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Physical Shared Facilities
Currently, PECO Energy does not share any physical facilities with any Affiliate
employing Marketing Function personnel.
Electronic/Computer Shared Facilities
Computers are not shared “physically” between PECO and its affiliates, however the
Exelon Information Technology environment consists of servers, systems and
applications that are shared between all of the businesses.
There are many servers within Exelon and all are used to house Exelon IT information,
systems and applications. With a few exceptions most of these servers can be accessed by
individuals throughout the Exelon network. Access is controlled by utilizing “access
privilege controls” through the network operating system and these dictate the level of
access a particular user will have (no access being the most restrictive, and full access
being the least restrictive). The control to grant access to a particular user and what
specific access that user has is governed by various administrators of the system. Persons
who are not permitted to have access to non-public transmission information are not
granted access to the particular system or application that houses such information.
The following is a list of shared systems and applications with information on how access
to each is controlled:
Microsoft Outlook: E-Mail system utilized by most employees of PECO and its
affiliates. Controlled through the use of individual user id/password.
Microsoft Outlook Public Folders: Folders available for viewing through the Microsoft
Outlook network ("Outlook"). These are used to share information among groups of
employees. Employees of PECO and its affiliates who have access to Outlook also have
access to the public folder section. These, however, are restricted using access lists
created and managed by the owner of the public folder. Only those people designated to
have access will be able to access the specific public folder by logging in with a user id
and password. The process for creation and modification of these folders includes a
Standards of Conduct warning regarding the nature of the information stored and
appropriate access designations.
Shared Drives and Files: A variety of drives exist in the PECO network. Most of these
are department specific and, as such, are not shared. A few may be shared however.
These are also restricted by the use of designated access lists and user id/passwords are
needed to access information.
Exelon Intranet: There is an internal Exelon Intranet used by PECO and its affiliates,
which is accessible by most employees. The majority of the Intranet can be used and
viewed by the entire population, but certain areas are restricted through the use of user
id/password. Whether or not someone is designated to have access is regulated by the
administrator of the respective Intranet information. The company is currently in the
process of a corporate-wide migration of information to one server. During this process,
where appropriate, sites housing non-public Transmission Information will be disabled
and the information will be transferred to another system or application. This information
is currently secured through the use of user/id and passwords. Persons who are not
permitted to have access to non-public transmission information are not granted access.
Energy Management System: This is the real-time monitoring and control system for
PECO generation and transmission system operation, which is used for the collection and
transmission of metered values, receipt of control commands and operation of equipment.
Transmission Function personnel and Exelon Generation personnel both access this
system. Exelon Generation personnel access this system only for generation data
purposes. Access to non-public Transmission Information located on this system is
secured through the use of user id/password protections. Persons who are not permitted
to have access to non-public transmission information are not granted access.


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