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Publications with Seahorse XF Data (September 27, 2013)
NAF-1 and mitoNEET are central to human breast cancer proliferation by
maintaining mitochondrial homeostasis and promoting tumor growth
Sohn Y S, Tamir S, Song L, Michaeli D, Matouk I, Conlan A R, Harir Y, Holt S H, Shulaev V,
Paddock M L, Hochberg A, Cabanchick I Z, Onuchic J N, Jennings P A, Nechushtai R and
Mittler R
Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A; 2013 Sep 3. 110 (36):14676-14681.

Metabolic reprogramming for producing energy and reducing power in fumarate
hydratase null cells from hereditary leiomyomatosis renal cell carcinoma
Yang Y, Lane A N, Ricketts C J, Sourbier C, Wei M H, Shuch B, Pike L, Wu M, Rouault T A,
Boros L G, Fan T W and Linehan W M
PloS one; 2013 Aug 15. 8 (8):e72179.
Synthetic lethal metabolic targeting of cellular senescence in cancer therapy
Dorr J R, Yu Y, Milanovic M, Beuster G, Zasada C, Dabritz J H, Lisec J, Lenze D, Gerhardt
A, Schleicher K, Kratzat S, Purfurst B, Walenta S, Mueller-Klieser W, Graler M, Hummel M,
Keller U, Buck A K, Dorken B, Willmitzer L, Reimann M, Kempa S, Lee S and Schmitt C A
Nature. 2013 Aug 14; [Epub ahead of print].

Autophagy Sustains Mitochondrial Glutamine Metabolism and Growth of
BRAFV600E-Driven Lung Tumors
Strohecker A M, Guo J Y, Karsli-Uzunbas G, Price S M, Chen G J, Mathew R, McMahon M
and White E
Cancer Discov. 2013 Aug 24; [Epub ahead of print].

Regulation of mammalian target of rapamycin complex 1 by Bcl-2 and Bcl-XL
Zou H, Lai Y, Zhao X, Yan G, Ma D, Cardenes N, Shiva S, Liu Y, Bai X and Jiang Y
J Biol Chem. 2013 Aug 19; [Epub ahead of print].

Design and discovery of novel quinazolinedione-based redox modulators as
therapies for pancreatic cancer
Pathania D, Sechi M, Palomba M, Sanna V, Berrettini F, Sias A, Taheri L and Neamati N
Biochim Biophys Acta; 2013 Aug 15. pii: S0304-4165 (13):00349-8.
Metformin decreases glucose oxidation and increases the dependency of prostate
cancer cells on reductive glutamine metabolism
Fendt S M, Bell E L, Keibler M A, Davidson S M, Wirth G J, Fiske B, Mayers J R, Schwab
M, Bellinger G, Csibi A, Patnaik A, Blouin M J, Cantley L C, Guarente L, Blenis J, Pollak M
N, Olumi A F, Vander Heiden M G and Stephanopoulos G
Cancer res; 2013 Jul 15. 73 (14):4429-4438.

Cetuximab reverses the Warburg effect by inhibiting HIF-1-regulated LDH-A
Lu H, Li X, Luo Z, Liu J and Fan Z
Mol Cancer Ther. 2013 Aug 6; [Epub ahead of print].

Small Molecule-Induced Mitochondrial Disruption Directs Prostate Cancer Inhibition
via UPR Signaling
Rico-Bautista E, Zhu W, Kitada S, Ganapathy S, Lau E, Krajewski S, Ramirez J, Bush J A,
Yuan Z and Wolf D A
Oncotarget; 2013 Jul 14.

Contributions of AMPK and p53 dependent signaling to radiation response in the
presence of metformin
Muaddi H, Chowdhury S, Vellanki R, Zamiara P and Koritzinsky M
Radiother Oncol. 2013 Jul 25; [Epub ahead of print].

