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Welcome Reception & registration [University of Melbourne, Union House, Grand Buffet Hall] Opening Ceremony [Public Lecture Theatre] Plenary Address (Professor Paul Worsfold) [Public Lecture Theatre] Poster session [Old Arts Building Level 1] Student function [Naughton’s Parkville Hotel; 43 Royal Parade, Carlton] Social Function (not included in conference registration, TBA) Wednesday 2nd October 2013 8:30 – 8:45 Plenary Address (Professor Urs von Gunten) [Public Lecture Theatre] Plenary Address (Professor John Stark) [Public Lecture Theatre] Conference Dinner [Melbourne Cricket Ground, Melbourne CBD] Plenary Address (Dr Kim Fernie) [Public Lecture Theatre] Closing Ceremony [Public Lecture Theatre] Post conference drinks [Zoology, Drummond Room, informal, not part of conference registration] Phillip Scott - Assessment of endocrine disruption in Graeme Allinson - GC-MS-database screening to Australian aquatic environments using an in vivo Trigger Values Accounting for Mixture Effects assess organic contaminants in stormwater approach with mosquitofish (Gambusia holbrooki) of Organic Micropollutants in Recycled Water and rainbowfish (Melanotaenia fluviatilis) Jennifer Braunig - Time-dependent investigation of Julia Howitt - Contaminant accumulation vs water early life stages of zebrafish (Danio rerio) embryos: treatment: competing management outcomes Enzyme activity, gene- and protein expression negatively affect an invertebrate marine associated with urban stormwater inputs to a Michael Bertram - Do guppy males exposed to 17B- Emma Johnston - Untangling the effects of Dustin Hobbs - Life in distilled water - the multiple anthropogenic stressors on benthic chemistry of the biodiversity coldspots that are Khurshida Siddiqua - Does atrazine cause harmful Lee Engelstad - The effect of a mixture of Edward Nagul - Flow injection determination of effects to reproductive fitness in Rhinella marina phosphate in natural waters using UV photoreduction of molybdophosphate Ravi Gooneratne - New biomarkers: Novel, relevant, Aleicia Holland - Humic substances: decreased Konstantinos Kotzakoulakis - Predicting the rapid, sensitive sublethal aquatic ecotoxicity toxicity of acid mine drainage to freshwater weathering of a fuel spill in Antarctic waters Bryant Gagliardi - Removal of intensive agriculture Stuart Simpson - The fate and speciation of Ines Almeida - Membrane-based passive samplers from the landscape improves aquatic ecosystem metals discharged from irrigation drainage for the detection of point sources of pollution Andrew Harford - Derivation of a sediment Janina Beyer-Robson - Microbial community Alissa Monk - Mercury concentrations in growth distribution in an ephemeral river system reconstruction of bioaccumulation over an individuals lifetime Rick van Dam - Revision of the national and Sharon Hook - RNA SEQ of Australian toxicity test Vibha Verma - Evaluation of long term effects of Magela Creek site-specific freshwater quality species for genome discovery and global gene exposure time on lethal toxicity with mammals Andrew Harford - Effect of manganese on tropical Aroon Melwani - Proteomic response of the Benjamin Edokpolo - Exposure and health risk Sydney rock oyster (Saccostrea glomerata) to assessment for benzene, toluene and xylene prolonged environmental contamination in the Jill Woodworth - Assessment of the effects of NO3 Sara Long - Using metabolomics to differentiate Des Connell - Human health risk assessment of rich groundwater discharges from iron ore mines modes of action of similarly acting chemicals chlorinated disinfection by-products in drinking Allen Burton - Are sediment guidelines developed Katy Jeppe - Genes involved in transsulfuration Anoop Agarwal - Assessment of blood lead levels from laboratory spiking studies accurate? help to distinguish metal modes of action and haemoglobin concentration in children of molecular tools for studying endocrine disruption sediments on the freshwater bivalve - Hydridella depressa radiotracers within a freshwater decapod crustacean hormone pathway related genes of Sand Flathead (Platycephalus bassensis) from Derwent river, a historically polluted estuary associated with the use of aqueous film forming foam Port Phillip Bay area - international pellet watch case study research prioritisation in NSW, Australia


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