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Washington DC, June 8-9, 2006

„ General criteria for the structure of PPP units … Ownership (public or joint venture with the private sector)… Coverage (national or decentralized)… Functions (policy advisory or project transactions)… Authority (mandatory or optional)… Financing of operations (national budget or fee-based) „ Institutional arrangements considered for Indonesia … National Committee for the Acceleration of Infrastructure … Central PPP Unit… PPP Nodes in line ministries and regions… Contracting agencies „ Cross-sectoral PPP units exist in Australia, Canada, Chile, India, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Philippines, South Africa, South Korea, and United Kingdom.
„ They differ in ownership, coverage, location, role, „ There is no single model that fits all situations and (as against joint venture with the private sector)
procedures may affect efficiency of operations (as against the decentralized option)
(as against the project transaction function)
(as against optional authority)
(as against fee-based financing)
Indonesia’s Infrastructure Development Source of Funds
Multilateral and bilateral donors (World Private sector (PPPs)
„ High-level inter-ministerial National Committee for
the Acceleration of Infrastructure Development
given the mandate to coordinate policy
formulation and project implementation
„ PPP network established under the KKPPI to
promote, coordinate, and implement PPP projects „ Central PPP Unit being formed under the KKPPI
„ PPP Nodes being formed in line ministries and
„ Cooperation with the PPP Nodes and contracting agencies in preparing, implementing, and monitoring PPP projects „ Provision of technical assistance to and capacity building in „ Formulation of standards and guidelines for PPP projects (feasibility studies, bidding process, contract documents, etc.) „ Development and maintenance of a database on PPP … Evaluation of project readiness and prioritization of … Review of project evaluation conducted by the PPP … Evaluation of proposals from line ministries for … Cooperation with the Risk Management Unit in MOF „ Identification, screening, and prioritization of PPP project proposals from the various sectors and regions „ Coordination of activities undertaken by contracting … Negotiations and signing of Cooperation Agreements with „ Review of the need for central government support „ Identification, screening, and prioritization of regional „ Coordination of activities undertaken by regional … Negotiations and signing of Cooperation Agreements with „ Review of the need for regional government support „ At the national level: PLN, BPH Migas, BPJT, MPW, „ At the regional level: Regional governments „ Preparation and implementation of PPP projects: … Negotiation and signing of Cooperation Agreements … Monitoring of project implementation and operation „ Identification of the need for central/regional Imron Bulkin
Deputy Minister for Infrastructure Affairs National Development Planning Agency (BAPPENAS)


Supplement Facts Per Serving % Daily Value* Per Serving % Daily Value* Goji Fruit Extract (40% Polysaccharides) . † Mushroom Blend ( Cordyceps sinensis, Ganoderma lucidum, Fucoidan ( Undaria pinnatifida, Chordaria cladosiphon ) . † Vitamin A (from Beta Carotene) . 5000 IU . 100%Vitamin C (from Acerola Fruit Extract) . 60 mg . 100% Amaranth Flour ( Amaranthus cruentus L ) .

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