Ectopic expression of the TERE1 (UBIAD1) protein inhibits growth of renal clear cell
carcinoma cells: Altered metabolic phenotype associated with reactive oxygen
species, nitric oxide and SXR target genes involved in cholesterol and lipid
Fredericks W J, Yin H, Lal P, Puthiyaveettil R, Malkowicz S B, Fredericks N J,
Tomaszewski J and Rauscher F J, 3rd
Int J Oncol; 2013 Aug 1. 43 (2):638-652.

Tumor-derived hydrogen sulfide, produced by cystathionine-beta-synthase,
stimulates bioenergetics, cell proliferation, and angiogenesis in colon cancer
Szabo C, Coletta C, Chao C, Modis K, Szczesny B, Papapetropoulos A and Hellmich M R
Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A; 2013 Jul 23. 110 (30):12474-12479.
Induction of a Tumor-Associated Activating Mutation in Protein Tyrosine
Phosphatase Ptpn11 (Shp2) Enhances Mitochondrial Metabolism, Leading to
Oxidative Stress and Senescence
Zheng H, Li S, Hsu P and Qu C K
J Biol Chem. 2013 Jul 24; [Epub ahead of print].

Zinc Finger Nuclease Mediated Knockout of ADP-Dependent Glucokinase in Cancer
Cell Lines: Effects on Cell Survival and Mitochondrial Oxidative Metabolism
Richter S, Morrison S, Connor T, Su J, Print C G, Ronimus R S, McGee S L and Wilson W
PloS one; 2013 Jun 27. 8 (6):e65267.

Tumor necrosis factor alpha increases aerobic glycolysis and reduces oxidative
metabolism in prostate epithelial cells
Vaughan R A, Garcia-Smith R, Trujillo K A and Bisoffi M
Prostate. 2013 Jul 1; [Epub ahead of print].

The transcriptional co-repressor myeloid translocation gene 16 inhibits glycolysis
and stimulates mitochondrial respiration
Kumar P, Sharoyko V V, Spegel P, Gullberg U, Mulder H, Olsson I and Ajore R
PloS one; 2013 Jul 11. 8 (7):e68502.

Mitochondrial Bioenergetics of Metastatic Breast Cancer Cells in Response to
Dynamic Changes in Oxygen Tension: Effects of HIF-1alpha
Diers A R, Vayalil P K, Oliva C R, Griguer C E, Darley-Usmar V, Hurst D R, Welch D R and
Landar A
PloS one; 2013 Jun 28. 8 (6):e68348.

Inhibition of AMPK and Krebs cycle gene expression drives metabolic remodeling of
Pten-deficient preneoplastic thyroid cells
Antico Arciuch V G, Russo M A, Kang K S and Di Cristofano A
Cancer Res. 2013 Aug 3; [Epub ahead of print].

A key role for mitochondrial gatekeeper pyruvate dehydrogenase in
oncogene-induced senescence
Kaplon J, Zheng L, Meissl K, Chaneton B, Selivanov V A, Mackay G, van der Burg S H,
Verdegaal E M, Cascante M, Shlomi T, Gottlieb E and Peeper D S
Nature; 2013 May 19. 498 (7452):109-12.
Decreased mitochondrial OGG1 expression is linked to mitochondrial defects and
delayed hepatoma cell growth
Lee Y K, Youn H G, Wang H J and Yoon G
Mol Cells; 2013 Jun 1. 35 (6):489-97.

Tumor necrosis factor alpha induced warburg-like metabolism and is reversed by
anti-inflammatory curcumin in breast epithelial cells
Vaughan R A, Garcia-Smith R, Dorsey J, Griffith J K, Bisoffi M and Trujillo K A
Int J Cancer. 2013 May 10; [Epub ahead of print].

Activating mutations in protein tyrosine phosphatase ptpn11 (shp2) enhance
reactive oxygen species production that contributes to myeloproliferative disorder
Xu D, Zheng H, Yu W M and Qu C K
PloS one; 2013 May 16. 8 (5):e63152.

