Marketing 76

________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ Course Description and Objectives The basic objective of this course is to explore the various issues and problems faced by marketing managers in making decisions concerning the development of new products. The course is intended to: Provide you with an understanding of the steps and decisions associated with the development of new products Familiarize you with the concepts and techniques that are currently used and that may be useful for making new product decisions, Give you an opportunity to apply these concepts to the actual development and market planning of a new product or service of The course will use cases and examples from consumer packaged goods, consumer durables, and high technology industries. Learning Outcomes: At the end of the course, you will be able to: 1. Identify and explain the steps and the decisions associated with the development of new products driven by a market orientation, influenced by forces in the external environment. 2. Identify and explain the concepts and the techniques that are currently used and that are useful for making new product decisions. 3. Analyze comprehensive marketing programs, evaluate alternative solutions and recommend courses of action. 4. Apply marketing concepts to the development and market planning of 5. Conduct secondary and primary research data and provide analysis of 6. Create and present a comprehensive marketing launch plan. Text: Crawford (2011), New Products Management, Richard Irwin, 10th Case Readings Booklet: Brooks, New Products Marketing, Fall, 2013 Lecture Packet: Brooks, New Products Marketing - Blackboard Class Participation Each student is expected to participate regularly in class discussion, both as called upon by the instructor and on a voluntary basis. Some of the discussions will be based on cases, others will arise in the course of the lectures. including discussions on the assigned readings. Case Study Assignments Course Outline
Introduction to New Product Marketing Ch. 1 Generating Ideas – Ideation – New Product Concepts Analytical Attribute Approaches – Mapping Note: Group Lists Due
Case: Investorsoft, Casebook
Note: Product Ideas Due – 2 page paper

Case: Playstation 3 – Casebook
GUEST SPEAKER James Hammerschmidt
Case: Sunchips – Casebook

Case: Cialis – Casebook

Note: Oral report on product fit due
Case: Apple iPhone -- Casebook
GUEST SPEAKER – Graham Milner
Case: Hasbro Games – Casebook

Case: Microsoft Windows – Casebook
Case: L’Oreal - Casebook
Case Study Structure
Eight cases will be studied and analyzed in the course. For each of the eight cases, assignments will be made to the cohort groups. The assignments will be as follows: Solution/Presentation group: responsible for presenting alternatives or issues and discussing the pluses and minuses of each. Synthesis, analysis, and interpretation of facts may be presented, but not a straight summary of case facts. A solution must be recommended and supported. All group members must participate. In addition to the oral presentation of the case, the group will submit a hard copy of the presentation slides. No case write-up is required. Individual Memo write-ups: Each student is responsible for producing an individual memo write-up on two cases of your choice. Obviously, the individual analysis will be done on two of the eight cases where you have no responsibility as a team assignment. These should be a very focused analysis of the case, concentrating on the questions provided for each case. The analysis should be no more than 2 to 3 pages. These two case write-ups will carry the same grade weight as the group case analyses. Case Assignments 1. Investorsoft 2. Playstation 3 3. Sun Chips 4. Cialis 5. Apple iPhone 6. Hasbro Games -- POX 7. Microsoft Windows 7 8. L’Oreal


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