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Filming License Procedures 
Ontario’s entertainment and creative industries are among the fastest growing sectors in the provincial economy. These industries - book and magazine publishing, music, interactive digital media including gaming and film and television employ over 300,000 Ontarians, and contribute $12.2B to the provincial economy. Film and television production is a key component of this sector. Ontario Media Development Corporation (OMDC) is the agency of the provincial Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport that provides support to these industries through a variety of programs, services and tax credits. Among these supports is OMDC’s Film Commission which markets Ontario as a world-class destination for film and TV production, offering complimentary location scouting and facilitation services to domestic and international producers. The Film Commission collaborates with provincial, regional and municipal government representatives to promote the advantages of filming here. Attracting this important business to Ontario depends heavily on access to a diverse selection of film-friendly locations. Infrastructure Ontario is a Crown corporation dedicated to delivering some of the province’s larger and more complex infrastructure renewal projects, on time and on budget; managing one of the largest real estate portfolios in Canada and providing real estate services, such as asset management and property and land management; and providing the public sector and not-for-profit organizations with long-term financing to renew public infrastructure. Properties are owned by the Ministry of Infrastructure and managed by Infrastructure Ontario. This revised contract for filming at Infrastructure Ontario (IO)-managed properties aims to strengthen the partnership between IO and domestic and international film and TV producers. Its fee structure, policies and procedures are based on industry standards to ensure fair, equitable treatment of film companies and minimal disruption to IO facilities’ operations. Facilitation by IO to allow filming at Ontario Government locations supports the positive reputation that the province enjoys with the film and TV community, and lets our clients know that Ontario is open for business. PURPOSE/OBJECTIVES 
This document details a set of procedures that requestors of Government Owned space for Filming Use can reference when considering location options within the Province of Ontario. It is intended that the procedures will support the Province’s priority of economic stimulus and promotion of Film Making in the Province. The procedures will also facilitate a timely and efficient transaction process that meets the needs of Film Makers in respect to schedule and cost. These procedures also recognize the Provincial Directives associated with the transaction of owned accommodations to third parties in an open and transparent manner and reflect fair market compensation.  REQUEST PROCESS 
In order for requests by Film Makers (hereafter called the “Licensee” ) to be considered by IO and support the objectives noted above, it is required that the requests be made in writing and include the following: • identify the location being requested from the list of available locations attached hereto • Identify the legal entity making the request with full contact information • Indicate the duration that the licensed premises will be required by stating the start and • Identify set up, filming and take down dates • Indicate if the site involves filming outside or inside the facility as the rates differ in these • Acknowledgement and agreement that a damage deposit in the amount of $5,000.00 to $10,000.00 will be required depending on the site being requested and the type of activity taken place during the filming. • Acknowledgement and agreement that proof of insurance will be required at the time the License Agreement is executed by the Licensee and must reflect all requirements as outlined in the License Agreement attached hereto as Schedule “B” without amendment. Any amendment to the subject insurance provision will result in an inability on the part of Infrastructure Ontario to proceed. • Acknowledgement and agreement that the Licensee is required to provide a certified cheque for the associated License Fee as outlined in Schedule “A” and the License Fee to be provided at the time that the License Agreement is executed by the Licensee. • Acknowledge and agree that the Licensee will execute the License Agreement attached hereto as Schedule “B” “As Is” and without amendment. In order for IO to consider the request, the requestor shall be required to complete the Request Form attached hereto as Schedule “C” and submitted electronically to . The Request Form is accessible at  LICENSE FEE 
• Daily License Fees are provided per location on Schedule “A” attached hereto, and will • Set up and take down days will be charged at a rate of 50% of the applicable rate. • Additional Services are available and payable directly by the Licensee to IO’s Service SPECIFIC LICENSE PROVISIONS 
Along with the entire Agreement, the following are specific sections in the attached License Agreement that the requestor shall satisfy itself with prior to submitting a Request Form: 1. Section 3: Termination 2. Section 4: License Fee 3. Section 5.2: Compliance with Law 4. Section 5.4: Security 5. Section 5.5: Maintenance and Restoration 6. Section 5.7: Compensation for Damages 7. Section 9. Section 5.13: Waste and Environmental 10. Section 5.14: Security Deposit and Liability for Non-Compliance 11. Section 6.2: Inspection and Entry 12. Section 6.4 Indemnity 13. Section 6.5: Compliance with Laws 14. Section 10: License Not a Lease


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