Santiago Cajiao Maldonado
Project Manager / UX Consultant
After 8 years of experience on the digital environment I've got to integrate several skills and disciplines in a big Basically my challenge is to resolve any information issues along the project development in order to make it run as planned and make it even more efficient by improving processes and communication. The human interaction has always inspired me to create solutions that fit into the user needs rather than just following the standards, giving me the ability to resolve complex situations by using effective and innovative methodologies.
Management, Planning, Communication, User Experience Design, Information Architecture, Usability, Prototyping, Sketching, Video games, Production.
Project Manager at Studiocom
junio de 2012 - Actualidad (1 mes)
New Team and new challenges, a perfect mix to keep rockin' ! Regional Content Manager for Nokia Latin America at Wunderman Colombia
enero de 2012 - junio de 2012 (6 meses)
As part of the big changes we are getting used to see in the digital business my role evolved into something bigger, this time to take care of all contents deployment for Nokia LTA websites.
Senior Producer for Nokia Platforms LTA at Wunderman Colombia
agosto de 2010 - febrero de 2012 (1 año 7 meses)
Coordinating all maintenance activities around all LTA Nokia Websites, which include designing information/documentation to perform maintenance projects with three production Hubs (Brazil - India - Finland) and three different platforms (Contents validation, and
2 recommendations available upon request Information Architecture Director at ZemoGA, Inc.
abril de 2008 - agosto de 2010 (2 años 5 meses)
My goal at that time was to lead a 10 people IA Team at Zemoga Inc. ensuring the highest level of quality in terms of usability, user centered design and functional specifications in all our projects.
- Coordinate and improve communications between the IA Team and the other dependencies involved in a - Give recommendations about project functional features - Design Information systems according to project needs - Design user oriented / technical Wireframes - Design any IA related documentation to improve the project development All these skills have been applied efficiently by working with clients like: 5 recommendations available upon request New Media Creator at Wunderman
septiembre de 2006 - marzo de 2008 (1 año 7 meses)
- Design Visual concepts for marketing purposes - Content generation for Websites (Copywriter) UAT Leader at Wunderman Brasil
2007 - 2007 (menos de un año)
- Testing content migration for Nokia LTA Websites (8 sites) - Content language quality validation (in spanish / portuguese) - Work Team support and coordination (20 people) 2 recommendations available upon request Workflow optimization: Walking a step forward 4 de febrero de 2012
This is one of my regular posts I write on my site about Team Management and User Experience Senior Producer for Nokia Platforms LTA
Wunderman Colombia
Online training - Marketing MathOnline training - Managing projects withinOrganizationsLoyalty ManagementBusiness Coaching: Condicting Coaching sessionsDatabase Marketing Workshop - Conversion to digital environment
December 2011 to December 2011
A 3 days workshop to involve new professionals and last year students to the digital production environment, including digital roles description, basics of Human-Computer interaction, Brainstorming and a Digital Music Production
User Experience
User-centered Design
Information Architecture
New Media

Universidad Católica de Manizales
Publicista, Inglés, Música, Multimedia, 1999 - 2005
Activities and Societies: University Jazz Band
Special Mention: Producer of the Quarter - Wunderman Worldwide - Feb, 2011.
Producer of the Quarter - Wunderman Worldwide - May, 2011.
Santiago Cajiao Maldonado
Project Manager / UX Consultant
9 people have recommended Santiago
"I worked with with Santiago on the contents localization and UAT stage for the Nokia LTA sites on 2007.
His leadership inspired and motivated us to do a great job. It would be nice to work together again!"" — jennifer barnfather, Copywriter and content analyst, Wunderman Interactive Sao Paulo- Brasil, reported
to Santiago at Wunderman Colombia
"Santiago is a digital producer with great attitude and communication skills. His day-by-day production requests and personal organization on the tracking of it (.and believe me, it's a huge amount of work) are just remarkable. Without any doubt he is one of the best in our producer community." — Denis Chamas, DELIVER Digital Production Lead, Wunderman, worked directly with Santiago at
Wunderman Colombia
"Working with Santiago was a great experience. He's a very keen problem solver. He has great knowledge on user experience, communication, advertising and digital production. He's driven by results so you can always expect the best of him. He's also a great musician with great sensitivity which adds to his holistic approach to — Miguel Fernandez, Senior Experience Designer, ZemoGA, Inc., worked directly with Santiago at
ZemoGA, Inc.
"Santiago is a very fast and efficient Information Architect. His work is of a high standard and his behavior is always professional. Santiago is a very calm and friendly person, who has been a pleasure to work with." — Caroline Perkins, Account Manager, ZemoGA, Inc., worked with Santiago at ZemoGA, Inc.
"Santiago always knows how to deliver with such a great quality, no drama and outstanding respect for process, he is a must have resource for any organization, good attitude all the time, fun and easy to work with! He is giving that extra mile every single time!" — Nicolas Nieto, CSM, CSPO, Project Manager, ZemoGA, Inc., managed Santiago indirectly at ZemoGA,
"I´ve been working with Santiago as part of the newsletter editor team and his articles and other contributions reflects his wide knowledge about information architecture and UX. He always surprise me with his amazing ideas that goes beyond the expectations. He´s also as a very creative person in the whole meaning of the word, because he´s also a gifted bass player." — Valentina Camacho, Marketing Communications Specialist, ZemoGA, Inc., worked directly with
Santiago at ZemoGA, Inc.
"Santiago is a curious individual that has always delivered creative and "beyond expectation" results when it comes to suggesting website architectures or user experience solutions. Disciplined and well tempered, he has always motivated his co workers into achieving optimal solutions to the interface and user experience flow challenges he has managed. His work has effectively led the setup and launch of Zemoga's most successful — Federico Ortega, Project Manager, Zemoga S.A., managed Santiago at ZemoGA, Inc.
"I had the pleasure to work with Santiago twice, both periods for the same client (Nokia LTA). Besides all his strong professional skills and backgrounds about Quality Assurance, Information Architecture, UX and several other themes on Digital environment, what makes him a very special professional is his generosity as a human being, always ready to listen to one's feedback in an easy way and to share helpfully his knowledge in order to make things happen for everyone. Santi is an unique reference!" — José Carlos Cipriano, Information Architecture, Wunderman Interactive, worked directly with Santiago
at Wunderman Brasil
"I have the pleasure to work with Santiago at Nokia LTA project. He's a great leader, calm, very professional, smart and funny. With him our tasks were never hard and he knew exactly how to deal with people even being in a foreign country with a diversity culture." — Camila Mendes Takata, Nokia New Site Concept – Creative Copywriter, Wunderman, worked directly
with Santiago at Wunderman


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