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Bud Calloway (6x) (I was a CDB Ace before the end of our Junior year; I'm not particularly
proud of this, but when you get your first one in the Fall semester of doolie year, it's not that
hard, really. I don't even remember what they were all for
Rick Douglas (Third Degree Xmas: for a girlfriend's unopened, “surprise” Bacardi mini-bottle
gift, in the dorm. Confirmed "non-drinker" Rick Douglas served 6 months and 120 tours (+3
added for uniform irregularities in a raging snowstorm ). Subsequently permanently demoted
from rank/position (Guidon Bearer) and earned perpetual disdain from AOC Capt Welty (who
bore a striking, Rogaine-free resemblance to "Colonel Klink"). After having served all
punishments to the letter, the CDB was completely reversed and dismissed. I asked if I could
save all the punishments served to apply towards any future indiscretions and was told, curtly,
Frank Garland (For owning and maintaining brother's car after he graduated.)
Otto Dieffenbach (“The Loose Hog 5” during our doolie year. 4 of them bet the 5th ($20 each)
in Arnold Hall that he wouldn’t feel up a well endowed female sitting with friends at another
table. He collected on the bet -- but the gal turned out to be the Sergeant Major’s daughter.
Larry Colletti (I managed to be the guest of honor at two CDBs.)
Muddy Waters (I had 2 CDBs . . . for the first, I got 6 months restrictions but something less
than 120 tours. I think it was only 80. For the second, I got 3 months restrictions and a couple
dozen tours
Rich Chanick (One CDB for me – having a TV in Summer T-41. I am ashamed I was such a bad
American. Our classmate [name withheld] ran the CDB and threw the book at me -- now
THERE was a good American, and I appreciate the guidance he gave me to put me back on the
path to Air Force officership
Paul Narzinski (Steve Nichols and Gary Barrentine -- all Horny 18ers, their Senior year for
playing poker after-hours on a school night . . . Board chaired by Rick Layman with whom I
became good friends afterwards in Strategic Air Command.
Bob Dorsey (Got 1 CDB for -- get this -- the Communist act of attending a DIVING meet to
watch Rick McAlister in CIVILIAN clothes -- after they chastised us for not attending enough
Academy Sports activities -- can you believe it
Brian Bouffard (I was #1 at Rebeleven for tours and confinements. Can't remember exactly, but
was WELL OVER 6 and 120. 2 CDB's, Honor and Ethics Boards -- cleared in both. What a
Ric Lewallen (I call this story, "That was then, this is now, 1975 style”. Back then, in 1971/72,
seniors had fridges in their closets and went to breakfast in just their A-jackets. Life was clearly

great as a senior. I could hardly wait. In 1974, now a senior at my first noon meal formation of the academic year, I had just had my uniform inspected, as a senior, JUST LIKE I WAS A SMACK. Some dirt on my pants earned me a form 10. Group Staff then inspected my room and my bed WAS NOT TIGHT ENOUGH which earned me restriction to the cadet area for the weekend. Things just proceeded downhill from that point that day. At academic call to quarters, I was at Arnold Hall with a girlfriend who volunteered to drive me to the dorm in 1st Squadron. When I got out of the car and came up to the sixth floor, I was met by a Wing staffer asking me what I was doing out of limits during academic call to quarters. A ‘74 grad in our squadron had revised the regs the previous year which re-drew the cadet limits to the outside of that dorm road so you COULD get a ride back to the dorm. At my CDB, the ‘74 grad had submitted a letter to that effect. The Board deliberated for almost an hour while I waited outside the room. The verdict? While it was unclear to them (??) as to the actual cadet limits, it clearly stated that one was not allowed in a parking lot during call to quarters. Since I had to walk through those parking slots in front of Arnold Hall to get to my girlfriend's car, I was in a "parking lot" and therefore nailed. I don't remember the number of tours, but my restrictions to the cadet grounds lasted until Christmas Break. My senior year was certainly not what I imagined it back in 1971/72.) Paul Desisto (CDB 2nd class summer -- Demon Alcohol!) Ed Zerambo (Shot off bottle rockets -- got caught.) Bill Davis: (See ALL-PRO entry.) Al Piotter or Jerry Manthei (During ‘75’s senior year, there were so many Firsties on Conduct Pro (over 170) that the Wing ran out of unranked shoulder boards!)



Andy Warhol and the Art of the Bullet You return from shopping. Isn’t there something you forgot, baby aspirin or turpentine? Raspberries, razor blades, Hula-Hoops? Oven-fried-Corn-Flake-chicken? Or maybe a tulip? You clutch two T-shirts and a bottle of hand lotion, its plastic the color of wet plaster bones. Color of cor-rection fluid. Its plastic so grease-beady, so spooned. Its pla

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