Lactate Dehydrogenase B: A Metabolic Marker of Response to Neoadjuvant
Chemotherapy in Breast Cancer
Dennison J B, Molina J R, Mitra S, Gonzalez-Angulo A M, Balko J M, Kuba M G, Sanders
M E, Pinto J A, Gomez H L, Arteaga C L, Brown R E and Mills G B
Clin Cancer Res; 2013 Jul 1. 19 (13):3703-3713.

Hypoxic and Ras-transformed cells support growth by scavenging unsaturated fatty
acids from lysophospholipids
Kamphorst J J, Cross J R, Fan J, de Stanchina E, Mathew R, White E P, Thompson C B
and Rabinowitz J D
Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A; 2013 May 28. 110 (22):8882-8887.

The Proto-oncometabolite Fumarate Binds Glutathione to Amplify ROS-Dependent
Sullivan L B, Garcia-Martinez E, Nguyen H, Mullen A R, Dufour E, Sudarshan S, Licht J D,
Deberardinis R J and Chandel N S
Mol Cell; 2013 Jun 25. 51 (2):236-48.

Energy management by enhanced glycolysis in G1 phase in human colon cancer
cells in vivo and in vitro
Bao Y, Mukai K, Hishiki T, Kubo A, Ohmura M, Sugiura Y, Matsuura T, Nagahata Y,
Hayakawa N, Yamamoto T, Fukuda R, Saya H, Suematsu M and Minamishima Y A
Mol Cancer Res; 2013 Sep 1. 11 (9):973-85.
KEAP1 Is a Redox Sensitive Target That Arbitrates the Opposing Radiosensitive
Effects of Parthenolide in Normal and Cancer Cells
Xu Y, Fang F, Miriyala S, Crooks P A, Oberley T D, Chaiswing L, Noel T, Holley A K, Zhao Y,
Kiningham K K, St Clair D K and St Clair W H
Cancer research; 2013 Jul 15. 73 (14):4406-17.

Repositioning of Verrucosidin, a Purported Inhibitor of Chaperone Protein GRP78,
as an Inhibitor of Mitochondrial Electron Transport Chain Complex I
Thomas S, Sharma N, Gonzalez R, Pao P W, Hofman F M, Chen T C, Louie S G, Pirrung
M C and Schonthal A H
PloS one; 2013 Jun 12. 8 (6):e65695.

Posttranscriptional control of T cell effector function by aerobic glycolysis
Chang C H, Curtis J D, Maggi L B, Jr., Faubert B, Villarino A V, O'Sullivan D, Huang S C,
van der Windt G J, Blagih J, Qiu J, Weber J D, Pearce E J, Jones R G and Pearce E L
Cell; 2013 Jun 6. 153 (6):1239-1251.

Alterations in c-Myc phenotypes resulting from dynamin-related protein 1
(Drp1)-mediated mitochondrial fission
Sarin M, Wang Y, Zhang F, Rothermund K, Zhang Y, Lu J, Sims-Lucas S, Beer-Stolz D,
Van Houten B E, Vockley J, Goetzman E S, Anthony Graves J and Prochownik E V
Cell Death Dis; 2013 Jun 13. 4:e670.

The Paradox of E-Cadherin: Role in response to hypoxia in the tumor
microenvironment and regulation of energy metabolism
Chu K, Boley K M, Moraes R, Barsky S H and Robertson F M
Oncotarget; 2013 Mar 1. 4 (3):446-462.

Enterococcus faecalis Infection Causes Inflammation, Intracellular
Oxphos-Independent ROS Production, and DNA Damage in Human Gastric Cancer
Strickertsson J A, Desler C, Martin-Bertelsen T, Machado A M, Wadstrom T, Winther O,
Rasmussen L J and Friis-Hansen L
PloS one; 2013 Apr 30. 8 (4):e63147.

