A myriad of forces are transforming the cardiovascular market. Fromthe more than 60,000 new cases of Type-2 Diabetes diagnosed inCanada each year to the updated Health Canada guidelines, from therise of generics to the risks of metabolic syndrome, a wealth of newfactors are re-shaping the CV environment. Many could opentremendous opportunities—or pose significant threats—for you.
Consider that the ASCOT studies could create a windfall of newpatients for manufacturers of amlopidine and perindopril-but causemajor losses for their competitors. In addition, approval of ACEs andARBs for treating pre-diabetic patients could result in tens ofthousands of new patient opportunities. In fact, just educatingdoctors to treat high-risk patients with high-dose statins coulddramatically improve market share. The rise of metabolic syndrome and its associated risks can createtremendous opportunities for pharmaceutical companies. A jointpresentation by TNS Healthcare and Harvard Medical School at the American Congress of Cardiology (ACC) demonstrates that increases • Track changes in prescribing-including new prescriptions and in obesity and dysglycemia are driving metabolic syndrome rates up dosage changes, as well as the reasons behind them significantly. As a result, there are new chances to work with doctors in identifying and treating this growing health challenge.
• Determine how and when doctors are prescribing your brand• Measure message effectiveness to fine-tune post-launch And these examples are just the tip of the iceberg.
Strengthen CV Brand Performance Across the Life Cycle
From pre-launch through patent expiration, CardioMonitor™ • Build strategies to protect and expand your market share gives you the insights to strengthen every application.
• Identify new indications and new patient opportunities• Quantify the effects of changing guidelines and treatment • Assess and size market opportunities and unmet needs • Assess the impact of overlapping diagnoses, treatments and risk • Understand physician prescribing practices and their drivers • Map the competitive landscape, with detailed prescribing • Evaluate new market entries, including OTC brands • Understand the link between test results and treatment • Identify the strongest licensing opportunities and co- • Quantify complex patient profiles and segmentations • Develop the most effective positioning and message strategies • Develop strategies for minimizing share erosion • Create the optimum forecasting models, with 15 years of • Quantify line extension opportunities consistent, trended data across global markets • Analyze physician-prescribing practices to assess competitive About TNS TNS is one of the world’s leading market information groups, providing
market measurement, analysis and insight through its operating companies in 70
countries. Working with national and multi-national organizations, we help our clients
develop effective business strategies and enhance relationships with their
In Canada, TNS Canadian Facts provides full-service, primary market research.
Our mission is to become our clients’ sixth sense of business™ by giving them
a deeper understanding of their customers’ behaviour, better anticipation of their
actions and greater insight into what they really want.
MethodologyCardioMonitor is a prospective patient diary collected via the Internet.
SampleGeneralists and specialists practicing in primary care settings provide information on up to 15 ambulatory patients with a CV condition,type II diabetes or metabolic syndrome. CardioMonitor gathers 3,000 patient records in Canada.
Other Markets CoveredCardioMonitor covers the US, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the UK. It also includes Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, Malaysia, Korea, HongKong, Singapore, Greece, and Mexico, plus other markets, at your request.
Data ElementsCardioMonitor includes information on:• Patient demographics• Diagnoses• Events and procedures• Test results, including blood pressure, HbA1C, fasting blood • Risk factors• Co-morbidities• BMI and waist measurements• Prescribing dynamics across all cardiovascular, diabetes and • Drivers behind drug choices• Reasons for any drug withdrawals Data is available un-weighted or weighted to a national population of patients.
From managing your market entry to mapping out your development strategy for in-line products, CardioMonitor is an essential tool forsupporting your brand's health and vitality throughout its life cycle. Based on more than 27,000 patient histories per year in theAmericas, Europe and Asia, CardioMonitor is the richest and deepest resource for supporting evidence-based decisions at the individualmarket or global levels.
For more information, contact your TNS Canadian Facts account representative or:
Philip Cadieuxphilip.cadieux@tns-global.com514.935.7666


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