Sharing on religious life

A Sharing on Religious Life
On my way to Mass at the reserve a native child who was following me was curious about their vows. However, in responding to the the three sisters who lived together, and vowed life, Religious accept the unique task of asked, “Is Father Otto your husband?” living out of the particular charism for whichthey were founded.The charism of unity and “No, I am not married.” Then she asked, “Are reconciliation in a broken world, is the thrust I replied, “No Sisters do not marry.” There Religious Life is
was silence for a few moments, and then she simply one way
Baptism, is a love that must express itself in of being a
burst out, “Oh! I know -- you’re just like the service.What you are is God’s gift to you.
Christian, but it
entails more
What you become is your gift to God. I have than just being
This incident which was related to me by a always believed it of utmost importance from a follower of
my earliest teaching days that children be Christ.
Columbia some years ago, underlines the fact aware of their gifts, their talents, and their that Religious Life is, and has always been, a quandary to both young and old. It is my hope and prayer that the sharing that follows will themselves.True, their childhood dreams of All children
answer some of your queries, inspire or touch what they want to be when they grow up are should be aware
of their own
always important, but it is their striving to be unique gifts,
the best student they can be now that will The life I chose is not a way of life with its talents and
help them discern later on in life God’s way interests, as
own objective and a private set of values and these are God’s
gift to each
Christian. Religious life is primarily a following “Follow me and I will make you fishers of of us.
of Christ. However, to say that Religious are If you see signs of vocation in family members adequate. Every Christian is a follower of or others, tell them so. If you are hesitant, for Striving to be
Religious Life does not differ in ideal or in direction from someone living out the life. My the best student
you can be now
quality from any other aspect of true Christian personal call came from a Sister in secondary will help you
Life. By Baptism, all are called to holiness.
school. A remark as simple as, “Maybe when discover God’s
However, Religious Life does differ in the you’re Sister Beatrice .” made in a serious plan for you.
shape it takes.This Christian Life is lived through a different pattern.The characteristic thought. I strongly resisted but the thought of this pattern is that it passes the three great would not leave. I thank God for her to this roots of human life -- the desire to marry -- the desire to own -- the desire to make your I recall a young girl at a vocation weekend some years ago telling me that she didn’t give Religious Life takes on the vows of Poverty, much thought to entering because she was of Obedience and Chastity.The Religious is called the opinion that to become a Sister, one had to the vowed life so that he or she may be to have the desire from early childhood. She shaped into a Gospel person, just as married thanked me for clarifying her thinking. She to our commitment and to our prayer life, question should ever be treated lightly.
then we will be open and receptive to the volunteer team of Sisters who come together regularly to pray, reflect, and share on the Today is the feast of the birth of Our Blessed If you would
subject of vocations. If you, parents, would like Lady. It is indeed an occasion of praise and like to speak to
to make personal contact, or direct someone someone on
thanksgiving for Mary’s personal holiness and who is discerning, simply call Mount St. Joseph Peterborough’s
vocation as the Mother of Jesus. I pray that vocational
team, call
she will be with you, as you live out your Mount St.
vocation as parents, and help you lead your Joseph at
millennium we are witnessing the death, not ofa Religious Life, but rather of Religious Life aswe have come to know it. If we become tooinvolved in the numbers game, maybe we willbecome absorbed in the values of the “world”-- quantity versus quality. By living in love, weempower and call others to live in love.Wemust be women of deep faith and hope. I Sister Beatrice is presently ministering in believe that if we in Religious Life are Faithful


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