Arsenic exposure induces the Warburg effect in cultured human cells
Zhao F, Severson P, Pacheco S, Futscher B W and Klimecki W T
Toxicol Appl Pharmacol; 2013 Aug 15. 271 (1):72-7.

Dysfunctional oxidative phosphorylation makes malignant melanoma cells addicted
to glycolysis driven by the V600EBRAF oncogene
Hall A, Meyle K D, Lange M K, Klima M, Sanderhoff M, Dahl C, Abildgaard C, Thorup K,
Moghimi S M, Jensen P B, Bartek J, Guldberg P and Christensen C
Oncotarget; 2013 Apr 1. 4 (4):584-599.

p53 DNA Binding Cooperativity Is Essential for Apoptosis and Tumor Suppression
In Vivo
Timofeev O, Schlereth K, Wanzel M, Braun A, Nieswandt B, Pagenstecher A, Rosenwald A,
Elsasser H P and Stiewe T
Cell reports; 2013 May 30. 3 (5):1512-25.

The HMGB1/RAGE inflammatory pathway promotes pancreatic tumor growth by
regulating mitochondrial bioenergetics
Kang R, Tang D, Schapiro N E, Loux T, Livesey K M, Billiar T R, Wang H, Van Houten B,
Lotze M T and Zeh H J
Oncogene. 2013 Jan 14; [Epub ahead of print].

MiR-210 promotes a hypoxic phenotype and increases radioresistance in human
lung cancer cell lines
Grosso S, Doyen J, Parks S K, Bertero T, Paye A, Cardinaud B, Gounon P, Lacas-Gervais
S, Noel A, Pouyssegur J, Barbry P, Mazure N M and Mari B
Cell Death Dis; 2013 Mar 14. 4 (e544):2013.

Oncogenic BRAF Regulates Oxidative Metabolism via PGC1alpha and MITF
Haq R, Shoag J, Andreu-Perez P, Yokoyama S, Edelman H, Rowe G C, Frederick D T,
Hurley A D, Nellore A, Kung A L, Wargo J A, Song J S, Fisher D E, Arany Z and Widlund H
Cancer Cell; 2013 Mar 18. 23 (3):302-315.

Metabolic adaptation to chronic inhibition of mitochondrial protein synthesis in
acute myeloid leukemia cells
Jhas B, Sriskanthadevan S, Skrtic M, Sukhai M A, Voisin V, Jitkova Y, Gronda M, Hurren R,
Laister R C, Bader G D, Minden M D and Schimmer A D
PLoS One; 2013 Mar 8. 8 (3):e58367.

Metabolic Changes During Ovarian Cancer Progression as Targets for Sphingosine
Anderson A S, Roberts P C, Frisard M I, McMillan R P, Brown T J, Lawless M H, Hulver M
W and Schmelz E M
Exp Cell Res; 2013 Mar 19.

Resveratrol Impedes the Stemness, Epithelial-Mesenchymal Transition, and
Metabolic Reprogramming of Cancer Stem Cells in Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma
through p53 Activation
Shen Y-A, Hung P-H, Chi W-H, Wang C-Y, Hsieh Y-T, Wei Y H and Chen Y-J
Evid Based Complement Alternat Med; 2013 Mar 16. 2013 (2013):590393.

Mitochondria-Targeted Nitroxide, Mito-CP, Suppresses Medullary Thyroid
Carcinoma Cell Survival in Vitro and in Vivo
Starenki D and Park J I
J Clin Endocrinol Metab; 2013 Apr 1. 98 (4):1529-40.

Molecular chaperone TRAP1 regulates a metabolic switch between mitochondrial
respiration and aerobic glycolysis
Yoshida S, Tsutsumi S, Muhlebach G, Sourbier C, Lee M J, Lee S, Vartholomaiou E,
Tatokoro M, Beebe K, Miyajima N, Mohney R P, Chen Y, Hasumi H, Xu W, Fukushima H,
Nakamura K, Koga F, Kihara K, Trepel J, Picard D and Neckers L
Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A; 2013 Apr 23. 110 (17):E1604-12.

