Arbonne Clear Advantage vs Proactiv for
Acne - A Review of Two Different
Approaches to Acne Treatment

Facial skin problems are a major concern for many people. The most common skin problem is acne. It is important to understand why acne happens in the first place in order to effectively combat it. Acne begins at puberty. It is caused by an increase in androgens, which is a male sex hormone. This hormone is created by both the testes and the ovaries, so females also produce this hormone. As the body is developing, thiincreases sebum secretion. This is the oil that comes up through the hair folicles and lubricates your skin. Many times the sebum is secreted to rapidly causing an accumulation in the pores which is known as acne. This combines with dead skin and bacteria and forms a whitehead. This is typically what you see in teenagers. Most of the time it is a by-product of the hormonal change in the body. Acne Treatment Using Benzoyl Peroxide (Proactiv) Vs Salicylic Acid (Arbonne)
Many times when a person gets their first sign of acne the first response is to run to the
dermotologist. Some of the familiar treatments they offer are antibiotic treatments such as
tetracycline, or Accutane. Accutane has a high level of vitamin A and it shrinks the oil glands.
What this does short term is reduce the amount of oil that comes to the surface of the skin.
Unfortunately, it is not an effective long term treatment because it’s dries the skin and may
create sun sensitivities.
It can be beneficial short term, but long term, antibiotics weaken the immune system and impair the bodies ability to fight serious health conditions and disease. So for antibiotic use, short term may be okay, but long term it really does have detrimental effects on the body. These treatments are popular mainly because they yield quick results. The problem is they are not an effective, healthy long term solution to acne. A product that requires a longer period of time to see healthy, long term visible results is more desirable than a quick fix that has undesirable side effects. When you look at traditional retailed acne treatments, you’re looking at topical application of products that have an effect on bacteria that either have microbials in them, anti-microbials in them, or anti-inflammatories or antibacterial agents in them. And traditionally in the marketplace you see those products marketed as acne washes, and acne treatment type products. Nine times out of ten the ingredient used in those products is an ingredient called benzoyl peroxide. When a product makes a claim that it prevents and treats acne, then it has to have levels of active ingredients that have been proven to do that. So it becomes an over-the-counter drug. You can kill bacteria with benzoyl peroxide , but what you can’t do is remove dead surface skin
cells, or the oils that accumulate in pores. Benzoyl peroxide will kill bacteria, but it won't help
eliminate the things that create acne. One of the reason it is used is because it is fairly
inexpensive. But saving money often comes at a high price. Benzoyl peroxide can be very
irritating, and it causes redness and dryness of the skin. The major concern with dry skin is that it
promotes premature aging. Beside the immediate irritation with benzoyl peroxide, studies have shown that it generates free radicals which can lead to more serious health conditions. Another approach to acne is with the use o Arbonne's Clear Advantage. Arbonne's philosophy has always been to develop products that are
pure, safe and beneficial, working on a nutritional level from the inside of the body out. The
main ingredient in their product for treating and preventing acne is salicylic acid.
Proactiv, a Guthy Renker product, has gained much attention using celebrity spokespersons such
as Kelly Clarkson, Elle MacPherson, Jessica Simpson, Vanessa Wiliams and Brooke Shields
who claim they have used Proactiv to obtain perfected looking skin. Proactiv requires a 3 step
system to effectively combat and heal acne. The main ingredient used to kill the bacteria that
causes acne is benzoyl peroxide.
Arbonne's Clear Advantage Approach to Acne Treatment
One advantage salicylic acid has over benzoyl peroxide is that it is able to do in one step, what benzoyl peroxide takes two to accomplish. Salicylic acid does not dry out the skin. It would seem that using salicylic acid would be the ideal way to treat acne, but most people are using products that contain benzoyl peroxide because it is less expensive. Salicylic acid is a registered ingredient with the FDA for the prevention and treatment of acne. It
is considered the ideal choice forbecause it is a BHA, or a beta hydroxy acid.
Not only will this kill bacteria, but it will break down accumulated dead skin cells that clog the
pores and create long term acne. The best way to use salicylic acid is in an incapsulated form.
This ensures that this ingredient is going to be beneficial to the skin underneath the surface. So
you are not only treating the skin from the surface, you’re going into the pores and you’re able to
treat it much further down in the stratum corneum.
The Arbonne research and development team discovered that in order to receive the maximum benefits to the skin, salicylic acid must be used in a formulation. Ingredients should be used that have been proven over time to help with irritation, bacteria, and inflamation. Topically, vitamin A (formula should contain vitamin A from beta carotene to avoid toxic levels of vitamin A) is great as an antioxidant. It helps to protect and nourish cells. Internally vitamin A is wonderful because it helps with the sebum production. Zinc is an excellent anti-microbial both internally and externally. It also has powerful healing properties. There have been several scientific studies done on zinc applied externally and how it improves wound healing time. Products to be taken together internally: Alfalfa, licorice, and mulberry, all have anti-inflammatory properties. They’ve been used for centuries to help with inflammation. L-lysine helps with skin eruptions, such as cold sores, acne blemishes and other eruptions on the skin. Scientific studies have shown that when L-lysine is taken orally it really can help with different types of blemishes and skin problems. Yellow dock, burdock, and sarsaparilla have been used for centuries to help with different skin conditions, especially acne. Although Clear Advantage has been designed to be effective for all skin types not everybody can use the product. If you are allergic to salicylic acid Clear Advantage is not for you. Testimonies about Arbonne's Clear Advantage have been mostly positive. Negative testimonies have come from those experiencing breakouts early on who chose not to continue with the product and from the rare allergic reaction to salicylic acid. The Clear advantage system has a 45 day money back guarantee. Guthy Renker's Proactiv Approach to Acne
The proactiv 3 step system is an aggresive approach to acne treatement. It is designebefore it occurs and to treat any existing acne problems. The first step is a renewing cleanser that exfoliates the skin in an abrasive manner to unclog pores and remove dead skin cells. It uses benzoyl peroxide to destroy the bacteria that causes acne. The second step is a toner that revitalizes and gently unclogs pores and prepares the skin for the third step, which is repairing lotion used for healing. Benzoyl peroxide is also used in this repairing lotion and is said to be for skin healing. Another product used is a refining mask that is used to further heal the skin. In order for the system to be effective it is very important to go through all the steps twice a day. By adhering to this daily schedule Proactiv is said to be able to clean and prevent acne from returning. They do admit however, that this is not a cure. It is a treatment that must be used on an ongoing basis to prevent acne. They offer a 60 day money back guarantee and they offer a refund even if you return an empty bottle. How effective is proactiv for treating and preventing acne? Many testimonies have been gathered which have been both positive and negative. About 60% of users were happy with proactiv. Even though the main acne fighting benzoyl peroxide is used and is generally considered inexpensive, many people said that they thought proactiv is expensive. Arbonne and Proactiv clearly use different approaches to acne treatment. Arbonne focuses on healing from the inside out. The downside to this is the time involved. The benefit is long term results. Proactiv on the other hand takes a more aggresive approach using the abrasive product benzoyl peroxide. Although results may be seen in a relatively short period of time, proactiv is not a cure and must be used on an ongoing basis which made lead to undesirable and serious side effects.


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