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New Business Opportunities for Companies Serving Pharma August 2007 In this issue:
Pharma Sales: Lead
The PharmSource PERISCOPE provides valuable insight
Activity Report
into sales issues and trends for companies that sell goods or services to bio/pharma. It helps you recognize new business • Lead Sampler
opportunities, and overcome sales obstacles. Enjoy the August • Sales Article:
Market Segmentation:
Making Less Into More
The PharmSource Team
Prospect Profile:
Jazz Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
PharmSource Lead Sheet: July Opportunities • Users Tip:
244 overall leads for pharma vendors were reported by the
Finding “Hidden” Prospects
PharmSource Lead Sheet in July.
in Your Territory

Lead Type
PharmSource Lead
Sheet: Special Offer
Total Leads*
*Total leads include product acquisitions/alliances, company acquisition/alliances and other sponsor events. Pipeline leads shown are categorized by development, API and dosage form.
Below are two actual leads from a recent issue of the PharmSource Lead Sheet (PLS), a weekly,
web-based information service that delivers new business opportunities and key market intelligence
information to companies serving Bio/Pharma. It includes new information on products in
development, acquisitions, alliances, financing transactions, and more, and delivers 40-60 fresh leads
each week.
2007 PharmSource Information Services, Inc. All rights reserved.
Use the PLS to stay on top of opportunities as soon as they’re announced, keep attuned to market
activity and trends, and as a key resource for targeted marketing.
Company: CardioVascular BioTherapeutics
HQ Location: Las Vegas, NV
Product: CVBT 141F
Dosage Form: Parenteral - Liquid
Nature of API: Biologic - Protein
Therapeutic Area: Stroke
Comment: CardioVascular BioTherapeutics reports
positive preclinical results for CVBT 141F in reducing brain damage due to stroke. Results from three independent animal studies demonstrated significantly less neurological defects in animals treated with CVBT 141F vs. the control group. Plans for clinical trials are being developed. Research contact: John W. Jacobs, PhD
Clinical research contact: Thomas Stegmann, MD
Research contact: Kenneth A. Thomas, PhD
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Company: Pharmasset Inc.
HQ Location: Princeton, NJ
Financing Type: Milestone payment
Amount Raised: $7.50 million
Description: Pharmasset receives a milestone
payment in the amount of $7.5 million from Roche. This was triggered due to the initiation of long-term chronic toxicology studies in two animal species. This is part of a collaboration with Roche for the development of R7128 for the treatment of hepatitis C virus. Strategy: Pharmasset develops novel, small
molecule therapeutics to treat viral infections and cancer. Research contact: Michael J. Otto, PhD
Research contact:
Phillip Furman, Ph.D.
Manufacturing and Darryl G. Cleary, PhD
Packaging Contact:
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2007 PharmSource Information Services, Inc. All rights reserved. Sales Article

[Editor’s Note: This article on market segmentation is a reminder of the importance of
understanding the differences between various groupings of your client base, and using this
knowledge in a marketing context, to reach each sub-set with a message that uniquely
resonates for them. Take advantage of resources like the PharmSource Lead Sheet to help
you quickly segment companies and new opportunities, and draw attention by using
appropriately targeted messages.]

