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There are few mosquitoes during the trip. You can choose not to take the pill but rememberto use insect repellent. Most visitors are more worried about the leeches.
As the trip to Maliau Basin involve three days of trekking and lots of up and down the hill, itis highly recommended that visitors are reasonable fit, at least to endure 6 to 8 hours oftrekking per day. In any event we have taken visitors who did not train much, for the trip.
Just remember to take it easy, pace yourself and enjoy the surrounding. There are lots ofinteresting vegetation, mushroom, insects for you to discover.
- Trekking in the humid jungle (not too hot as the trails are covered by dense forest canopy)you will perspire a lot and you may not realize it. It is important to bring 2-3 liter of waterwith you and have frequent sip of water during the trek. You may want to use dehydrationsalt or tablets in your water to replenish lost of mineral to avoid muscle cramp.
- There are water piped from Agathis Camp and Ginseng Camp. So there are plenty ofwater for drinking and shower. At Lobah Camp which is the highest point of the trip, thewater source is in a tank collected from rain water and the water is first used for drinkingand cooking, then for cleaning and shower.
- Personally wearing a thin t-shirt (or quick dry t-shirt) and a long pants for all the trekkingis advisable. There is no need to change as you will perspire a lot within 1-2 hours oftrekking and your t-shirt will be completely wet. You may want to take a dip at Maliau Fall,so be prepared to wear your swim suit or a quick dry t-shirt on the day when you aretrekking to Maliau Fall. You will need a spare set of clothing for sleeping. You can bring abag with locks to keep your clean clothing (for your trip returning to KK) in a store room inthe base camp (Agathis Camp).
- An umbrella is very useful if it rains. Hat or cap is very useful as they will protect yourhead against overhanging tree branches.
Make sure you trim your toenail. Usually trekkers will lose their toenail after a few days oftrekking, and it is very painful going down the hill when toes are knocking on your shoes.
This will be useful to help you balance and taking some load off your feet.
It will be useful to bring some plaster or bandage in case of minor cuts or injury. Pleasebring your own medicine. If you are prone to allergy from insects bite (bees, sands flies,etc) it is useful to bring an anti-hestamine or ointment to relief itchiness or rashes.
A good pair of trekking shoes is essential, preferably water proof and with "studded" sole. Ifit is raining the trial will be muddy and you will require a pair of shoes with heavy studs andwater-proof to keep you feet dry.
Both Agathis Camp and Ginseng Camp are equipped with generator set. There will beelectricity supply for a few hours in the evening. You may re-charge your camera batterythere. Please be reminded, in Malaysia we use 240V and three-square type of plug forelectricity appliance.
Since you will be having a packed lunch, do bring along your own plastic container, spoonand cup. Cutleries are provided at all the base camp and are not allowed to be removed.


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