaughter, who has had the privilege of What is your perspective on the skills and
participating in many fascinating, mind- and qualities it takes to be a good leader?
life-expanding conversations with Will andMarjorie. Marjorie: The ability to facilitate all key
stakeholder perspectives in a way that all
Minnesota OD Network April 2003 Vol 17 no 8

Source: http://www.mobiusmodel.com/downloads/MobiusInterview.pdf


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