Preferred Provider
A benefit program is one of an organization’s biggest budgeted expenses.
Even a few percentage points of savings represent significant dollars.
We can help you gain those percentage points of savings!
Pal Benefits has a number of relationships with preferred providers. Our volume business enables us to access better rates
when providing our clients and their employees with certain benefits and services. 1
Here are our networks’ key features and the ways in which they can save your organization money. Pharmacy Networks
Drug costs typically represent the largest portion of a company’s overall health claims.
Very often, they represent 70% -- 75% of overall health program expenses.
In addition, our preferred arrangements with a number of mail-order pharmacies To help our clients address these significant costs, we developed a number of means clients benefit from extra services preferred relationships with major chain and mail-order pharmacy providers across Canada. These include Loblaw (and all the Drugstore Pharmacy locations in the
1. Delivery to a preferred location by mail or various stores under their banner) and Alliance Pharmacy Group.
With one of these arrangements, you will benefit from: 2. Access to a pharmacist for personal questions • Reduced and highly competitive dispensing fees 3. Larger quantities of prescription fills • A below market mark-up cost for drug ingredients
4. Secure and confidential storage of personal For your employees who prefer the Brand Name Drug: innoviCares
6. The ability to receive faxed prescriptions from Putting in generic drug controls into your plan design to save on the costs a doctor or prescription transfers from associated with brand name drugs helps to manage a drug plan’s expenses.
But, there are those who still prefer the brand names when filling
a prescription.
8. A 10% discount card on store brand products Our arrangement with innoviCares means employees can still access multiple
brand name prescriptions for the same cost as a generic equivalent!
When filling a prescription for a covered brand name drug, employees simply show * Note: Receiving prescriptions by delivery is usually more their innoviCares card to the pharmacist to indicate they have this benefit and
suitable for individuals on long-term drug therapies.
the pharmacist will dispense the brand name. The brand name manufacturer wil reimburse the difference to the pharmacist and the plan only pays for the generic.
There are currently approximately 50 brand name drugs eligible for this arrangement and the list is growing rapidly. Just a few of the brand names on this program are: • Crestor
• Altace
• Nexium
• Celexa
implementing a “mail order” condition • Plavix
• And many more
• Arimidex
1 Client must meet certain pre-determined criteria.
Preferred Provider
Preferred Employee Assistance
Program (EAP)
Organizations with a wellness strategy can implement
an entire EAP program at Pal’s preferred rate with
Ceridian EAP of Canada.
EAPS typically provide 24/7, multi-lingual access to counseling on a variety of urgent or non-urgent matters. This includes matters such as addictions, depression, elder care, child care, legal counsel and more. With Pal’s preferred rate at Ceridian, not only do those percentage points of savings come into effect, but employers can take advantage of additional services such as group specific reporting and regular, focused employee wellness sessions.
Preferred Executive Health Programs
The Medcan Clinic is one of Canada’s largest private
healthcare clinics providing tailored Comprehensive
Health Assessments
or Executive Medical Health
to large and small businesses. Pal’s preferred
relationship with the Medcan Clinic means our clients
can access medical assessments for their company’s
leadership at a reduced cost.
Our special pricing with the Medcan Clinic makes this exclusive service more affordable to those of our clients who wish to support the good health of their key employees.
Preferred Optical
We have a preferred arrangement in place with Loblaw Optical. With its many locations across Canada, Loblaw Optical provides
a number of competitive features such as a large eyewear selection, no fitting fees for contact lenses, access to on-site eye
exams, and warranties.
And now, with Pal’s preferred arrangements, plan members and their families will appreciate the following discounts: • 40% off frames and lenses • 10% of contact lenses • 40% off prescription safety glasses • These discounts apply to regular retail prices.
Pal’s Preferred Provider arrangements can benefit your employees
and save you on costs. Call Pal and find out how to apply.

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