Washington County - 2011 Clean Sweep
Household, Agricultural & VSQG Hazardous Waste
Waste Drop off location:
Washington County Highway Facility
900 Lang Street, West Bend, WI 53090
What's Accepted and What's Not.
Accepted Household Chemicals & Materials:
Accepted Agricultural & VSQG Chemicals/Materials:
Acid Washes (ie., sulfuric, muriatic, hydorchloric) and strong bases Artist & Hobby Paint (ie., oil/enamel based) Batteries (Ni-CD, lithium, mercury & rechargeable batterries NOT ALKALINE) Batteries (Ni-CD, lithium, mercury, rechargeable batterries NOT ALKALINE) Contaminated waste (ie., oil, hydraulic fliuds, gasoline) Mercury & Containing Devices (ie., thermometers, manometers, thermostats) Elemental Mercury/Devices (thermometers, thermostats, switches, manometers) Exterior surface coatings (ie., deck stains, driveway sealers) Tires - NOTE ADDITIONAL FEES APPLY AT TIME OF DROP OFF Unkown Chemicals (ie., labels not legible) Flammable materials (ie., lighter fliuds, charcoal lighter, kerosene, waste gas) Wood Treatments/Preservatives; (ie., creosote, arsenic, pentachlorphenaol) Fluorescent Tubes & Compact Fluorescent Bulbs NOTE: As a general rule: Petroleum and petroleum by-products are considered hazardous
waste and need to be disposed of properly.
Electronic Goods (i.e, TV's, Microwaves, Toaster Ovens, Appliances) Explosives including Detonators, Blasting caps Household Rechargeable Batteries** (Ni-CD, lithium, mercury batteries) Freon Gases and Freon Containing Appliances High Pressure Cylinders, Propone or Tanks Infectious, Biological Wastes & Needles (sharps) Latex Paint (ie., WATER BASED products such as Stains, Strippers) Mercury & Containing Devices (ie., Thermometers, Manometers, Thermostats, Switches) Radioactive Chemicals and Devices (ie., Smoke Detectors) Mineral SpiritsMothballsNail Polish RemoverNon-Latex Coatings (ie., lacquer, stains, varnishes) Alternative Methods of Disposal or Recycling
Non-Latex Paints (ie., lead, enamel, oil-based and metal based paint)Oil based Paint (clean up by Turpentine) First & Foremost Check with the Muncipality in which you Reside
Your Municipality May have Established Recycling in Your Area
Goodwill & St. Vincent accepts computers/monitors and computer components for recycling - Computer Monitors, CPU's, Printers, Keyboards, Cell Phones, Scanners, TV's Paint, (ie., lead enamel, oil-based, metal based -NO LATEX or WATER BASED PAINT) Check with Recycling Centers regarding Large Appliances - regarding Recycling of Motor Oil, Oil Filters, Car Batteries - website www.freecycle (Just about anything you don't want) Pool & Spa Chemicals w/BleachesRat/Rodent PoisonRodenticides You Can Find Us at the Following Address:
Washington County Planning & Parks Department Solvents (ie., ketone, acetone, turpentine, mineral spirits, dry cleaning) StrippersStump RemoverThermometers (ie., mercury)Tires - NOTE ADDITIONAL FEES APPLY AT TIME OF DROP OFF * Never mix products containing ammonia with those containing bleach ** Some, but not all, of these products will be accepted. Read labels call for disposal advice.
*** Solvent-products contain words, "Flammable", "Combustible" "Petroleum Distillates" on the labels. **** Farm Chemicals of all forms and sizes of containers (ie., drums, wooden casks, Wood & Paint Stripping Agents (ie., methyl chloride) bottles old metal fives, plastic containers, pressurized cylinders and canisters) Wood Filler & FinishesWood Preservatives (ie., stains, varnishes, lacquers non latex coatings)Wood Treatments; (ie., creosote, arsenic, pentachlorphenaol)

Source: http://www.townoftrenton.info/trash/LCD_CS2011AcceptedMaterials2.pdf


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