Op de vergaderging van het Vlaams Netwerk Burgemeestersconvenant van 7 juni 2012 kwamen de hieronder volgende actiepunten naar voor. Dit actieplan zal op komende bijeenkomsten van het Vlaams Netwerk Burgemeestersconvenant waar nodig of nuttig geactualiseerd worden. ► In general all the members will do their best to contribute to have in every subregion in Flanders enough practical help for municipalities to make it easier to sign and implement
the CoM. The speed may differ in different subregions. ► The Vlaams Netwerk Burgemeestersconvenant will lobby at the regional government in
order to have it provide the BEI-data for every municipality in Flanders, periodically till at
► The Vlaams Netwerk Burgemeestersconvenant will lobby at the regional government in
order to have it mention the CoM in its coming new Climate Policy Plan 2013-2020. VVSG
will take the lead. This Climate Plan should mention the CoM as an important instrument in helping to realise the Flemish and European energy goals. It should also mention that the regional government will provide some kind of help for the CoM-municipalities (f.e. BEI- data, stimuli through financial aid and/or awards and/or cooperation covenants on synergy of local and regional government projects/actions). ► Several members will organise information sessions on the CoM for civil servants. The
political level will be more something for after the elections. VVSG and BBL are prepared to help in any of these sessions (introduction to the CoM, concrete experiences in Limburg ► Several members plan seminars on local energy policy related topics. As much as
possible, VVSG will communicate them to the other members and to a larger audience – under the ‘flag’ of the Vlaams Netwerk Burgemeestersconvenant. ► Several members will also meet bilaterally, to learn from each other (since then there were
meetings between f.e. IOK and province of Limburg; WVI and Interleuven; province of Antwerp and the intermunicipal cooperations within its territory; etc.) ► The members, particularly the intermunicipal cooperations and provinces will further
assess which kind of activity they will develop in the coming year(s) in order to help the
municipalities with the implementation of the CoM and to incite them to sign. This is of course dependant on the political priorities, which will depend on the outcome of the local and provincial elections of 14 October 2012. There is enough work to be done: we don’t want negative competition amongst the members, but complementary cooperation. ► The representatives of the members (cities/municipalities, intermunicipal cooperations, provinces) will try to get the CoM into the local and provincial long term planning
processes that will be going on before and after the elections and that will be crucial for the
► VVSG will organise a second Energy-day for Local Authorities on 13 March 2013. It will
particularly (but not exclusively) be a showcase for what CoM-cities and –municipalities
have realised so far. For the programme of the day VVSG invites all the members of the Vlaams Netwerk Burgemeestersconvenant to cooperate. It is aimed to be an event of the ► Two members of the Platform, VVSG and the city of Oostende (with other partners), will organise a workshop on energy performance contracts (planned April or May).
► VVSG will maybe organise a more specialist workshop on the BEI – depending on
whether it assesses a continuing and broad enough need for that. ► VVSG and other members will continue to communicate about the CoM and the
Platform through their different media.
► The next meeting of the Vlaams Netwerk Burgemeestersconvenant will be held after the
elections, around October-November 2012.


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