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2nd Sunday Lent B
First Reading:
“I will walk in the presence of the Lord in the land of the living” (Ps. 115) Responsorial Psalm: Psalm 115
Second Reading:
In the Transfiguration, the apostles experienced Jeshua (Jesus) as the gift of God, in a special way.
He is seen as the Son of God. He is present to us today as the Risen Lord, giving us new life. God gifts Abraham with a deeper relationship. God speaks first and Abraham says “Here I am
(Gen. 22:1). How deep goes the relationship? God requests a sacrifice.
Abraham rises to the occasion, ready to give his best, the sacrifice of his beloved son; and God says
to Abraham “I will shower blessings on you have not refused me your son
(Gen. 22:1).
The sacrifice of Abraham is prophetic of God giving his beloved Son for our salvation. “God did not
spare his own Son
(Rom. 8:31).
God dearly proclaims His wonderful gift: “This is my Son, the Beloved. Listen to him(Mk.9:7).
He came and died for us. And says St. Paul, “he rose from the dead(Rom.8:34). He conquered
death. He is the Risen Lord, with us on earth, now and forever.
The apostles had to discuss “among themselves what this rising from the dead could mean
The whole Church had to understand this experience of the Risen Lord and what it means to be
walking in the presence of the Lord in the land of the living (Ps.115:9).
Read the Gospel. See the gift of God. Listen to what God is saying (Mk.9:2-10).
In the Sacrifice of the Mass we proclaim: Christ has died, Christ is risen, Christ will come again.
The Church’s Teaching and experience is based on the living presence of Christ and “with God
on our side who can be against us?
(Rom. 8:31).
God gave us His beloved Son. Jesus laid down his life for us. Let our response be in the making of
our sacrifice to God. “Your servant, Lord, your servant am i(Ps.115:16). Give up something or
do something for Lent.
Read about the Transfiguration (Mk.9:2-10). What does God say?
Where do we meet God’s beloved Son today and receive his most precious gift? (Liturgy)
Our faith proclaims Jeshua Mashiah (Jesus Christ) “standing at God’s right hand and pleads
for us
Jeshua is God’s gift to you. Think of ways that you can be God’s gift to others. (Witness) FOR TEENAGERS (Christian Praxis)
My Present Action:
What does Jeshua (Jesus) as a person mean to you?
Your Story and Vision:
Have you any experiences of Yeshua in your life?
Church’s Story:
What are the Church’s experiences of the Lord?
Church’s Story and Your Story:
What is your experience of the Church?
Your Vision and Church’s Vision: How would you like to work with the Church?
God has visited his people. He has fulfilled the promise he made to Abraham and hisdescendants. The Catholic Catechism of the Church says that he acted far beyond all expectation-- he has sent his own beloved Son (#422).
I have recently witnessed debates about science and religion. Persons differ as to which has thelast word. It is not only academical but practical. Lifestyles focus more on science than onrevelation, leaving one wondering what is the centre of it all. God has given us a roadmap for thejourney through time, the Word of God. One cannot be absolutely sure about other maps, for whoelse have we who reached his destiny and came back? Other disciplines may add light to thejourney and serve the cause but the servant is not greater than the master. No human insightcan gainsay the divine mystery. The more one ponders the Word of God the more one sees thedestiny of science and one’s own destiny. This is the ultimate discipline of the true disciple.
Angelina is proud of the gift she received. It is a Bible. She loves the pictures and enjoys readingit aloud. She deliberately enunciates words, not for herself but for others to hear. Is she just a child or child-like? IMPORTANT WORD: “Sacrifice of Abraham”. “Binding of Isaac,” ה ד ק ע (’Akedah) (Gen.22:9)
Jews do not speak of the ‘Sacrifice of Abraham’ but Akedah (ה ד ק ע) i.e. ‘binding’ of Isaac. He
was not actually sacrificed but bound (ד ק ע) on the altar, where Abraham poised with knife in
hand was about to sacrifice his son, when a voice from heaven intervened and came to the
rescue. Isaac is lifted from the altar and back in the arms of his loving father. It all happened on
a mount in Jerusalem, Moriah.
Interestingly, Isaac here is referred to as ד ח י , yahid (Gen.22:2), meaning only son, precious
one, Abraham’s unique miracle child. Jesus also is yahid, God’s only begotten Son (see Jn.3:16),
sacrificed on a mount in Jerusalem, Calvary.
Watchword: “The Lord will provide the lamb for sacrifice(Gen. 22;9).

ה ל ע ל ה ש ה ו ל ־ ה א ר י ם י ה ל א
Elohim yireh - lo haseh le‘olah.
Ό Θεος οψεται εαυτω προβατον ως λοκαρπωσιν.
Ho Theos opsetai eauto probaton hos holocarposin.

Deus providebit sibi victimam holocausti.
Dios se proveera de cordero para el holocausto.
Deus provera para si o cordeiro para o holocausto.
Dieu veillera lui-meme a procurer l’agneau.
UNkulunkulu uzakuzibonela imvu yomnikelo ezakushiswa.
Modimo o tla bona, a ipatlele konyana ya sehlabelo sa setjheso.
God sal sy eie offerlam voorsien.
Gott wird sich ersehen ein Schaf zum Brandopfer.


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