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Minutes of Planning Advisory Committee meeting held on the above date in the Town Council Chambers at 5:30 p.m. Chairman Ken Johnston presided. PRESENT: Mayor Joe Hawes, Councillors Raymond Gregory, Bob Naylor Committee members: Mishi Babinec, Elwin Hemphill, Gary Nowlan, Tony Zuethoff Jeffrey Turnbull, Planner, PCDPC; Scott Conrod, CAO; Penny MacKenzie, Administrative Assistant; Stewart DeSolla, Account Manager, Aecon Fabeco Councillor Shawn McNamara; Committee member Murray Hill PAC-09-30-09-26
The Agenda be approved as distributed. MOTION CARRIED FILE 14-09P TEXT AMENDMENT TO INDUSTRIAL ZONE TO PERMIT AND DEFINE MARINE RELATED INDUSTRIAL-USES_______________________________________ Planner Jeffrey Turnbull reviewed the technical report regarding the text amendment to permit and define marine related industrial uses. The amendment being sought involves changes to the text of the Industrial (Ind) Zone permitted uses of the Land Use By-law, regarding permitted marine related industrial activities. The current Industrial Zone does allow for marine uses, however, they decommissioning is not a listed permitted use. Mr. Turnbull reviewed the Municipal Planning Strategy and advised there is no need for policy change. The proposed text amendment to the Industrial Zone (IND) adds the following permitted use: • marine industrial uses including ship repairs, remediation and retrofitting,
decommissioning and related material recycling.

Councillor Gregory stated, in his opinion, decommissioning (scrapping) vessels will create a lot of pollution in the air and on the ground, is bad for the environment and will not be good for the Town. Mr. Turnbull read a portion of a decommissioning contract containing environment regulations and suggested adding parts of the contract language to the proposed text amendment. Mr. DeSolla, Account Manager of the Pictou Aceon Fabeco facility, advised the Committee that the Company was looking at opportunities associated with decommissioning ships as a means to broadening and stabilizing their operation. He stated the company’s future plans are to have the marine railway brought up to the original condition, as they are also interested in reintroducing ship building and repair work to the facility. Mr. DeSolla advised that there are very stringent rules and regulations to be adhered to when decommissing vessels and Aecon Fabeco are a very environmentally conscious company. Staff advised that the municipal role is restricted land use controls. Environmental controls are under the jurisdiction of the provincial and federal levels of government. A query on employing temporary permits for this type of use was raised. The Planner advised that temporary permits would not be applicable. Other Board members commented that bringing work to the yard is a good thing and the addition of environment language within the text amendment would be prudent. MOVED: PAC-09-30-09-27
That, on the recommendation of the Planning Advisory Committee, Town Council move forward to 1st Reading and consideration of a Text Amendment to Industrial Zone to permit and define marine related Industrial uses. MOTION CARRIED PAC-09-30-09-28


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