Safety data sheet 10020
1 - Identification of the preparation and company
Bio Optica Milano S.p.A. • via San Faustino 58 • I - 20134 Milano Tel. +39-02212713.1 Please contact the nearest Tossicology and Antivenin Center 2 - Composition/information on ingredients
Hazardous ingredients % w/v CAS Classification of pure substances It has been determined that the remaining ingredients are Not Classified as Hazardous (see technical data sheet) 3 - Hazards identification
Preparation classified as Hazardous.
4 - First-aid measures
Eye contact: Immediately flush eyes with plenty of water for at least 15 minutes - call a physician Skin contact: Wash off with soap and water Rinse out mouth with water - drink water - call a physician 5 - Fire fighting measures
Suitable extinguishing media: foam, carbon dioxide, dry powder.
In case of fire the product may develop dangerous combustion gases or vapours. Wear self-contained breathing apparatus.
6 - Accidental release measures
An approved respirator is recommended when vapours/powders/aereosols are generated. Wear suitable protective clothing. Absorb on sand or vermiculite and place in closed containers for disposal. Do not allow to enter ewerage system.
7 - Handling and storage
Keep tightly closed, store in a well ventilated place at 15-25°C.Keep away from sources of ignition.
8 - Exposure controls / personal protection
9 - Physical and chemical properties
Bio Optica Milano s.p.a.
via San Faustino 58 • I - 20134 Milano • tel. +39 02212713.1 • fax +39 022153000 • www.bio-optica.it Safety data sheet 10020
10 - Stability and reactivity
Avoid high temperature which cause evaporation. The fumes are easily flammable. Avoid strong oxidizing agents, alkali metals, peroxides.
11 - Toxicological information
Data on the toxicity of this product are not available. The following information refers to each component which is responsible of the solution toxicity. ETHYL ALCOHOL - INHALATION: may cause irritation to mucous membranes and upper respiratory tract. The typical effects are initial exicitation followed by depression. INGESTION: doses of 30-70 ml of pure alcohol cause euphoria, slight visual impairment, slight muscular incoordination. Doses of 75-150 ml: nausea, vomiting, vertigo, sensory loss, tachicardia. EYE-CONTACT: may cause irritation.
12 - Ecological information
Biodegradability: It is easily biodegradable.
In high concentrationts: harmfull effect on aquatic organisms.Lidus LC50: 8140mg/l/48h; Daphnia EC50: 9268-14221 mg/l 48h.
Use according to good laboratory pratices, avoiding the dispersion of the product in the environment 13 - Disposal considerations
Observe all state and local enviromental regulations regarding waste disposal.
14 - Transport information
15 - Regulatory information
Keep container tightly closed. Keep away from sources of ignition - No smoking. - Hazard labelling according to 2004/73/EC directive- Waste labelling according to 75/442/EEC, 91/689/EEC directives 16 - Other information
This data sheet replaces all the previous editions.
Date of issue: 27/11/2006References:ECDIN - Environment Chemicals Data and Information NewtworkRTECS - Registry of Toxic Effects of Chemical Substances reference Number Bio Optica Milano s.p.a.
via San Faustino 58 • I - 20134 Milano • tel. +39 02212713.1 • fax +39 022153000 • www.bio-optica.it Safety data sheet 10020
The above information is belived to be correct but does not purport to be all inclusive and shall be used only as a guide.
Bio-Optica S.p.A. shall not be held liable for any damage resulting from an inaccurate and illegal handling.
Bio Optica Milano s.p.a.
via San Faustino 58 • I - 20134 Milano • tel. +39 02212713.1 • fax +39 022153000 • www.bio-optica.it

Source: http://tunic.ro/fise/securitate/05-10020L.pdf

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