Overall go-kit 3-24-03.xls

Basic Items
Water -- Minimum gallon per dayFood / Protein barsHard candyGumHot / Cold cupIndividual drink mix -- Coffee, tea, hot chocolateSalt / Pepper / Sweetener Canned food items -- Eat cold or hot
Peanut butterPuddingDried fruitTrail mixMRE's -- Military survival rations Cooking Equipment
Cooking kit -- Pots, kettle, larger stirring spoons, etc.
Measuring cupDish soap / towelPaper towelsPlastic trash bags -- 13 galGarbage bags (55 gal)Ziploc bags -- Quart, gallon, 2 gallon (Qt & Gal)Plastic wrapAluminum foilFire-starter stick Pain Medication
IbuprofenTylenolMotrinExcedrinImodiumAspirin Injury Items
Alcohol wipes Alcohol liquidHydrogen peroxide GO - KITS LISTING OF POTENTIAL ITEMS
Antiseptic wipesCotton swabsAntiseptic / Antibiotic cream Polysporin, First aidSunburn creamBand-aids multiple sizesSteri-stripsDressing tape (cloth & paper)Dressings 2" x 2"Dressings 4" x 4"Triangular bandagePressure dressingsGauze rolls (Kerlix)ScissorsElastic wraps w/clipsEye wash MurineEye dressingFirst aid bookInstant cold packInstant hot packSplinter-removal kit -- tweezers, needleMagnifying glassNail Clippers Feel Bad Items
Antacid Pepto BismolMilk of MagnesiaDramamineBenadrylBenadryl creamAnti-itch CreamAnti-DiarrheaDecongestantCough drops / Throat lozengesThermometer Preventative Items
Sun screenChap stickEar plugsInsect repellentWater purification tablets (bleach)Vinyl glovesLatex glovesDust / bacterial maskSafety pinsSewing kitZip-lock bags -- Sandwich, quart GO - KITS LISTING OF POTENTIAL ITEMS
Baby wipesKleenexWash clothHand towelHand sanitizerFeminine hygiene productsHand soapGrooming kit -- razor, deodorant, combToothbrush & pasteMirrorPortable toilet Parachute cord50' - 100' Rope 5/16 diaTwine / heavy string Electrical tapeDuct tapeBright color tape for marking lines, etc.
Electrical extension cords
25' - 16 ga.
50' - 14 ga.
100' - 12 ga.
Multi-tap adapter -- outlet strip2 prong - 3 prong adapter Jumper cables
Hand Tools

Phillips -- #0 short shankPhillips -- #1, #2 long shankFlat blade -- 1/8" short shankFlat blade -- 1/4", 3/8" long shank Adjustable wrench(s)Open end wrench setSocket setHex key setHammerSmall metal fileCrimping tool Solder iron -- Propane, DC, AC
Tape measure
Cable ties -- Large / small
Multi-meter w/test leads
Hook up wire
Alligator clips
Swiss army type multi-blade pocket knife
Leatherman type multi-purpose tool
Super glue
Folding shovel
Folding camp saw

Flashlight -- Large
Flashlight -- small
Flashlight -- LED long life
Head mount light

Batteries for flashlightsBulbs for flashlights Fuel w/funnelSpare mantelsWaterproof matches Lantern -- Battery powered
Extra bulbExtension cord with DC connector / adapter Desk lamp
Night light

Pens (Multiple colors)

Marker Pens -- Permanent ink
Notebook (Pocket and/or steno)
Clipboard w/ pad

Calculator (pocket size)
Folding chair

Umbrella -- Large w/stand
Rubber bands
Paper clips -- large

Push pins
Sticky note pads
Sheet protectors
Masking tape -- Painters type
Erasable marker board w/pens
Message forms
Log sheets
Served agency forms

AM / FM radio w/batteries
Weather radio w/batteries
Map of area
Compass (GPS)
Area repeater directory or listing
ARES field resource manual
Anemometer / weather station
Disposal camera & film

Extra pair prescription glasses

Ball cap styleFloppy brim for extra sun protection Work Gloves - Leather
Rain suit or Poncho
Waterproof boots

Change of clothing -- Weather appropriate
Pants, shirt, shoes, socks, underwearPolypropylene or wool will wick away moisture Jackets -- Windbreaker, heavy coats
Space blanket
Sleeping bag

Fan if hot
Emergency funds -- $10 bill, quarters, dimes
Long distance prepaid calling card
Alarm clock
Pocket knife (small) or multi-purpose tool
Fanny pack -- small backpack

Collapsible umbrella
Sports type water bottle

Fire Extinguisher
Reflective vest
Safety wide brim helmet
Dust mask
Strobe marker light
Cyalume light sticks
Waterproof matches
Butane lighter

HT Radio Dual band preferred
HT Accessories

Speaker micEarphoneHeadset w/ mikeEquipment instruction manual External power source
AC to DC power packCigarette lighter power adapter w/ spare fuseExtra radio battery w/ charger2-3 Ah battery w/ lighter socket (belt mount) w/spare fuse Magnetic mount antennaExtended gain direct mount antenna Roll up J-pole w/ fastener (suction cup, clip, string) Coax & Connectors
25' RG-8X w/ PL 259 each end10' RG-8X w/ PL 259 -- SO-2396' RG 174 w/ SO-239/PL-259 -- HT specific (BNC/SMA) (strain relief)Barrel connectors, PL-259 to BNC SMA to BNC, SMA to PL-259 / SO-239 "Brick" amplifier
Connecters - Jumper coax cablesSpare fuse DC extension cable -- Battery clips to adapter
Anderson power pole connectors to appropriate adapter
Mobile Radio -- Dual band preferred

HeadphonesY type adapter for multiple listener w/ headphonesHigh gain magnetic mount GO - KITS LISTING OF POTENTIAL ITEMS
Yagi beam antenna100' 9913F coaxPortable mast 25' - 30' Mast standGuide ropesStakes & hammerFlorescent tape to mark guide ropes SWR meter w/adapters
HF Rig

Antenna -- G5RV ? 100' CoaxKeyEquipment instruction manual Lap top computer w/software
APRSSlow scan TV PSKPacket, ARES FnpackInterface w/cablesAC to DC power supply Digital camera and cables
Ground rod w/ clamp, wire
Shelter from elements -- tent / canopy w/sides

Drivers license
FCC license (laminated photo copy)
Served agency ID
ARES Vehicle placard / signs
Emergency phone numbers
Emergency family contact information
Doctor and Medication information

Source: http://www.scuddernet.com/gcares/docs/overall%20go-kit%203-24-03.pdf

Letter to parents 2010

Dear Parents/Guardians, Your child’s learning depends on good health. The school is available to provide basic services while your child is at school. In order to ensure that your child receives the most appropriate care at school, we request that you read the following information carefully. There have been some changes made. Please completely fill out and return the attached forms to the s

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台北醫學大學附設醫院暨萬芳醫院皮膚科核心教材 Topical anti-inflammatory agent 一、外用類固醇 (Topical corticosteroids) 二、非類固醇類消炎劑 (Topical immunomodulator): 需長期塗抺 steroid 者可考慮使用 Topical antibiotics Erythromycin Metronidazole Mupirocin (Pseudomonic Bacitracin nd lipid pyrophosphate Æ interfere with

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