The work to be done in Haiti will be prioritized in cooperation with the Methodist Church of Haiti (EMH). In general, projects range from construction to medical missions, and can include community development and relationship-building activities (like Vacation Bible School, ESL Classes, Adult Education: Specific Skill training, Vocational Training). Additional projects are reviewed by an oversight group from EMH, the UMVIM staff in Haiti, and UMCOR. The goal is to work with the people of Haiti and to help them with their needs, working at the invitation of the Methodist Church of Haiti. All UMVIM teams must sign their team up through the US-based Communications & Calendaring Coordinator. The Haiti Response Plan staff will determine the location of where teams will work. Even if your team has prior Haiti experience, your assigned location may be different due to changing circumstances and priority needs. All teams will work on projects which are the priority of the Methodist Church of Haiti. Medical teams are specialized and require a specific protocol. Your team leader must have current UMVIM team leader training.
Your leader must have Haiti experience.
Teams are to consist of between 4 and 10 members. (See note 12 below regarding
team size and matching funds.)
Teams must purchase accident insurance as required by your jurisdiction.
Teams will be required to have all immunizations up to date – including typhoid,
tetanus, hepatitis A, hepatitis B (if required by doctor), and polio (adult booster).
Be sure to bring Cipro or other medication as recommended by your doctor for traveler’s diarrhea and malaria pills. It is highly recommended that non-medical teams have at least one medical person as a part of their team. Some locations will be at least an hour away from hospital care, and the medical person is an important resource for the team. Estimated cost of mission is about $1500.00 per person (costs will vary due to airfare from different locations in the US). Costs in Haiti include food, housing and in country transportation. There is a “sample budget” on the web site Team Resources page to help with your planning. The minimum team size is four persons. The maximum team is ten. Teams of between 4-6 persons will be asked to contribute $2500 in project funds to qualify for a matching grant from UMCOR. Teams of between 7-10 persons will be asked to bring $3500 to be matched by the grant. The Haiti Response Plan will accept students who have graduated ninth grade. They must be accompanied by a parent or other designated guardian. All youth teams must have a ratio of 4 to 1, meaning that there is one adult for four youth, and two adults no matter how large the team. To be consistent with Safe Sanctuary guidelines, the adult leaders should reflect the gender of the youth on the team (i.e., if there are both boys and girls on the team, there must be male and female leaders.) Age and make-up of teams will be a consideration in project and site assignments All teams are required to enter and leave through Port au Prince. All team members
should arrive and leave on the same flights.
All teams will be scheduled through the US-based Communications & Calendaring Coordinator


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