Dichloroacetate inhibits aerobic glycolysis in multiple myeloma cells and increases
sensitivity to bortezomib
Sanchez W Y, McGee S L, Connor T, Mottram B, Wilkinson A, Whitehead J P, Vuckovic S
and Catley L
Br J Cancer; 2013 Apr 30. 108 (8):1624-33.
Synthesis and SAR of Lehualide B: A Marine-Derived Natural Product with Potent
Anti-Multiple Myeloma Activity
Jeso V, Yang C, Cameron M D, Cleveland J L and Micalizio G C
ACS Chem Biol. 2013 Apr 2; [Epub ahead of print].

Rab27B-Mediated Metabolic Reprogramming Induces Secretome Acidification and
Chemoresistance in Breast Cancer Cells
Hendrix A, Ciccone C, Gespach C, Bracke M, Wever O D and Westbroek W
Exosomes and Microvesicles; 2013 Mar 18.

Mitochondrial Complex I Inhibitors and Forced Oxidative Phosphorylation Synergize
in Inducing Cancer Cell Death
Palorini R, Simonetto T, Cirulli C and Chiaradonna F
International Journal of Cell Biology. 2013 Feb 28; [Epub ahead of print].

Involvement of estrogen receptor beta5 in the progression of glioma
Li W, Winters A, Poteet E, Ryou M G, Lin S, Hao S, Wu Z, Yuan F, Hatanpaa K J, Simpkins
J W and Yang S H
Brain Res; 2013 Mar 29. 1503:97-107.

Activity of the mTOR inhibitor RAD001, the dual mTOR and PI3-kinase inhibitor
BEZ235 and the PI3-kinase inhibitor BKM120 in hepatocellular carcinoma
Kirstein M M, Boukouris A E, Pothiraju D, Buitrago-Molina L E, Marhenke S, Schütt J, Orlik
J, Kühnel F, Hegermann J, Manns M P and Vogel A
Liver International; 2013 Mar 15. 33 (3)

Hypoxia promotes tumor cell survival in acidic conditions by preserving ATP levels
Parks S K, Mazure N M, Counillon L and Pouyssegur J
J Cell Physiol; 2013 Sep 1. 228 (9):1854-62.

Warburg and Crabtree Effects in Premalignant Barrett's Esophagus Cell Lines with
Active Mitochondria
Suchorolski M T, Paulson T G, Sanchez C A, Hockenbery D and Reid B J
PLoS One; 2013 Feb 27. 8 (2):e56884.

The TBC1D15 Oncoprotein Controls Stem Cell Self-Renewal through Destabilization
of the Numb-p53 Complex
Feldman D E, Chen C, Punj V and Machida K
PLoS One; 2013 Feb 27. 8 (2):e57312.

Loss of FBP1 by Snail-Mediated Repression Provides Metabolic Advantages in
Basal-like Breast Cancer
Dong C, Yuan T, Wu Y, Wang Y, Fan T W, Miriyala S, Lin Y, Yao J, Shi J, Kang T,
Lorkiewicz P, St Clair D, Hung M C, Evers B M and Zhou B P
Cancer Cell; 2013 Mar 18. 23 (3):316-31.

An essential requirement for the SCAP/SREBP signaling axis to protect cancer cells
from lipotoxicity
Williams K J, Argus J P, Zhu Y, Wilks M Q, Marbois B N, York A G, Kidani Y, Pourzia A L,
Akhavan D, Lisiero D N, Komisopoulou E, Henkin A H, Soto H, Chamberlain B T, Vergnes
L, Jung M E, Torres J Z, Liau L M, Christofk H R, Prins R M, Mischel P S, Reue K, Graeber
T G and Bensinger S
Cancer Res; 2013 Feb 25.

