Standards for teachers: FAQs for ECE kindergarten sector members
What are the Registered Teacher Criteria (RTC)?

The RTC are the revised standards set by the New Zealand Teachers Council for teacher registration, and replace the Satisfactory Teacher Dimensions (STDs) from 2011.
What are the National Professional Standards?
They are kindergarten teachers, head teachers and senior teachers’ standards for pay progression in the collective agreement.
Why isn’t there just one set of standards?
While both the RTC and the NPS aim to define what it means to be a quality teacher in New Zealand kindergartens, they have different purposes and reflect different perspectives.

What are the differences between the RTC and the NPS?
Registered Teacher Criteria
ƒ in the teachers’ collective agreement ƒ must be met for full registration as a teacher ƒ must be met to allow progression to next salary step ƒ three sets: beginning, fully registered, experienced ƒ assessed/attested every three years (more for PRTs)
Why can’t the new RTC go into the collective agreement so there is only one set?
As noted above, the RTC and the NPS differ in their form and purpose. In addition, NZEI wants to see the
Teachers Council become an autonomous professional body rather than the current crown entity which has a level of Ministerial control. Until such independence occurs, NZEI is cautious about considering the RTCs as part of a collective agreement.
How can kindergartens manage this?
Most associations take a pragmatic approach and acknowledge the similarities and differences in the NPS and the RTC within their performance management systems. The Teachers Council acknowledges this interconnectedness and has provided some matrices for the sets. NZEI’s website has matrices for all sets of The Council allows teachers to apply for renewal of a practising certificate from six months prior to the expiry of the practising certificate, which can help align the timing of the attestation processes.
NZEI matrices of RTC and NPS (link to be added once they are on line)
NZEI’s matrices which help align the criteria and the standards. You may wish to create a different alignment that suits your setting. It is important to remember that teacher practice does not fit into the boxes of each individual criteria or standard as appears on the matrix. Any one piece of evidence or example of practice should be able to be used in your setting to cover more than one of the criteria or standards – and doing this may be one way of making teacher assessment and attestation realistic and manageable. While the phased introduction of the RTC from January 2011 is the replacement of the Teachers Council’s STDs by the new RTC, the change is generating reflection about performance managements systems. NZEI hopes the matrices containing possible alignment of the criteria and the standards, and encourages you to take the information and ensure it fits into your setting and your practice. NZEI welcomes feedback on the alignments provided, so our resources are relevant and useful for members. NZEI welcomes feedback so resources are relevant for members. 1 More information is on the New Zealand Teachers Council website

Source: http://www.nzei.org.nz/documents/Help/FAQ-docs/NZEI%20FAQs%20ece.pdf

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