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S I D N E Y M . W O L F E , M . D . , E D I T O R
A P R I L 2 0 0 2 V O L . 8 , N O . 4
Do Not Use!
Nateglinide (STARLIX) – Not a “Star” for the
Management of Type-2 Diabetes

The Food and Drug Adminis- listed the first meglitinide, Not Use drug in the July 1998 issue In this Issue
APRIL 2002
STARLIX, from page 25
the April 1, 1998 issue of Annals of Internal Medicine. This study found Worst Pills, Best Pills News. This The Lancet. She was quickly taken to What You Can Do
On Drugs and Therapeutics, a source 26 Worst Pills, Best Pills News
California Health Authorities Warn Consumers
about Prescription Drugs in Herbal Products

use is not monitored by a physician.
What You Can Do
APRIL 2002
Do Not Use!
The New Birth Control Pill Drospirenone With
Ethinyl Estradiol (YASMIN)

The combination birth control conditions: 28 Worst Pills, Best Pills News
Yasmin contains 3 mg of the
progestin drospirenone that
has antimineralocorticoid
activity, including the
potential for hyperkalemia
potassium] in high-risk
patients, comparable to a 25
mg dose of spironolactone.
Yasmin should not be used
in patients with conditions
that predispose to hyper-
kalemia (i.e. renal insuffi-
ciency, hepatic dysfunction
and adrenal insufficiency).
Women receiving daily, long
term treatment for chronic
conditions or diseases with
medications that may
increase serum potassium,
should have their serum
potassium level checked
during the first treatment
cycle. Drugs that may
increase serum potassium
include ACE inhibitors,
angiotensin–II receptor
antagonists, potassium-
sparing diuretics, heparin,
aldosterone antagonists, and
What You Can Do
APRIL 2002
FDA Strengthens Warnings for Droperidol
(INAPSINE) after the Drug Was Banned in Britain

In December 2001 the Food and have been left to face the risk of a process, thus improving the eco- What You Can Do
tion and some cases have been fatal.
serious arrhythmias (e.g., torsades de 30 Worst Pills, Best Pills News
New Safety Labeling Change
Black Box Warning about Heart Inflammation
(Myocarditis) with Clozapine (CLOZARIL)

patient taking clozapine for one year.
What You Can Do
palpitations after you started usingthe drug, report this to your doctor.
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APRIL 2002
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