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a. Choose the most appropriate words underlined:
1. The stew is smelling/ smells quite terrible now. It's the cabbage, I think. 2. Quick, here comes our teacher! What will we say/ are we going to say about the broken 3. We would always go/ we were always going fishing at sunny summer weekends.
4. Don't let me down! I've counted/ I've been counting on you. 5. I suppose Bob should have lost/ might have lost his way. 6. I'm still on a diet, but I didn't refuse the cake as Sandra must have felt/ would have felt 7. I tried doing/ to do the crossword puzzle, but I simply couldn't. 8. They put off to tell/ telling their families about their engagement. 9. Have you considered to take/ taking any driving lessons? 10. They wouldn't have let me enter the pub because I was below/ under age. 11. If you keep drinking like this, you'll put your career in earnest/ in jeopardy. 12. I think it is you at/ with fault in this case, not he. 13. That must be the end of the first part of the show. What happens/ is happening now? 14. Helen's flight is bound to be late although it's due at 6.00/ it arrives at 6.00. 15. 'Do come to dinner,Tom!' - 'OK, I'm going to bring/ I'll bring a bottle of wine. 16. I don't feel like visiting my parents-in-law so I won't go/ I'm not going. 17. She looks very pale. I think she'll faint/ she's going to faint. 18. Let's pay him a visit! He might have finished/ will have finished his work by now. 19. At last you're here! You may have got lost/ might have got lost. 20. I can't possibly/ couldn't possibly have accepted his offer. He was so disappointed! 21. Would you rather/ Would you have preferred I cooked the dinner if you are still busy? 22. Try as I could/ Try as I might, I didn't find any trace of Tom. 23. I shall definitely/ I will definitelly give up smoking this year.
24. He would probably have made/ done an excellent Prime Minister. 25. Isn't it/ Isn't there anything for me to do here? 26. There are/ It is five kilometres from my house to the city centre. 27. After the interval, Pavarotti went on to sing/ singing an aria from Tosca. 28. I tried taking/ to take some aspirin, but the pain wouldn't go.
29. I meant doing/ to do some cooking, but I simply didn't have the time. 30. Sue had/ got her fingers trapped in the bicycle chain. 31. 'Somebody's at the door.' 'Aren't you seeing/ Aren't you going to see who it is?' 32. She told me that Tony must have been/ may have been surprised at such an offer. 33. The crowd was/ were growing thinner as the day got hotter. 34. A majority of people wants/ want a new government.
35. Nobody has called today, has he?/ have they? 36. We'll be in plenty of time providing the traffic is not/ will not be too bad.
37. The two Prime Ministers are to/ shall discuss the current political crisis. 38. They won't most certainly/ most certainly won't approve of the scheme. 39. Tom's mother goes to the hospital/ hospital to visit him every day. 40. Liz will organise the party - or at least she promised so/ she promised she would. 41. 'Do l have to change trains in Leeds?' - 'No, you can go direct/ directly. 42. May/ Could you possibly call me back later? 43. I didn't have to do/ needn't have done any extra shopping, so I didn't. 44. Extraordinary although/ though it may seem, London has less rain than Rome. 45. Yesterday I was talking to no other than/ none other than the Queen's secretary.


Post partum

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