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OKI Követelmény- és Vizsgafejlesztő Központ ANGOL NYELV
2004. május
OKI Követelmény- és Vizsgafejlesztő Központ TASK 1
Rewrite each sentence, using the given beginnings and endings as shown, so that the
meaning stays the same.
There is an example (0) at the beginning.
It is interesting for me to play computer games. I’m .interested in playing. computer games. “Do they usually take the 5.30 train?” Frank asked. Dave has taught his children how to use the microwave oven. There isn’t enough petrol in the tank to get as far as Eger. The last time I saw a dentist was in 2001. I’m sure Laura is in the computer room right now. OKI Követelmény- és Vizsgafejlesztő Központ TASK 2
You are going to read a part of a newspaper article about chocolate. Some words are
missing from the text.
Your task is to write the missing words on the dotted lines (7-16) after the text.
Use only one word in each gap.
There is an example (0) at the beginning.


It seems we just can’t get enough chocolate. In ________ (0) United Kingdom alone one
person eats a yearly total of around nine kilograms. And the great news ________ (7) - it’s good
for us!
Good quality chocolate provides ________ (8) quick source of energy and contains
useful amounts of protein and iron, ________ (9) well as the stimulants theobromine and a
little caffeine.
Easter eggs account for 8% ________ (10) all chocolate sales today.
Every year more than 80 million boxed chocolate-shell eggs ________ (11) sold, with
Cadbury’s Creme Eggs easily the ________ (12) popular choice; the production is 300 million
each year. If these ________ (13) put on top of each other, they would be ten times higher than
Mount Everest.
The British love affair with chocolate began in London in 1657, ________ (14) a
Frenchman opened the country’s first chocolate house in Bishopsgate Street, advertising “this
excellent West India drink”. It was very expensive and Samuel Pepys, the famous English
diary writer, drank chocolate ________ (15) the first time in 1662. ________ (16) is obvious
that he enjoyed it, because his famous diary mentions more visits to chocolate houses and he
writes several times of “my morning cup of chocolate”.

0) the .
OKI Követelmény- és Vizsgafejlesztő Központ OKI Követelmény- és Vizsgafejlesztő Központ TASK 3

You are going to read a story about a bad driver. Some words are missing from the
Your task is to choose the most appropriate word from the list (A-L) for each gap
(17-26) in the text. Write the letter of the appropriate word in the white boxes below.
There is one extra word that you do not need to use.
There is one example (0) at the beginning.

The world record for the most traffic offences in the shortest period of time is held by a man from Frisco in Texas, who achieved this feat in the first twenty minutes of car ownership. Having hitch-hiked to the ________ (0) city of McKinney on 15 October 1966, he
bought an old Ford and drove out of the used-car showroom at 3.50 p.m. At 3.54 he collided with a green Chevrolet driven by a ________ (17) woman, Mrs
Wilma Bailey, at the ________ (18) of Baker and Heard Street.
One minute later he collided ________ (19) 90 feet south of Virginia Street with
________ (20) Chevrolet, driven by Miss Sally Whitsel.
Feeling more ________ (21) now in his new vehicle, he next drove round the
courthouse one-way system in the wrong ________ (22). Forty-six feet later he hit a brand
new Ford. It was still ________ (23) 3.58.
He continued this way until 4.15 p.m., when he was in deep ________ (24) with a police
officer, after he hit a Ford Mustang in Louisiana Street. In the space of just twenty minutes he had received ten traffic tickets, ________ (25) six
accidents, hit four cars without stopping and driven on the wrong side of the road four
________ (26).
When questioned, this determined motorist, who had not driven for ten years, said: ‘They don’t drive like they used to.’ E) confident
B) another
F) corner
C) caught
G) conversation
D) caused
H) direction


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