Market Segmentation: Making Less Into More

When it comes to marketing, “less” really can be “more.” The smartest marketers are taking their big
mailing lists and organizing them into sub-lists, each of which has been identified as being relevant to
their business in a very specific way.
In life sciences businesses, the ability to differentiate your prospect base by dosage form, therapeutic
area, or company size can increase your awareness of the different needs of each of these groups, as
well as the different ways in which you might serve each. This, in turn, helps inform you how to best
present your goods/services in a way that directly serves the specific needs of each group. When you
use this insight to send targeted messages to different market segments, you’ll be speaking to your
market in an extremely relevant and personal way.
To redefine your master list into appropriate market segments, you’ll need some knowledge of each
of the companies on your list. If your business is like most, you have staff members on board who
have had years of experience in the industry. Tap into their high-level knowledge, and also into their
insight into individual companies, which is apt to be very keen.
What if your mailing list has hundreds, or even thousands, of companies? While it may sound like a
daunting task to categorize each company, it can be very valuable to use the goal of market
segmentation as a way to open up staff discussion and rethink marketing tactics and strategies. Begin
the process with a staff meeting for the purpose of defining market segments your company needs to
reach. Look in a “big picture” way at your current clients, grouping them into different segments by
product and other relevant differentiators.
Next, consider whether or not there are other segments that you may not currently serve, but that
could potentially present your company with new opportunities. Once you’ve defined a core group of
segments, use this list to review your master mailing list. This may help surface additional segments
that you will want to add to your marketing efforts.
Following this, circulate a copy of your master mailing list among your staff, asking them to
designate the appropriate market segment for each company they know. To spread the labor – and
expand the learning experience – you could have small teams of people get together to do this, so that
over a few iterations by different small groups, the task can be completed efficiently.
Expect to have some undesignated companies after the first pass is completed. If your staff handles
sales by territory, split the undesignated companies into groups by location, and assign the
appropriate staff members to research these to identify the appropriate market segment.
Depending on the original source (or sources) of your master mailing list, at this point you may find
there are companies on the list that simply are not well suited as prospects for your company. Once
this has been confirmed, these should be deleted.
2007 PharmSource Information Services, Inc. All rights reserved. Developing a series of segment-specific marketing campaigns and messages requires advance work and planning, but it also will yield insight into your business and how you can serve different types of clients. Reaching out to prospects with a message that truly shows that you deeply understand their needs will almost certainly get positive attention. So here are your choices: you can continue sending everything to everyone, using a general blast-marketing approach, or you can use segmented marketing, limiting your message and keeping it highly relevant to each recipient. When it comes to market segmentation, with proper planning and execution “less” can indeed be “more,” delivering better returns, stronger branding, and deeper insight into your clients and how your business serves the industry. Prospect Profile: Jazz Pharmaceuticals Inc. IPO SPOTLIGHT

Jazz Pharmaceuticals
is a bio/pharmaceutical company that develops therapeutics for the treatment
of neurological and psychiatric disorders. The company uses innovative formulations and drug
delivery technology on known compounds in an effort to improve efficacy, safety, and side effects
over current therapeutics. R&D expenditures in 2006 were over $54.9 million.

Corporate Highlights

185 total employees (69 Product Development & Clinical Activities, 42 General & Administration, 74 Sales & Marketing) Facilities include: Corporate Headquarters, Palo Alto, CA: 44,000 sq. ft. Manufacturing Status
Jazz Pharmaceuticals lacks internal manufacturing capabilities, and depends on third party manufacturing for the commercial production of drug candidates, compounds, and preclinical and clinical trials materials.
Business Relationships

2007: Product development agreement with Antares Pharma for a CNS disorder. 2006: Licensing agreement with UCB Pharma Limited for the marketing rights for its marketed narcolepsy therapeutic, Xyrem. 2004: Entered an agreement with GlaxoSmithKline for the worldwide rights to the API in JZP-4, its clinical product candidate for epilepsy and bipolar disorder. IPO Filing
Registration statement filed with the SEC for an initial public offering (IPO) of its
common stock (as reported in the June 10, 2007 issue of the PharmSource Lead Sheet).
As of June 2007, Jazz offered 6 million shares of common stock at $18 per share for an estimated financing of $108 million. 2007 PharmSource Information Services, Inc. All rights reserved. Use of Proceeds
Launch and commercialization of its marketed sleep disorder therapeutic, Luvox CR Development and clinical trials of early stage product candidates Working capital and general corporate purposes Sourcing Opportunities
Contract and clinical research for drug trials and R&D Manufacturing of preclinical and clinical product candidates Third party supply of clinical trials materials for product candidates Regulatory services and quality assurance US sales and marketing force for Luvox CR and JZP-6 Pipeline

