PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride, also commonly known as ‘vinyl’) is a rigid polymer, possibly most often seen in its ‘natural’ state used as w indow frames. In order to make PVC malleable, a variety of plasticisers are added and other processes are used during manufacture. In particular, this includes the addition of phthalates which provide flexibility, in order to mould and manufacture a wide variety of products, including window graphics, decorative wall vinyls, and signage.
PVC (‘vinyl’) based produ cts, such as graphics do suffer from the migration of their toxic plasticiser content into the atmosphere. When this happens the graphic becomes harder, and more brittle, and will often shrink, issues commonly found with vinyl based surface coatings and graphics. (This is why window vinyls are overlapped, to allow for the shrinkage due to plasticiser migration to the environment). At the end of life, such as in landfill, many of the toxins including dioxin, in the PVC are able to leach out into the In response to the lifecycle management issues surrounding PVC and the widely recognised potential health threats from the toxic chemicals involved, a growing number of companies have committed to phasing out PVC and switching to safer and environmentally gentler products and packaging.
There are a number of web sites that provide debate and information about PVC, and as with any scientific discourse, there is uncertainty associated with the exact degree of harm, and the exact environmental impact, however, we prefer to acknowledge the widely reported risk and hazard, and have developed our own long term policy to avoid unnecessary environmental challenges.
Novograf specialises in the design, customization, manufacture and installation of a range of high performance, PVC-free, surface products which provide an economical and environmentally gentle alternative to replacement and shop fit programmes.
Novograf has been manufacturing PVC-free products for many years. Virtually all of our product range is completely PVC and phthalates free, however, where using PVC based components has proved unavoidable, we have reduced the PVC content of such materials to only a tiny percentage of our delivered solutions.
Our PVC-free products have been engineered to much harder wearing and longer life specifications than PVC alternatives, maintaining their appearance for many years, and If you have any questions regarding the Novograf PVC-free product range, please email us at or phone 01355 900100.


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