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Microsoft word - mybo gpat booster pack-8 _pharmacology_

MYBO’s GPAT/ NIPER/ PGECET BOOSTER PACK-8 (From MYBO Knowledge Center) : MYBO – A Voluntary Organization 1. Which of the below drug causes diabetes
(A) Diazoxide (B) Triampterene (C) Digoxin (D) Phenacetin 2. Interaction between chlorpromazine and levo carbidopa causes
(A) Anti-parkinson effect (B) Antagonistic effect (C) Lymphoma (D) None 3. Pin point pupil is a characteristic feature of
(A) Morphine abusers (B) Phenytoin (C) Phenacetin (D) Minoxidil 4. Accumulation of beta amyloid plaques in various areas of brain like cortex is
characteristically seen is
(A) Alzheimers disease
(B) Non-hogdkins lymphoma
(C) Meningitis
(D) All the above
5. Ketoconazole + coca cola drink, results in the interaction of
(A) Increased systemic absorption (B) Decreased systemic absorption (C) No effect on absorption (D) None 6. Wilsons disease is resulted due to a metabolic defect of the element
(A) Copper (B) Iron (C) Cyanide (D) Gold 7. Which of the following is highly teratogenic drug
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MYBO’s GPAT/ NIPER/ PGECET BOOSTER PACK-8 (From MYBO Knowledge Center) : MYBO – A Voluntary Organization 8. The currently used most efficacious drug for scabies in pediculosis which shows
100% cure rate
(A) Lindane
(B) Permethrin
(C) Naftitine
(D) Crotamiton
9. Selective oestrogen receptor down regulator is
(A) Letrazole (B) Toremifone (C) Dutasteride (D) Fulvestrant 10. Neural tube defects occurs with one of the anti-seizure drugs
(A) Primadone (B) Valproic acid (C) Ethosuccimide (D) Embonic acid 11. Which of the following anti-hypertensive can precipitate hypertensive crisis
following abrupt cessation of therapy
(A) Clonidine
(B) Gemfibozil
(C) Enalapril
(D) Losartan
12. Drug of choice for the emergency control of convulsions of any type
(A) Amiodarone (B) Lorazepam (C) Vigabtrin (D) None 13. Which of the following drug is used to prevent allograft rejection that can cause
(A) Azathioprine
(B) Tacrolimus
(C) Sirolimus
(D) Basiliximab
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MYBO’s GPAT/ NIPER/ PGECET BOOSTER PACK-8 (From MYBO Knowledge Center) : MYBO – A Voluntary Organization 14. Reyes syndrome in children is associated with use of
(A) Ibuprofen (B) Acetaminophen (C) Celecoxib (D) Aspirin 15. A 43 year old ships pilot complains of seasonal allergies. Which of the below drug is
(A) Cyclizine
(B) Doxapram
(C) Doxylamine
(D) Fexofenadine
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Microsoft word - letrozole vs tamoxifen big 1-98.doc

Title: Five Years of Letrozole Compared with Tamoxifen as Initial Adjuvant Therapy for Postmenopausal Women with Endocrine-Responsive Early Breast Cancer: Update of Study BIG 1-98 Study Design BIG 1.98 is a four arm trial evaluating aromatase inhibitors for post-menopausal hormone receptor positive breast cancer. Subjects 8,028) were randomized to receive either: ARM A: tamoxifen al

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This is an example practice guide excerpted from one of the 800-page Practice Guide books p - 180 - d by Acute Care Horizons, LLC. For info on this book go to: FLANK PAIN PRACTICE GUIDE When using any Practice Guide, always follow the Guidelines of Proper Use (page 16). Differential Diagnosis ● Renal colic ● Biliary colic ● Aortic

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