This is the first edition of WHPA Briefing on combating counterfeit medical products for WHPA IPR concerns should not cloud this global health issue
partners and their member associations. It covers Given the heated and lengthy discussions on counterfeit and falsified medical current developments concerning medicine safety products that took place during the recent 63rd World Health Assembly, the World and counterfeit medical products, including Health Professions Alliancehas voiced its concerns that patient safety and information about the ongoing work of the WHPA public health are being overlooked in favour of trademark concerns. All five CEOs of counterfeit medical products campaign and the WHPA partner organizations, representing 26 million health professionals worldwide, have spoken out on this issue. developments and findings. Your contributions are experiences in the fight against counterfeit medical WHPA ISSUES JOINT STATEMENT ON COUNTERFEITING
The WHPA has stepped up its commitment to fight the dangers posed by counterfeit medical products among health professionals, consumers and patients and their national governments. In March 2010, WHPA issued a joint statement on A NEW, PRACTICAL TOOL FOR HEALTH PROFESSIONALS
Health professionals worldwide have a new resource to assist them in the fight against counterfeit medical products. Launched in May 2010, the to help educate and improve the capacity of health professionals to detect, report and prevent counterfeit medical products. Three target audiences are catered for – health professionals, patients and public health HEALTH PROFESSIONALS IN CENTRAL AMERICA TO
The first Be Aware, Take Action 2010 health professionals’ workshop on counterfeiting of medical products is planned for 19 October in San José, Costa Rica. It will bring together health professions organization representatives to share information, experience and best practices on the counterfeit medical products situation and to discuss how to stem the infiltration of counterfeits in the region. RECENT ANNOUNCEMENTS
27 April 2010: European Parliament public health committee backs new measures against illegal sale of medicines over Internet. July 2010: Full Focus on Counterfeit Drugs
sitting of European Parliament to vote on Falsified In April this year Nature Medicine carried a special section ‘Focus on Counterfeit Drugs’, with national perspectives, anti-counterfeiting activities and several articles parliamentary reading of Falsified Medicines highlighting the issue of counterfeit anti-malarials (Nature Medicine April 2010 Are there counterfeit medicines in Croatia?
While there have been no recorded cases of counterfeit medicines in the legal supply chain in Croatia, medicines without marketing authorisation in Croatia, could World Health Assembly intervention
The World Health Professions Alliance was UAE Health Ministry demands that pharmaceutical companies to appoint
present at the 63rd World Health Assembly, held pharmaceutical vigilance officer
in Geneva from 17-21 May 2010. On the subject 29 April 2010: The medical practices and licenses sector at the UAE Ministry of of counterfeit medical products, FIP spoke on Health issued a decision to demand all pharmaceuticals and medicine companies behalf of the five WHPA member organizations registered at the Registration and Pharmaceutical Drugs Department to appoint a pharmaceutical vigilance officer in their organizations within six months. by Lama professionals, have a common goal to protect the well-being of patients in all parts of the world from Dangers of buying prescription medicines over the Internet
poor quality, substandard and counterfeit medical 04 May 2010: Buying prescription medicines on the Internet may be easily done, but the Irish Medicines Board (IMB) advises there are serious concerns for the safety of International conference on counterfeits paves
persons who purchase prescription medicines in this manner. There is no way for the way to convention aimed at protecting
the purchaser of knowing where the website is based, from where it sources the public health
medicines, or the quality, safety or effectiveness of the medicines supplied.
16 April 2010: More than 140 participants, senior Cameroon SFDA exposes 30 websites
officials from health, law enforcement and judicial 17 May 2010: The Cameroon State Food and Drug Administration (SFDA) issued authorities from around 40 states, international 2010 First Safety Warning Announcement Regarding Buying Medicines Online and organisations and institutions from around the exposed 30 websites releasing false drug information and selling counterfeit or world came together on 15 and 16 April 2010 in FDA warning on phony Tamiflu
implementation of the future Council of Europe 17 June 2010: The FDA warned consumers that a phony version of an antiviral drug being sold on the Internet could spark a harmful reaction in some people.
International workshop on safety medicine
Australia’s Therapeutic Goods Administration issues counterfeit warning
monitoring system ends in Accra, Ghana
21 June 2010: The Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) is investigating the 12 May 2010: The first West African Health source of the counterfeit Viagra (sildenafil) that has been supplied in Australia and has entered the wholesale/pharmacy supply chain.
Pharmacovigilance Systems in West Africa, aimed US announces crackdown on counterfeiting
at strengthening medicine safety monitoring 22 June 2010: The White House unveiled a strategic plan to combat counterfeiting systems in the sub-region was held in Accra. The and piracy through increased intellectual property enforcement efforts. four- day workshop was organised by the World WCO Secretary vows to fight counterfeit drugs
Health Organisation (WHO) Collaborating Centre 24 June 2010: Kunio Mikuriya, Secretary General of the World Customs for Advocacy and Training in Pharmacovigilance, Organization, signed a declaration demonstrating his group's commitment to crack in collaboration with the mother organisation (WHO) and Sweden-based Uppsala Monitoring At the same event former French President Jacques Chirac stated,“Let’s not ever forget that when a falsified product is bought, the consumer is the victim. No one knowingly buys a product that could threaten his life or that of one of his loved ones…A mother who buys fake medicine to treat malaria does not know that she is paying for her own death or that of her sick child. It is for that woman, and for that The World Health Professions Alliance speaks for child, that I call for action today on the part of everyone. more than 26 million health care professionals Uganda NDA seizes counterfeit drugs
worldwide, assembling essential knowledge and 8 July, 2010: The Uganda National Drug Authority has recovered 54 boxes of experience from the key health care professions in counterfeit drugs from a clinic in Iganga town. Zaidi Mwondha, the coordinator, said the drugs were worth UGX34m (USD 15,000). METAKELFINE use in Tanzania suspended
13 August, 2010: The Tanzania Food and Drugs Authority (TFDA) has suspended the importation, distribution, sale and use of Metakelfin an anti-malarial medicine due to presence of counterfeit tablets in Tanzania market. WHPA COUNTERFEIT MEDICAL PRODUCTS CAMPAIGN
With WHPA “Be Aware, Take Action” we provide dentists, nurses, pharmacists, physicians and physical therapists with tools and strategies to advocate for appropriate investments in the education and capacity building of professionals to detect counterfeits and to safely inform colleagues and patients. Disclaimer: WHPA does not endorse and is not responsible for content on external websites. Photos courtesy of FIP, PSI, Pfizer, Inc, and Lilly. If you prefer not to receive this newsletter, please send an email with 'unsubscribe' in the subject to


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