Myostatin induces mitochondrial metabolic alteration and typical apoptosis in
cancer cells
Liu Y, Cheng H, Zhou Y, Zhu Y, Bian R, Chen Y, Li C, Ma Q, Zheng Q, Zhang Y, Jin H,
Wang X, Chen Q and Zhu D
Cell Death Dis; 2013 Feb 14. 4 (e494):2013.

Reversing the Warburg Effect as a Treatment for Glioblastoma
Poteet E, Choudhury G R, Winters A, Li W, Ryou M G, Liu R, Tang L, Ghorpade A, Wen Y,
Yuan F, Keir S T, Yan H, Bigner D D, Simpkins J W and Yang S H
J Biol Chem; 2013 Mar 29. 288 (13):9153-64.

PGC1alpha Expression Defines a Subset of Human Melanoma Tumors with
Increased Mitochondrial Capacity and Resistance to Oxidative Stress
Vazquez F, Lim J H, Chim H, Bhalla K, Girnun G, Pierce K, Clish C B, Granter S R,
Widlund H R, Spiegelman B M and Puigserver P
Cancer Cell; 2013 Mar 18. 18 (23):287-301.
LKB1 Inactivation Dictates Therapeutic Response of Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer to
the Metabolism Drug Phenformin
Shackelford D B, Abt E, Gerken L, Vasquez D S, Seki A, Leblanc M, Wei L, Fishbein M C,
Czernin J, Mischel P S and Shaw R J
Cancer Cell; 2013 Feb 11. 23 (2):143-58.

Tracking metastasis and tricking cancer
Marx V
Nature; 2013 Feb 7. 494 (7435):133-136.

The autophagy-associated factors DRAM1 and p62 regulate cell migration and
invasion in glioblastoma stem cells
Galavotti S, Bartesaghi S, Faccenda D, Shaked-Rabi M, Sanzone S, McEvoy A, Dinsdale
D, Condorelli F, Brandner S, Campanella M, Grose R, Jones C and Salomoni P
Oncogene; 2013 Feb 7. 32 (6):699-712.

Metabolic changes in cancer cells upon suppression of MYC
Anso E, Mullen A, Felsher D, Mates J, DeBerardinis R and Chandel N
Cancer Metab; 2013 Feb 4. 1 (1):7.

Role of p90RSK in regulating the Crabtree effect: implications for cancer
Redman E K, Brookes P S and Karcz M K
Biochem Soc Trans; 2013 Feb 1. 41 (1):124-126.

Control of glutamine metabolism by the tumor suppressor Rb
Reynolds M R, Lane A N, Robertson B, Kemp S, Liu Y, Hill B G, Dean D C and Clem B F
Oncogene. 2013 Jan 28; [Epub ahead of print].

Serine starvation induces stress and p53-dependent metabolic remodelling in
cancer cells
Maddocks O D, Berkers C R, Mason S M, Zheng L, Blyth K, Gottlieb E and Vousden K H
Nature; 2013 Jan 24.

Sterol regulatory element binding protein-dependent regulation of lipid synthesis
supports cell survival and tumor growth
Griffiths B, Lewis C, Bensaad K, Ros S, Zhang Q, Ferber E, Konisti S, Peck B, Miess H,
East P, Wakelam M, Harris A and Schulze A
Cancer Metab; 2013 Jan 21. 1 (3)

BCL-2 Inhibition Targets Oxidative Phosphorylation and Selectively Eradicates
Quiescent Human Leukemia Stem Cells
Lagadinou E D, Sach A, Callahan K, Rossi R M, Neering S J, Minhajuddin M, Ashton J M,
Pei S, Grose V, O'Dwyer K M, Liesveld J L, Brookes P S, Becker M W and Jordan C T
Cell Stem Cell; 2013 Mar 7. 12 (3):329-41.

AMPK Is a Negative Regulator of the Warburg Effect and Suppresses Tumor Growth
In Vivo
Faubert B, Boily G, Izreig S, Griss T, Samborska B, Dong Z, Dupuy F, Chambers C, Fuerth
B J, Viollet B, Mamer O A, Avizonis D, Deberardinis R J, Siegel P M and Jones R G
Cell Metab; 2013 Jan 8. 17 (1):113-124.

