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There having been presented to the Board a petition by Jeffrey N. Rosenberg, Trustee of JNR Trust, 432 North Avenue, Weston, MA the Board decided to hold a hearing on said petition on Monday, October 21, 2013 at 7:30 P.M., and caused the following notice to be published in The Town Crier, a newspaper of general circulation in Weston: Hearing Notice
Notice is hereby given that the Board of Appeals of the Town of Weston will hold a public hearing on. Monday, October 21, 2013 at 7:30 P.M., in a conference room at the Weston Town Hall, on an application by Jeffrey N. Rosenberg, Trustee of JNR Trust, 432 North Avenue (Map 2, Lot 33) requesting a special permit for porch and second story additions. Applications with said Board of Appeals are available for public inspection in the office of the Board of Appeals on Monday through Friday, from 9:00A.M. to 4:30 P.M. The Board mailed the foregoing notice postage prepaid to the persons deemed by the Assessors to be the parties of interest as they appear on the most recent tax list.
Notice sent to: Board of Selectmen, Board of Assessors, Board of Health, Building Inspector,
Conservation, Fire Chief, Planning Board Chairman, and Town Clerk, plus the Planning Boards of
Lincoln, Natick, Newton, Waltham, Wayland, and Wellesley
Board of Appeals Members: Li, Wolf, Garfinkel

……………………………………………………………………………………………………… Pursuant to the foregoing notice the Board held a public hearing on Monday, October 21, 2013 at 7:30 P.M., at the Weston Town Hall. The following members were present: Winifred I. Li, Acting Chair and Acting Secretary The subject property, 432 North Avenue, Weston, Massachusetts (the “Premises”), is sited in the Single Family Residential Zoning District C, and comprises 29,911 square feet in a district requiring a minimum of 30,000 square feet. The Premises contains 88.78 feet of street frontage and 88.78 feet of lot width at street setback, in a District requiring a minimum of 125 feet for both dimensions for lots created before 1997. The Premises is improved by a dwelling constructed circa 1910. The dwelling is sited 7.02 feet from the street line and 37.02 feet from the street centerline, in a district requiring 40 feet and 65 feet respectively. The dwelling is sited 4 feet from the northwesterly lot line in a district requiring a 25-foot side yard setback. The lot and dwelling are pre-existing, nonconforming. The Premises is a long, narrow lot, with wetlands in the southwesterly portion (rear) of the lot. The 200-foot riverfront area covers approximately 60 percent of the lot. There are three dwellings on adjacent lots along the southeasterly side of the Premises, and one dwelling on a lot to the northwest of the Premises. The existing dwelling is located in the northerly corner of the Premises. There are no previous Zoning Board of Appeals cases for the Premises. The Historical Commission’s review of the proposal is discussed in its letter dated June 15, 2012 and its e-mail dated 10-8-2013. The existing Residential Gross Floor Area (RGFA) of the dwelling is 1,204.28 square feet. The proposal is to add a porch to the southeasterly side of the dwelling, and a second floor above the rear portion (southwesterly side) of the dwelling which would add 320 square feet of interior living space, as shown on “Proposed Site Plan of 432 North Avenue”, prepared by P.J.F. and Associates, 4 Highland Avenue, Wakefield, MA, revision dated Sept. 12, 2013, and elevations and floor plans “Proposed Addition to 432 North Ave. Weston MA” by Beaton Development LLC, pages 1, 2 and 3, dated 1/13/2013. The final RGFA is proposed to be 1,524.28 square feet (5% lot). Attorney Jonathan A. White, 30 Colpitts Road, Weston, MA, and Curtis Beaton, builder, appeared at the hearing representing Jeffrey N. Rosenberg, Trustee of JNR Trust, 432 North Avenue, Weston, Massachusetts, owner (the “Petitioner”). Mr. White stated that the existing dwelling is a 5-room house around 100 years old. He explained that the proposal is to add a room above the existing single story in the rear of the dwelling. This addition will allow for the creation of a third bedroom. The new second story will not sit directly above the existing building but will be shifted slightly to the southeast. This will not be visually apparent because of the first floor porch which is proposed to be extended to the back of the house along the southeasterly side of the dwelling. Mr. White noted that the dwellings in the neighborhood are in close proximity to one another. He explained that Petitioner’s intent is to maintain the dwelling size generally, while adding modest usable space. Mr. White said that the dwelling has been neglected for some time. He stated that the design for the addition is planned to appear as though the second floor extension was original to the dwelling. The second floor eaves will remain, as will the chimney on the easterly side of the house. The exterior aluminum siding will be replaced with wood clapboards and wood window frames. There is no plan to make changes to the nonconforming garage. Donald Aharonian, 436 North Avenue was present, and inquired about the chimney. John Alesse, 118 North Avenue, said he felt the project would improve the property and he was in favor of it. No one else appeared on the petition. The hearing closed, and the Board proceeded to deliberate. DECISION: Following due and open deliberation, the Board, by unanimous decision, granted the requested special permit for adding the porch to the southeasterly side of the dwelling and the second floor extension to the southwesterly side of the dwelling, all as shown on “Proposed Site Plan of 432 North Avenue”, prepared by P.J.F. and Associates, 4 Highland Avenue, Wakefield, MA, revision dated Sept. 12, 2013, and elevations and floor plans “Proposed Addition to 432 North Ave. Weston MA” by Beaton Development LLC, pages 1, 2 and 3, dated 1/13/2013. This addition will result in a total RGFA of 1,524.28 square feet (5% lot). The Premises is just slightly undersized but substantially narrow for the district. The existing historic dwelling is sited at the northerly corner of the lot. The second floor addition will be set in on the northerly side of the dwelling (10.25 feet) such that the second floor will be no closer to the northwesterly side line than the existing second floor. Presently there is a 16.4-foot section of the first floor that is only 4 feet from the lot line. This section will remain unchanged. The aluminum siding will be removed and wood clapboards will be installed. The Historical Commission approved the project. There was no neighborhood opposition expressed against the proposal. The Board found that the proposed project was consistent with the characteristics of the existing dwelling and was appropriately dimensioned for the Premises and neighborhood. Therefore, the Board determined that the proposed additions would not be substantially more detrimental than the existing nonconforming structures or use to the neighborhood.


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