President’s Message
Congratulations on choosing Sacramento City College as a path in your education
journey! Since 1916, SCC has proudly supported student success, innovation in academic
and student service program areas, and continued to serve the higher education needs of our
region. With an increasingly challenging fiscal climate, these accomplishments are evidence of
a steady and well-managed organization that holds access and achievement at center stage,
with careful consideration for the needs of students and the community. Whether you plan
to transfer, earn a degree or certificate, or seek personal enrichment, you will find that SCC
still offers a broad array of courses and services to help get you where you want to go. SCC’s
outstanding course offerings and support services yield excellent dividends, allowing gradu-
ates to reap rewards that will continue to pay over a lifetime. Amidst a sagging economy and
unstable employment rates, higher education is still a sound investment.

Our focus on continuing to provide quality education includes efforts to upgrade SCC’s historic buildings as an enhancement to the teaching-learning environment. Toward this end, SCC has embarked on a robust facilities modernization plan to maintain, update and renew many of our earliest 1939 Work Project Administration era buildings. This resulted in renova-tions and newly constructed facilities in 2010. In just one year, we opened the newly reno-vated Fine Arts Building and Kondos Gallery, conducive to inspiring creativity and developing artistic talent. Also, we opened the renovated Dental Lab, complete with new lockers and equipment, and continued to fly high with the premiere of our Aeronautics Program’s new home at McClellan Park in 17,981 square feet of classroom and lab space. Skillful facilities master planning has enabled the college to design learning environments that are state-of-the-art and provide improved hands-on experi-ences.
We celebrated a new service in 2010 as we proudly opened a new Veterans Resource Center, with the motto, “You Served Us, Let Us Serve You,” a sentiment shared by our entire college and district as we look forward to welcoming more and more veterans home. Our veteran student population has nearly doubled from 240 students in Fall 2008 to 425 in Fall 2010, and we are expecting this number to increase in the coming years. Even in these rather daunting times, whether you are interested in trigonometry, creative writing, business, art or emerging green technologies, Sacramento City College continues to bring you opportunities each semester with thoughtful planning, and focused intent, fueled by our ongoing commitment to student success and community enrichment. At front-door service areas, in the classroom, or in the community, SCC’s faculty, staff, and administrators are devoted to supporting students and the community every day, and encourage you to fully explore our schedule of diverse course offerings. We have something for nearly every learner.
In the following pages, you will find a suite of resources that will help you make he most of your time while attending SCC. Due to very high student enrollment, it is vitally important for you to: Complete the enrollment processes as early as possible! With classes in high demand, it is more important than ever to register on
your appointment date. Visit and click on “eServices” to find our your registration date and get started.
Apply for financial aid early and on time. The SCC Financial Aid office is working hard to process student files, and submitting your
forms on time is the best way to ensure you get your aid on time! To complete your file for aid, or check your application status, log in to My City Aid at Accessing your funds is even easier now that SCC offers the Higher One debit card that enables you to access funds faster! Visit the Student Support Services section. This section provides descriptions of all college programs and services. Discover how the
Transfer and Counseling Centers can help you reach your academic goals.
Learn more about riding the Regional Transit Light Rail directly to the City College Station – it’s a simple, thrifty and eco-friendly
way to get to the main campus. Your Student Access card is your reduced rate transit pass, and it’s good seven days a week during the fall and spring semesters.
We hope you find this information useful. On our end, we will continue to plan wisely, preserve college resources, and remain stead- fast in our strategic efforts to focus on helping students achieve their goals, one dream at a time, by creating “a learning community that
celebrates diversity, nurtures personal growth, and inspires academic and economic leadership.”




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