Acidity generated by the tumor microenvironment drives local invasion
Estrella V, Chen T, Lloyd M, Wojtkowiak J, Cornnell H H, Ibrahim-Hashim A, Bailey K,
Balagurunathan Y, Rothberg J M, Sloane B F, Johnson J, Gatenby R A and Gillies R J
Cancer Res; 2013 Mar 1. 73 (5):1524-35.

Disordered purinergic signaling and abnormal cellular metabolism are associated
with development of liver cancer in Cd39/Entpd1 null mice
Sun X, Han L, Seth P, Bian S, Li L, Csizmadia E, Junger W G, Schmelzle M, Usheva A,
Tapper E B, Baffy G, Sukhatme V P, Wu Y and Robson S C
Hepatology; 2013 Jan 1. 57 (1):205-16.

The Warburg Effect and Beyond: Metabolic Dependencies for Cancer Cells
Hockenbery D, Tom M, Abikoff C and Margineantu D
Cell Death Signaling in Cancer Biology and Treatment; 2013 Jan 1. 1 (2):35-51.

Hexokinase-2-mediated aerobic glycolysis is integral to cerebellar neurogenesis
and pathogenesis of medulloblastoma
Gershon T, Crowther A, Tikunov A, Garcia I, Annis R, Yuan H, Miller C, Macdonald J,
Olson J and Deshmukh M
Cancer Metab; 2013 Jan 1. 1 (2)
LCL124, a Cationic Analog of Ceramide, Selectively Induces Pancreatic Cancer Cell
Death by Accumulating in Mitochondria
Beckham T H, Lu P, Jones E E, Marrison T, Lewis C S, Cheng J C, Ramshesh V K, Beeson
G, Beeson C C, Drake R R, Bielawska A, Bielawski J, Szulc Z M, Ogretmen B, Norris J S
and Liu X
J Pharmacol Exp Ther; 2013 Jan 1. 344 (1):167-178.

MCT1-mediated transport of a toxic molecule is an effective strategy for targeting
glycolytic tumors
Birsoy K, Wang T, Possemato R, Yilmaz O H, Koch C E, Chen W W, Hutchins A W,
Gultekin Y, Peterson T R, Carette J E, Brummelkamp T R, Clish C B and Sabatini D M
Nat Genet; 2012 Dec 16. 45 (1):104-8.

Evolutionary Approaches to Prolong Progression-Free Survival in Breast Cancer
Silva A S, Kam Y, Khin Z P, Minton S E, Gillies R J and Gatenby R A
Cancer Res; 2012 Dec 15. 72 (24):6362-70.

Chemotherapeutic induction of mitochondrial oxidative stress activates
GSK-3alpha/beta and Bax, leading to permeability transition pore opening and
tumor cell death
Chiara F, Gambalunga A, Sciacovelli M, Nicolli A, Ronconi L, Fregona D, Bernardi P,
Rasola A and Trevisan A
Cell Death Dis; 2012 Dec 14. 3 (e444)

ENTPD5-mediated modulation of ATP results in altered metabolism and decreased
survival in gliomablastoma multiforme
Zadran S, Amighi A, Otiniano E, Wong K and Zadran H
Tumour Biol; 2012 Dec 1. 33 (6):2411-21.

The Warburg Effect Dictates the Mechanism of Butyrate-Mediated Histone
Acetylation and Cell Proliferation
Donohoe D R, Collins L B, Wali A, Bigler R, Sun W and Bultman S J
Mol Cell; 2012 Nov 30. 48 (4):612-26.

