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EIGER: The Eiger is a small pocket LED flashlight that uses a single
AAA size battery and the latest high performance LED. It is available in
black Anodized Aluminum, Brass, Stainless Steel, Gold plated brass and in
limited runs of Titanium. Eight different power levels can be ordered to
tailor the light to your requirements and three different beam patterns.
Battery compartments include Key Ring, Lug, and Pocket styles in black
Anodized Aluminum and Brass and Gold plated brass. Battery
compartments of Key Ring and Pocket styles in Stainless Steel and limited
runs of Key Ring style in Titanium are available. All body styles with the
optional battery cap can be used as a spare battery/storage compartment.

The Eiger can use Alkaline, Lithium or NiMH rechargeable batteries
or 3.7 volt Lithium-Ion rechargeable batteries in three different sizes. The
special sized AAA Lithium-Ion options, (10440, 10280 and 10180), make the
Eiger the first true high performance key-ring flashlight available anywhere.
An optional translucent cover that slips onto the head to reduce output is
useful for reading menus in dark restaurants. The optional momentary
switch can be used on key-ring bodies that have the removable negative
battery contact.

3 Different beam patternsWide, Medium, or Narrow Unequaled light outputBest battery run time True natural white light outputRed, Blue, Green, White LEDs Latest high flux LEDsHighest efficiency electronics No other LED flashlights equal the quality, performance, versatility, or overall lasting value offered by Peak LED Solutions.
The following is a list of the eight different average power level
outputs of the Eiger with the Medium Optic using the common battery
combinations in the left hand column. Under each power level is two
columns, the first is the candlepower, (fc), output and the second is the
equivalent output in Lumens, (L). The Wide Angle Optic will have a lower
candlepower output but with the same Lumen output per power level. The
Narrow Optic will have a higher candlepower output with the same Lumen
output per power level as shown in the data list below.

#1 Power Output
#2 Power Output
#3 Power Output
#4 Power Output
#5 Power Output
#6 Power Output
#7 Power Output
#8 Power Output
The Medium Optic is the most popular and is an excellent all purpose
beam pattern with good side spill. The Wide Angle Optic has been
described as a wall of light. It is good for short range applications up to
about 15 feet, and very useful to light up the inside of computer cabinets,
etc. The Narrow Optic is for longer range use with a well defined hot spot
and less side spill.

All Eiger heads can be interchanged with all Eiger battery
compartments in all material types. Heads or battery compartments may
be ordered independently to meet your special requirements or as
complete flashlights. All Eiger heads may also be used with the older
Matterhorn bodies.

Selected Eiger run time and candlepower outputs with different battery
combinations. All tests were done with the Medium Optic and standard size AAA
#2 with one AAA alkaline

#3 with two AAA NiMH rechargeable

#4 with one AAA alkaline

#4 with two AAA alkaline

#6 with one AAA alkaline

#6 with two AAA alkaline

#6 with one AAA lithium

#6 with one AAA NiMH rechargeable

#6 with two NiMH rechargeable

#8 with one AAA alkaline

#8 with one AAA lithium
30 minutes
30 minutes

#8 with one 3.7 volt 10440

#8 with two AAA NiMH rechargeable
30 minutes
30 minutes
hours 19.2
hours 7.0


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