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Below is a list of prescription assistance programs (PAP). Each PAP has
criteria that the consumer must meet in order to use the PAP. In some
cases, those who receive Medicaid or Medicare may not be eligible for these
programs. Most require that a prescriber submit the PAP paperwork, and
medication is sent to the prescriber to give to the consumer.
The programs listed here do not charge a fee; a few offer medication at
lower costs. Be aware that other programs do charge an additional service
fee, ranging from $5 to $20 per prescription. You should not pay a fee to
apply for these programs.

New Mexico-Specific Programs

New Mexico Discount Prescription Drug Program (DPDP)
The DPDP is available to all residents of New Mexico. If you have other insurance, you can’t use both cards for the same drug purchase — you can use whichever one benefits you the most for that purchase. Prescriptions savings can run as high as 50% for generic drugs (either retail or mail-order) order. For brand-name drugs, the savings average 13% at a retail pharmacy and 19% by mail order. The quickest way to get information and enroll is by going to the website at . You can also call and leave a message at 1-866-244-0882. New Mexico Drug Card:
The New Mexico Drug Card is available to all residents of New Mexico. If you
have other insurance, you cannot use both cards for the same drug
purchase-you can use whichever one benefits you the most for that
The New Mexico Drug Card can be printed out off of the internet once the
form has been filled out. If you do not have the capability to print you can
visit any Albertsons or Smith’s Pharmacy in New Mexico and asks the
pharmacy to bill through the New Mexico Drug Card. The New Mexico Drug
Card is accepted at over 50,000 pharmacies around the country. A list of
participating pharmacies is available on the website.
Prescription savings will be at the “LOWEST PRICE”. This guarantees card holders the lowest price available for the medication. MEDBANK: 1-866-451-2901 (476-4799 in Santa Fe)
The NM MEDBANK Program can be used by any New Mexican who does not have prescription drug coverage or has used up their prescription benefit through drug company patient assistance programs. Each company has its own guidelines for eligibility; they usually require that the patient be low- to middle-income, need the medication to treat a chronic condition, have no drug insurance coverage; and not be eligible for or enrolled in other types of assistance programs. The medication cost is free or a small co-pay. To sign up: If you go to a clinic, ask if it is a NM MEDBANK site and their office staff will help you. Otherwise, call for a complete application packet at 1-866-451-2901. The NM Medbank program also has Emergency Drug Assistance
for New Mexicans who meet Medbank requirements and have
filled out a MEDBANK application that is ready for submission. This one-time
assistance is meant to help applicants who need medication and can’t wait
for prescription assistance program approval.

Non-PAP Programs offering assistance

Benefits Checkup
Using an online survey, this site allows individuals to see if they are eligible for different types of programs, including PAPs.
Needy Meds:

This site offers information and links to different kinds of PAPs, including ones that are targeted to a specific illness, group, or state. It also offers information on free/low-cost clinics and a low-cost prescription discount card. Together RX Access: 1-800-444-4106
This program is a prescription savings program offering 25% - 40% discount on brand-name medications — Eligibility: Cannot have any type of prescription drug coverage, including Medicare Part D; Residency and income requirements RXOutreach: 1-800-769-3880
This program is a low-cost, mail-order prescription drug program that offers a variety of medications in 90- and 180-day quantities at prices for most medications from $20 to $50 per order (a few are higher). The only eligibility requirement is family income: $32,670 or less for a single person; $44,130 or less for a family of two; 11,460 for each additional person. People with other prescription coverage, including Medicare Part D, can also use this program.
Programs that can help access multiple PAPs

RxHope: 732-507-7400
This program has an on-line application that needs to be completed by the prescribing doctor or staff. RXAssist: 401-729-3284
This website offers a database of PAPs with applications. Eligibility varies from program to program; some require applicant to have no prescription coverage or letter of denial for requested medication; U.S. citizenship; income requirements
Partnership for Prescription Assistance: 888-477-2669
This program helps to access a number of PAPs. It provides a “wizard” to help fill out multiple applications at one time.
Access2wellness: 866-317-2775
This program offers assistance in finding prescription medications and
medical products for free or at a discount to qualified individuals.

BH medications covered:
Concerta, Invega, Invega Sustenna,
Haldol injection, Risperidal, Risperidal-M, and Risperidal Consta.
Company-Specific Programs

These programs offer medications specific to their company. Most have
criteria that must be met, including U.S. citizenship, no drug coverage or
coverage that has been depleted, and financial criteria. Contact each
program for specific details.

Reckitt Benckiser
Suboxone Patient Assistance Program 866-512-2216
(Access through
The patient must not have pubic or private insurance, must be at least 16 years old and prescribing physician can have no more than 3 patients on the program at a time. Income restrictions do apply. BH Medication covered: Suboxone Film

Forest Pharmaceuticals

BH Medications covered:
Campral, Celexa, Lexapro, and Namenda


The “AZ & Me” program has plans both for people with no insurance
and those who receive Part D. Income restrictions do apply.
BH medication covered:

Pfizer Helpful Answers
Pfizer has several programs that offer prescription discounts or, in some
cases, free medication.
BH Medications covered:
 Effexor XR
Bridges to Access 866-475-3678
This program offers prescription drugs to low-income individuals who do not
have insurance. To qualify you must income guidelines and have no
prescriptions coverage through private or public programs.

BH Medications covered:

 Lamictal, Lamictal ODT, Lamictal Chewable, Lamictal XR
Lilly Cares
This program offers prescription drugs to individuals who have no prescription coverage and meet income guidelines. BH Medications covered:
 Cymbalta
 Prozac
 Prozac Weekly
 Strattera
 Symbyax
 Zyprexa
 Zyprexa Zydis
 Zyprexa Relprevv

Janssen Ortho Patient Assistance Foundation
BH Medications covered:

 Concerta
 Haldol Injection
 Invega, Invega Sustenna
 Risperdal, Risperdal M, Risperdal Consta
 Topamax, Topamax sprinkle capsules

Novartis 800-245-5356

BH Medications covered:

 Clozaril
 Focalin, Focalin XR
 Ritalin, Ritalin SR, Ritalin LA
 Tegretol, Tegretol XR
 Trileptal

Merck 1-800-727-5400
BH Medications covered: Saphris
National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI)
This website offers pharmaceutical company phone numbers for some
behavioral health medications. The assistance is offered to low-income
individuals and families. Eligibility requirements differ between companies.
BH Medications include:


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