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Prom otion Efforts is promoted through many mediums and structured to attract consumers for variety of initial purposes, always placing them one click away from our loca ne Advertising
town next to you? Right, not there . or buried in Onlin e Advertising drives almost 80% of our site traffic. subsequent pages!!! However, because most companies Our proprietary online ad program combined with the conduct business in more than one town, one of the diversity of several site landing platforms enables us to features that sets aside from the big ote the site’s multiple features while always putting search engines is the fact that your profile appears in sitor one click away from our local business all towns within your designated region, not just your door, has added side and back doors increasing the flow of traffic into the house! NEW: Our online advertising now also includes our Word Press blog (started in December 2009) – Scoop Our online ad campaign currently promotes three site Around Town – which compliments our Community features. First, there is the traditional promotion of the Billboards and also provides a different medium for our Local Business Directory. Second, there is the business clients to tell what they are doing, specials that promotion of the Community Billboards throughout they may be offering, projects just completed, jobs just Massachusetts and northern Rhode Island. Third, just won, etc…. works as a mini press release for our local introduced, there is the promotion of those clients that offer Discounts. This is a separate campaign highlighting all clients that offer a discount, Offline Advertising
with direct click- throughs to their profiles. Our offline advertising program resembles a grass root effort, as it is our philosophy that most traditional It should be noted that these advertisements are not offline advertising mediums are ineffective and not cost limited to directing folks to our home page or efficient, especially for small businesses. In addition, as community billboard, but also include specific profile links within the ad highlighting our client’s links so that previously referenced, local and regional newspapers are now well aware of our service and have (correctly) identified us as “competition” for advertising dollars!! The Community Billboard promotion has already doubled the number of visitors to our site in only five Many of our retail clients and other business friends months. It has also increased profile viewings and have our signs in their windows or in extended the length of time maintained at the site. It is their yard. The Blue Mobile is also at anticipated that the billboard will soon surpass the a high traffic Dunkin Donut every weekday morning traditional means of entering the site!! The Discount and at local T stations in the evening during the spring promotion just started, but has attracted a good crowd… as you can imagine everyone is looking for a deal these Our new “Everything Local” campaign will be initiated shortly with increased displays and brochures available throughout all of our billboard communities, again at All three features are promoted nationally through the high traffic locations. We will also be distributing major search engines – Google, Yahoo, Bing, AOL, and Promo Cards at select locations and even door to door Our proprietary program also includes Craigslist, Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, Four Square, MerchantCircle, and Backpage, to name just a few. Coming Soon – Referral Program
Slated for March of 2010, will be roll COMMENT: Many businesses may already show up in out a NATIONAL referral program where ordinary Google or Yahoo searches for their town. True, but have folks can earn income by securing both local business you then conducted a search using the zip code for the directory listings and/or Nation


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STATEMENT ON CORPORATE GOVERNANCE The Board of Directors (“the Board”) of Harn Len Corporation Bhd (“Harn Len” or “the Company”) recognizes the importance of good corporate governance towards building and maintaining corporate credibility and enhancing shareholders value. The Board is pleased to present the following statement on the application of the principles and complia

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Curriculum Vitae James Michael Simmons, Jr. (Mike) EDUCATION Graduate: Butler University, M.B.A, Leadership/Marketing Concentration, Indianapolis, IN, 2002 Undergraduate: Wabash College, B.A. English, Minors in Psychology and Business, Crawfordsville, IN, 1984 – 1988 Professional Development Graduate, AACSB Bridge Program, October 2008 Indiana University, School of

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