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3 Margaret Drabble
Joseph Conrad Tales of Unrest; Edited by Allan H. Simmons and J. H.
Stape. Within the Tides; Edited by Alexandre Fachard, with Laurence 5 Noel Malcolm
Christopher Brooke Philosophic Pride – Stoicism and political thought
Big History, The Spanish Civil War, Nelly Ternan, etc 7 W. G. Runciman
Max Weber Collected Methodological Writings; Edited by Hans Henrik
Bruun and Sam Whimster; Translated by Hans Henrik Bruun 9 Robert Skidelsky
Adair Turner Economics After the Crisis – Objectives and means
11 Mark Seaman
Clare Mulley The Spy Who Loved – The secrets and lives of Christine
Granville, Britain’s first female Special Agent of World War II Maximum economic growth, freer JOURNALS&LETTERS 12 ClaudiaL.Johnson FrancesBurneyTheCourtJournalsandLettersofFrancesBurney–
Volume One: 1786. Volume Two: 1787. The Early Journals and Letters inequality along the way: those are the three of Fanny Burney – Volume Five: 1782–1783 Toby Barnard
Jennifer Orr, editor The Correspondence of Samuel Thomson
decades, and the three that Adair Turner (pic- tured), Britain’s leading economic technocrat, believes are now past their prime. Our long- COMMENTARY 14 Ben Masters
Live for style – ‘A Clockwork Orange’ and its creator, fifty years on time contributor Robert Skidelsky, the leading Charles Boyle
authority on the life of John Maynard Keynes, Then and Now
TLS September 29, 1961 – A dimly unhappy Rabbit describes Economics after the Crisis, the new book by the Chairman of London’s Financial ARTS 17 Oliver Reynolds
Shakespeare King Lear (Almeida)
Services Authority as “devastating”. Turner, Judith Flanders
Lindsay Seers Nowhere Less Now (Tin Tabernacle)
says Skidelsky, is a mandarin who “follows Jan Marsh
Pre-Raphaelites – Victorian avant-garde (Tate Britain) Keynes in his belief that ideas are more power- ful than vested interests”. If his political expla- FICTION 19 Paul Griffiths
Will Self Umbrella
nation is weaker than his economic one, that Alison Kelly
Mark Brazaitis The Incurables. Steven Barthelme Hush Hush
is “probably in order to preserve his future Abigail Deutsch
Junot Díaz This Is How You Lose Her
employment in government service”. Skidel- Alex Peake-Tomkinson
James Meek The Heart Broke In
sky does not hold that too much against him.
Andrei Rogatchevski
Zakhar Prilepin Sin; Translated by Simon Patterson with Nina Chordas
Diego Marani The Last of the Vostyachs; Translated by Judith Landry
22 Ciaran Carson
Two versions from ‘Les Illuminations’ by Arthur Rimbaud 25 John Levett
23 Phil Baker
John Updike Higher Gossip – Essays and criticism
Joseph Phelan
Marvin Spevack The Works of Francis Turner Palgrave – A descriptive
Adam Smyth
Kathleen Lynch Protestant Autobiography in the Seventeenth-Century
Brendan King
Joris-Karl Huysmans À Rebours – Édition du manuscrit
25 Caroline Moorehead
Marie Colvin On the Front Line – The collected journalism of Marie
whose work has been selectively mined to IN BRIEF René Weis, editor Romeo and Juliet. Andrew S. Natsios Sudan, South
suit the arguments of those quoting him. This Sudan and Darfur – What everyone needs to know. Tom Phillips A
week Noel Malcolm notes that the same fate Humument – Fifth edition. Joel Silver Dr. Rosenbach and Mr. Lilly –
befell the ancient Stoics: did they, for exam- Book collecting in a golden age. Anne Quinney, editor Paris-Bucharest,
ple, support passive obedience to tyranny, or Bucharest-Paris – Francophone writers from Romania. Bob Gluck You’ll
rebellion in the true cause of virtue? W. G.
Know When You Get There – Herbie Hancock and the Mwandishi Band.
Sarah Wood Conscience and the Composition of “Piers Plowman”.
been abused by rival partisans, noting that the Aneurin Wright Things To Do in a Retirement Home Trailer Park . . .
battle is to have at hand the original texts, newly collected and translated in an edition MEDICINE 28 Andrew Scull
Clark Lawlor From Melancholia to Prozac – A history of depression
by Sam Whimster and Hans Henrick Bruun.
To make money from the writing of fiction SPORT 30 Elizabeth Lowry
Leanne Shapton Swimming Studies
Margaret Drabble, reviewing two editions of Joseph Conrad’s lesser-known attempts to NB The subjunctive, Churchill not in his own words, EastEnders and the TLS keep his personal finances in order. Conrad’s short stories for magazines shed light not only on his “artistic struggles” but also on the state Cover picture: Cover design by David Pelham for the Penguin edition of A Clockwork Orange (1972) David Pelham. Image courtesy wire-frame.net; p2 John of the market at a time which writers today see Stillwell/PA; p4 Hulton Archive/Getty Images; p8 akg-images; p10 Martin Oeser/AFP/Getty Images; p12 National Portrait Gallery London; p14 The Kobal Collection; p17 Courtesy of Lindsay Seers; p18 Laing Art Gallery, Newcastle upon Tyne; p19 Courtesy of The Advertising Archives; p20 Owaki/ To make money from sport may be easier Kulla/Corbis; p28 The Bridgeman Art Library The Times Literary Supplement (ISSN 0307661, USPS 021-626) is published weekly by The Times Literary Supplement Limited, London UK, and distributed in for some after this Olympic year. Elizabeth the USA by OCS America Inc, 49–27 31st Street, Long Island City, NY11101–3113. Periodical postage paid at Long Island City NY and additional mailing Lowry considers an idiosyncratic account of offices. POSTMASTER: please send address corrections to TLS, PO Box 3000, Denville, NJ 07834, USA. USA and Canadian retail newsstand copies distributed a swimmer who abandoned competition and by Kable Distribution Services, 14 Wall Street, Suite 4C New York, New York 10005 found a better life with “her inner bather”.
Ben Masters reflects on the fiftieth annivers- ary of the highly profitable A Clockwork

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