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Norwes Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd.
C –703, G.T.B Nagar , Allahabad-2110 16. Ph. No:-, 09335068610, ,09415254253,.
E-Mail :
PRICE LIST(Liquid Orals)
Outer Pkg
in a outer
Anycip-T Syrup
Anacid Susp.
Asmod with dropper.
Asmod-P with dropper
Bromas Expectorant.
Caldef Susp.
(Dibasic Calcium Phosphate+Vit. D3 + With carton Vit. B12) Fecifol Syrup.
(Ferric Amm.Citrate + FolicAcid +Sorbitol) FLOCIN-T NORWES Suspension.
10. 1Inflac- A Susp.
11. 1Inflac ( Ibuprofen ).
12. 1Kalad Syrup ( Multi Vitamin ).
13. 1Lydine
14. 1Masoc Norwes Expectorant.
15. 1Metnoxin Susp.
16. 1Metroxin Susp.
17. 1Mas - D Expectorant.
(Diphenhydramine Hcl.+Amm.Cl2+ Sod. With carton Citrate+ Menthol.) 18. 1Naxizyme Syrup.
19. 1Nikyzyme Syrup.
(Diastase + Pepsin + Vit . B1 + B2 + B6+ With carton Niacinamide + D- Penthenol ) 20. 2Nicobec Fort(Multivit. Drops).with dropper
21. 2Norplex Syrup.
22. 2Norzyme Syrup.
23. 2Norazole Susp.
24. 2Nidone- M Susp.
25. 2Norbend Susp.
26. 2Norprim Susp.
27. 2Narab Syrup.
28. 3Nortaplex Syrup.
29. 3Norcee Drops with dropper.
30. 3Oflozole Suspension with dropper.
31. 3Piprazine Citrate.
32. 3Pesetrim Susp.
33. 3PemiplexFortSyrup.(Vit.B1+B2+B6+B12
34. 3Pezyme Syrup.
35. 3Phagacid Susp.
36. 3P-Kof Expectorant.
37. 3Pepcyl Norwes Syrup.
38. 4Parathiazine Syrup.
39. 4Pevin Syrup.
40. 4Setol Susp.
41. 4Spalcimide Syrup.
42. 4Systamol Syrup.
43. 4Simrat Susp.
44. 4Sucate Susp.
45. 4Tebrosma Expectorant Syrup.
46. 4Thazin Syrup.
47. 4Triphocal Susp.
48. 5Uritrac Syrup.
Systemic Pharmacals
C –703, G.T.B Nagar , Allahabad-2110 16. Ph. No:- 09335068610,09415254253.
E-Mail :
PRICE LIST(Capsules)
Outer Pkg in
N.R. (Rs)
M.R.P (Rs)
a outer box
Per 10x10
Per 10x10
Excel-Fe Caps.
(Carbonyl Iron + Vit E + Folic Acid + Zinc Sulphate + Selenium + Mecobalamine) Ginsevit Caps.
(Ginseng + Vit A + D3 + E + B2 + B1 + B6 + Ferric Ammonium Citrate + Calcium Pantothenate + Folic Acd + zinc Sulphate + Mecobalamine ) Beda – Fort Caps.
Kalad Caps.
Systemic Pharmacals
C –703, G.T.B Nagar , Allahabad-2110 16. Ph. No:- 09335068610,09415254253
E-Mail :
PRICE LIST(Food Supplements)
Outer Pkg in
a outer box
Bexozyme Syrup.
Benik Syrup.
(Calcium Gluconate + L-Lysine HCl + w/o carton Vit B1 + B2 + B6 + B12 + Folic Acid) Carfom susp.
Carfol-Z susp
Excel –Fe Syrup.
Ferric Amm. Citrate + L-LysineHCl+FolicAcid+Vit B12) Grobiphos Syrup.
(Protein hydrolysate + Vit B1 + B2 + B6 with carton + B12) Lesizyme Syrup.
Lesim Syrup.
(Calcium Gluconate + L-Lysine HCl + 300 Ml Mavical syrup.
Calcium Gluconate + Vit.B1 + B2 + B6 + B12 + Folic Acid) Muvit Syrup.
(Choleciferol + Vit A + B1 + B2 + B6 + w/o carton Niacinamide ) Norpoly Syrup.
P.V.C Syrup.
Ferric Amm. Citrate + L-LysineHCl+FolicAcid+Vit B12) Praise Syrup.
Pebigro Syrup.
(Calcium Gluconate + L-Lysine HCl + w/o carton Pevin Syrup.
(Protein hydrolysate + Elemental Iron with carton + Vit B1 + B2 + B6 + B12 +Folic Acid ) Remozyme Syrup.
Terms & Conditions
1. This Price list supperceeds all the previous price lists and subject to change from time 2. Taxes will be charged as applicable . For states other than Uttar Pradesh Form 'C'
3. The payment will be 50 % in advance and the rest 50 % will be given at the time of 4. Dealing will be made through approved transport and bank only .
5. You are supposed to market our product strictly in your allotted area only. Any
contravention of this will attract action from our side 6. All the area wise/state wise NOC/LOC will be born by you. .
7. Breakages and Expired goods will not be taken back on any account .
8. All subject to Allahabad juridisdiction only.


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