Fuelling Triathlon
You've bought the bike, found your trainers, joined a pool and got a coach. You have joined the fastest growing mass participation sport in the world. Now how do you go faster, get stronger and cope with training in three sports? Having a solid nutritional plan for training is the answer to combating fatigue and boosting your performance. As endurance or intensity increases the body burns carbohydrate, leaving the brain and muscles with less glycogen. This dip will result in the body finding it harder to function consequently making you reduce speed as your perceived exertion increases. Consuming carbohydrates, during exercise over an hour will halt this process. Keeping on top of this carbohydrate replenishment is especially important in triathlon with its three demanding disciplines to train for; many fail to adequately replace carbohydrates and nutrients. Compounding fatigue can occur, meaning you won't adapt to the training and see improvements. Keeping the tank as full as possible before, during and after training or racing will mean you reduce fatigue, enabling you to improve and perform at your maximum potential. It will also leave you feeling less hungry after training, leading to better food choices in your normal diet. Eat to compete
Consuming carbohydrates during exercise is relatively easy through scientifically designed drinks, however when you are on the move carbohydrate levels during training can also be achieved by eating sports specific bars and gels such as Maxifuel’s This option offers a winning combination of convenience and research proven energy fuel for powering any training session or event. Studies suggest 30-60g of carbohydrates every hour is sufficient for replacing lost energy. Anything above 60g CHO cannot, typically, be fully digested by the body. Taking two Maxifueper hour, each containing 25g CHO will help keep glycogen levels topped up and achieve sustainable energy levels throughout your training and event. Get the timing right
Having nutrients hitting your system at the right time in the right concentrations will keep you training longer and harder. See below for a general outline of how Maxifuel products can help you be a better triathlete. In addition to a carbohydrate drink you may want to consider Maxifuel’s a highly advanced sports bar that contains a blend of nutrients to help you rapidly enhance mental focus with 139mg of caffeine, energising your body and lifting you into the peak performance zone. Eating a Viper boost bar 20 minutes before your event or training session will help you to perform with incredible drive and energy, to get the power to zone-in on a new PB. Try not to drink too much of the open water! Aim to consume 750mls fluid per hour while on the bike. Set your watch to beep at 15 minute intervals to remind you to drink and ensure you keep a steady intake of carbohydrates. If you struggle on the run, you may want to consider takinwhile in the saddle in order to help enhance mental and physical drive helping you hit the ground running with its 100mg of caffeine. As your stomach shrinks under the strain of exercise a gel is easier to absorb, Viper Active gels gives 25 grams of carbohydrates and the essential electrolyte sodium. Nutrition doesn't end after your session or race ends. Consuming carbohydrate and protein will repair muscles faster through greater absorption. The critical window is 20 minutes after exercise for maximum nutrient uptake.


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