Bluetooth Innovations No.9:
Bluetooth GPS Receiver GP-700
If you are a frequent driver and tired about hassle with paper maps, ANYCOM GP-700 Bluetooth GPS Receiver will
bring you a whole new experience about navigation. The build-in hardware tracking loop processor WAAS/EGNOS brings better position accuracy. The receiver is intended to use in a broad range of applications such as mobile pho- The ANYCOM GP-700 Bluetooth GPS Receiver offers advanced features, which simultaneously tracks up to 16
satellites. The powerful rechargeable Lithium polymer batteries give you up to 14 hours of operation time, 300 hours of standby time. The 3-mode intelligent power saving design allows GPS receiver to enter deep sleeping mode auto- matically. It consumes very little power and provide up to 1200 hours deep-standby time. Operation is as easy as press the “power” button and everything is done automatically. ANYCOM GP-700 Bluetooth GPS Receiver is Bluetooth v 1.1 compliant and designed to be highly sensible to the
environment, which allows better reception in inaccessible environments, such as alleys between tall buildings, indoor parking garages, heavy foliage, railroad tunnels, windowless indoors.
Technical Specifications
Bluetooth Specification:
Bluetooth Class:
Bluetooth Class 2, 10 meters range (30 feet) GPS Chipset:
16 channels “all view tracking” (WAAS/EGNOS) Precision:
Position 7 meters (CEP), velocity 0,1 m/sec Power consumption:
Rechargeable Lithium-Polymer battery, 700 mAh Operating time:
Built-in ceramic patch antenna, external antenna connector Protocol / Interface:
Acquisition time:
Hot start: 10s, Warm start: 38s, Cold start: 60s (all average) Update rate:
Reacquisition time:
Package content:
ANYCOM GP-700 Bluetooth GPS Receiver, Power Supply, Ordering information:
ANYCOM GP-700 with EU Power Supply (220V) ANYCOM GP-700 with UK Power Supply (220V) ANYCOM GP-700 with US Power Supply (110V) For further information’s about the ANYCOM Bluetooth GP-700 or other ANYCOM Bluetooth products For US and Asia:
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