Data logger "METEO-32"
Recording measurements - Data interface - Power supply - Installation and maintenance
- Technical data
Data logger for meteorologyDetailed measurement datasetWeather-proof, minimal power consumptionSerial port for PC/laptop, telephone, GSM Recording measurements
The METEO-32 is a data logger specially developed for meteorological data logging. It registers all relevant
data for a detailed weather observation: wind speeds (at three heights), wind direction (at two hights), air
temperature, and humidity, atmospheric pressure, global radiation and rain.
The Data logger collects the data at selected intervals. A variety of evaluation functions are available, andthe memory capacity allows unsupervised automatic operation over a period of months or even years. Measurement datasets are available as text files so that standard programs can be used for the evaluation (such as MS Excel).
The Data Logger is also able to calculate additional statistics in a form suitable for basic energycalculations. This speeds up the evaluation process, and energy estimates can be made using the "ALWIN" software program (available as freeware).
Data interface
The AMMONIT data logger has a serial RS232 interface, and we supply CALLaLOG software (Windows
9x++). This makes it easy to program the data logger, and data can also be transferred automatically.
The logger can be fitted with a standard or GSM modem. The GSM-system offers the ideal solution if notelephone line is accessible, and the SMS function means it is easy to monitor the system by mobile phone.
Power supply
The data logger is powered by two Alkaline Battries (9V 6LR61 - PP3). They can be replaced by Lithium
batteries. It can also be linked up to an external power source, and this may be necessary for some
sensors. A small photovoltaic system is available as an accessory, which is sufficient to operate the entire
measurement set-up including the sensors and GSM-system.
Low-energy, high-precision sensors are available for the system. There are many different types of
anemometer, and we recommend comparing the technical specifications carefully before making a final
choice. For energy predictions, you should have the chosen anemometer calibrated individually.
Installation and maintenance
All AMMONIT data loggers are designed for permanent automatic operation in exposed positions. If the
system is provided with a remote monitoring facility and the small solar system as power supply then the
only maintenance that is necessary is an occasional check that the sensors are working properly.
It is crucial that the system is installed with care. Even though the logger is weatherproof, it is advisable toinstall it in a metal cabinet with a lock and a good earth connection, as additional protection against freak weather conditions and also against theft and vandalism. Ammonit offers a variety of suitable cabinets. All accessories are also available separately for self-installation.
It is important to make sure that all sensor cables are attached securely to the mast. If the cables becomedamaged then moisture might find its way into the cabinet or into the logger itself.
Technical data
P2510 – METEO-32
Input channels
3 x wind speed2 x wind direction1 x rel. air humidity1 x Air temperature1 x Air pressure1 x Global radiation1 x Rain Housing
- protection
screwed miniature round-socket, Binder series 723 Power Supply
- operation
2 Alkaline-Batteries (9V E-Block - 6LR61 - PP3)can be replaced by Lithium batteries input 12 VDC 10.24 Volt (connector supplied) approx.: 0,5 mA (between the measurements), 45 mA(Meas. Operation) Temperature
- operation
1000 kByte non-volatile-memory (EEPROM) recorded 500.000 values Buffered real time clock, accuracy -30°C . +60°C: < 25 ppm3V Lithium Button Cells CR2032, approx. 180.230mAh Digital out
Open-Drain, 12 . 24VDC, ca. 20 mA - e.g.can switch on or off a sensor heating via relay (also via SMS) Data output
Display, 2 x 16 character double spacedserial RS232, 38400baud, E71 ASCII Series meas.
- Scan interval
shift register, subdivided in daily data blocks Average, maximum, minimum, standard deviation Statistics
- Scan interval
Shift register, subdivided in 4 statistic blocks 29 classes à 1 m/s wind speed distribution (2 heights)36 sectors wind rose with unique distributions (anemometer1) SMR
- Scan interval
Included in delivery
User's manual, Batteries, drying agent, PC-cable,3-pol. Stecker (ext. supply), Software CALLaLOG02 Recommended

P6100(H), P6171,P6121, P6140, P6160 (needs adapter Fitting accessories
- Steel cabinets /
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