Switching from aerobic glycolysis to oxidative phosphorylation modulates the
sensitivity of mantle cell lymphoma cells to TRAIL
Robinson G L, Dinsdale D, Macfarlane M and Cain K
Oncogene; 2012 Nov 29. 31 (48):4996-5006.
Regulation of Mitochondrial Oxidative Metabolism by Tumor Suppressor FLCN
Hasumi H, Baba M, Hasumi Y, Huang Y, Oh H, Hughes R M, Klein M E, Takikita S,
Nagashima K, Schmidt L S and Linehan W M
J Natl Cancer Inst; 2012 Nov 21. 104 (22):1750-64.

Comparative study of 3D morphology and functions on genetically engineered
mouse melanoma cells
Zhang Y, Feng Y, Justus C R, Jiang W, Li Z, Lu J Q, Brock R S, McPeek M K, Weidner D A,
Yang L V and Hu X H
Integr Biol (Camb); 2012 Nov 1. 4 (11):1428-1436.

Melatonin suppresses doxorubicin-induced premature senescence of A549 lung
cancer cells by ameliorating mitochondrial dysfunction
Song N, Kim A J, Kim H J, Jee H J, Kim M, Yoo Y H and Yun J
J Pineal Res; 2012 Nov 1. 53 (4):335-43.

Glucose - a sweet way to die: Metabolic switching modulates tumor cell death
MacFarlane M, Robinson G L and Cain K
Cell Cycle; 2012 Nov 1. 11 (21):3919-25.

Mitochondrial-associated nitric oxide synthase activity inhibits cytochrome c
oxidase: Implications for breast Cancer
Sen S, Kawahara B and Chaudhuri G
Free Radic Biol Med; 2013 Apr 1. 57:210-20.

Metabolic signatures uncover distinct targets in molecular subsets of diffuse large
B cell lymphoma
Caro P, Kishan A U, Norberg E, Stanley I A, Chapuy B, Ficarro S B, Polak K, Tondera D,
Gounarides J, Yin H, Zhou F, Green M R, Chen L, Monti S, Marto J A, Shipp M A and
Danial N N
Cancer Cell; 2012 Oct 16. 22 (4):547-560.

Importance of glycolysis and oxidative phosphorylation in advanced melanoma
Ho J, de Moura M B, Lin Y, Vincent G, Thorne S, Duncan L M, Hui-Min L, Kirkwood J M,
Becker D, Van Houten B and Moschos S J
Mol Cancer; 2012 Oct 9. 11 (1):76.
Ceramide targets autophagosomes to mitochondria and induces lethal mitophagy
Sentelle R D, Senkal C E, Jiang W, Ponnusamy S, Gencer S, Panneer Selvam S,
Ramshesh V K, Peterson Y K, Lemasters J J, Szulc Z M, Bielawski J and Ogretmen B
Nat Chem Biol; 2012 Oct 1. 8 (10):831-8.

An analogue of resveratrol HS-1793 exhibits anticancer activity against MCF-7 cells
via inhibition of mitochondrial biogenesis gene expression
Jeong S H, Song I S, Kim H K, Lee S R, Song S, Suh H, Yoon Y G, Yoo Y H, Kim N, Rhee
B D, Ko K S and Han J
Mol Cells; 2012 Oct 1. 34 (4):357-365.

Pyruvate Uptake Is Increased in Highly Invasive Ovarian Cancer Cells under Anoikis
Conditions for Anaplerosis, Mitochondrial Function, and Migration
Caneba C, Bellance N, Yang L, Pabst L and Nagrath D
Am J Physiol Endocrinol Metab; 2012 Oct 1. 303 (8):E1036-52.

Mouse hematopoietic cell-targeted STAT3 deletion: stem/progenitor cell defects,
mitochondrial dysfunction, ROS overproduction, and a rapid aging-like phenotype
Mantel C, Messina-Graham S, Moh A, Cooper S, Hangoc G, Fu X Y and Broxmeyer H E
Blood; 2012 Sep 27. 120 (13):2589-99.

Imp2 controls oxidative phosphorylation and is crucial for preserving glioblastoma
cancer stem cells
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