Obsessive compulsive
Luvox CR
Social anxiety disorder
Obsessive compulsive
Phase III
expected in
H2 of 2008
Phase II trial
Phase I/II
Bipolar disorder
in Q4 of 2007
Repetitive seizure
Phase II trial
Phase I/II
in Q3 of 2007
Restless legs
Phase I/II
Panic attacks
Phase I/II

Total Revenues
R&D Expenses
General & Administrative Expenses
Total Operating Expenses
Capital Expenditures
2007 PharmSource Information Services, Inc. All rights reserved.
Contact Info

Jazz Pharmaceuticals Inc.
Key Officers
Finding “Hidden” Prospects in Your Territory

What’s the fastest, easiest way to identify biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies that are
headquartered in your territory? With the Full Database Search feature of the PharmSource Lead
Sheet (PLS)
. This task is quickly accomplished, and one that every field sales rep should do at least
twice a year. In a highly competitive environment, where you and your competitors need to work hard
to build brand awareness, you can’t afford NOT to know every prospect—because you need to make
sure every prospect knows you!
Pursuing prospects via company headquarters locations can be a successful strategy. It can be equally
worthwhile to make contact with people at non-HQ facilities. We make it easy for you to do both of
these tasks. The latter is potentially a rich source of new leads, particularly if you’ve been focusing on
headquarters contacts. You may find new opportunities with companies that have facilities in your
territory (and headquarters outside your territory). Here’s how:
1) Start by doing a Full Database Search for your geographical territory (for step-by-step instructions on how to conduct a search, contact PharmSource at 703-383-4903 or, then export/download the results into a spreadsheet. The results show companies in the location(s) you have designated; you also probably will see companies located in states/territories other than those you had designated. This is because these latter companies have a non-headquarters presence in your territory (i.e., R&D facilities, manufacturing facilities, etc.). 2) To find the address of the facility a company has in your territory, follow these simple steps: Go to the Full Database Search page. Set a date range of January 2003 to present. Go to the “Filter by Company” and select the company name and add it. At the bottom of the page, click on “View Results by Company”. When the results page comes up, just click on the company name in any lead, and it will open the small contact box that includes headquarters and other addresses. You’ll find the address in your territory on this list. The search results page will show you the most recent status for each of the company’s products, as well as the most recent financing activity. 2007 PharmSource Information Services, Inc. All rights reserved. In many cases, these non-headquarters facilities may not get the same attention from field sales people that headquarters receives, and you might make some real headway by building relationships with people at remote locations. One important caveat: Make sure to coordinate your efforts with those of your colleagues who handle relationships with the associated headquarters office located in their territories. The PharmSource Lead Sheet (PLS) is the weekly web-based information service that identifies
fresh business opportunities for companies serving pharma and biotech. Respected, endorsed and
depended on by the top companies, the PLS informs you of new product and financing opportunities.
It lowers your prospecting costs, raises the productivity of your sales staff, and keeps your lead funnel
If you're not yet a subscriber to the PharmSource Lead Sheet, we invite you to take a
complimentary test-drive to see for yourself how this service can be a vital tool for growing your
market share. For a limited time only we are offering new subscribers a 15% discount when you
subscribe within 10 days of your test-drive.

Here are just a few things the PharmSource Lead Sheet can do for you:
Save money: The PLS costs less than exhibiting at a single trade show, and far
less than an internal prospecting staff.
On-going source of fresh leads and current market information: The PLS
alerts your sales staff of fresh leads every week, and keeps you on top of pipeline
trends for products and Bio/Pharma financings.
Excellent resource for targeted mailing/contact lists: The Full Database
feature can be used to create targeted lists of pharma companies for
marketing campaigns or to contact for site visits.
The annual subscription renewal rate for the PLS is over 90%. This extraordinary rate demonstrates
extremely strong customer satisfaction and loyalty, and speaks volumes to the value of the PLS as a
resource that produces results.
To schedule your free test-drive, call Judy Miller at 703-383-4903, ext. 103 (ET), or click here to
submit a quick online request.

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