handmade baby scones
w strawberry jam & king Island
Tiny iced cupcakes - vanilla, chocolate, lemon meringue
Chocolate dipped shortbreads
- chocolate, raspberry, caramel
Mini croissant w leg ham & swiss cheese
Gourmet Finger Sandwiches
Tiny vegetarian quiche
Chicken & pistachio
Finger sandwiches chicken, egg & cress, smoked salmon
Leg ham, Swiss cheese, tomato
7 dishes $25pp
Egg & cress
5 dishes $20pp
Selection baby Sushi $ Ricepaper rolls w soy dipping
selection of teas, freshly brewed coffee & fresh Juices
peking duck pancakes w shallot & hoisin
(unlimited) supply $4pp
Tasmanian Salmon Blinis w mascarpone & dill
prosciutto wrapped Asparagus spears w lime
hollandaise dip
Tropical fruit sticks
Mini lemon tartlet

Chocolate dipped strawberries
selection of gourmet wraps baby rolls, bagels
huon smoked salmon w rocket & cream cheese
Turkey w avocado & cranberry
Leg ham w swiss cheese, tomato, dijon
Roasted beef w caramelised onion, sundried tomato
CoLd diShES
handmade mini sausage rolls w spicy tomato dipping
Tasmanian Smoked salmon Blinis w mascarpone & dill
peking duck Tartlet w orange glaze
handmade baby pizzas, Hawaiian or red pepper w
Gourmet Finger Sandwiches
Chicken & pistachio
Cheese & fresh fruit w crackers & lavosh
prawn & cress
Leg ham, cheese, tomato

hoT diShES
handmade baby pies
in flaky pastry
Minted lamb & pea
Beef, mushroom, port
Roasted pumpkin risotto balls w red pepper dipping
Sweet corn fritters w sweet chilli dipyridamole
To finish
double chocolate macaron
Baby lemon meringue tartlet

Chargrilled Atlantic salmon
w Cajun spices
Asian chicken salad
Roasted Grainfed beef
w mustard bear aisle
persian feta, asparagus, tomato, parmesan tart

wild rocket & parmesan w caramelised balsamic dressing
vine ripened tomato, basil, mango
pasta w roasted baby vegetables
Cheese & fresh fruit platter
CoLd diShES
handmade chocolates
Gourmet mini rolls & brioche
Chocolate dipped strawberries
Asparagus wrapped w huon smoked salmon w citrus dip
Tiny tartlets w Yarra Valley goats cheese, basil & sundried
hoT diShES
handmade chicken & mushroom
vol au vents
Mini yorkshire puddings w roasted grained beef & port
Moroccan spiced baby lamb cutlets w minted yoghurt
Atlantic salmon fish cakes
Baby hamburgers
w swiss cheese & tomato relish
To finish
Selection mini desserts
Lemon tartlet
Mini crime brûlée
Chocolate macaron
Apple crumble tartlet


Cholesterol and cardiovascular risk advice leaflet july 201

DUKES AVENUE PRACTICE CHOLESTEROL AND CARDIOVASCULAR RISK ADVICE Your cholesterol should be measured as part of a RISK ASSESSMENT for cardiovascular disease (heart disease, stroke, TIA and peripheral arterial disease). Heart disease is a condition in which the blood vessels of the heart become narrowed or blocked by the build up of fat. Stroke is when the blood supply to the brain is cut off,


1. How to tell good coffee from bad one? From a professional point of view, there is no good or bad coffee but how to distinguish the better ones. Taste is subjective. A common factor is not under/over extracted during brewing. Grading is often based on 4 criteria : Body: Mouthfeel, body is sense of weight and thickness of the brew Aroma: Fragrance as produced during tasting Acid

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