Heritage Month Competition Draw

The table below shows the entries received and the numbers al ocated to them for the draw.
Please note the following:
• Regrettably, not everyone who responded to the question qualified to enter the draw…
• For all who were disqualified, it was because they did not ‘Like’ our Facebook page (the
competition instruction was to ‘Like’ our page, then answer the question in the comment section of the relevant post). • Those eligible for the draw, and those disqualified will be noted in the table below. • The draw procedure and winners will be shown below the table.

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What does Heritage mean to you – as a South African or non-South African?
NOTE: Answer in the comment section. There is no wrong or right answer. For full competition detail and
prizes go to this
Eligible 1
Heritage: To me it means a recognition of where we come from that assists in guiding us in where we are going. We look to the past to see who we were, to honour and remember that which was, we also look to the past to learn about who we want to be (by collective and by person), we use our heritage to be ourselves and to redefine ourselves. That is Disqualified
For me, Heritage has its foundation in our roots, where we come from. It is those roots that come together, creating a lineage that we can trace who we are, who are family is and what we stand for. Thus our Heritage is what we inherit from this, the customs and legacy of those before us. It lives on in us, ever changing. Adapting with each Disqualified
proud of my culture and learning and embracing other cultures Eligible 2
Heritage for me means the things we have inherited from our ancestors, these include the language, culture, music, art, literature, values and norms to name but a few. It also means we should be in the position to embrace and accommodate other people's cultures since we are living in a diverse society. Therefore on that day we look back and reflect on who we are: our roots so that we can have a clear vision of where we are going.·· Eligible 3
Heritage day wil mean a lot if al South African can celebrate their cultures, music, art and start teaching our children the value of heritage. On the other hand Government is trying to promote the different cultures of this rainbow nation but only a portion of this rainbow nation who are participating to those programs. We must start to work together to Disqualified
To me Heritage is something that has been passed down from generation to generation and left to us to maintain and protect. It's our customs, our traditions and our most beautiful land!· Eligible 4
in a beautiful country like ours. I find it hard to define what heritage is to me considering the diversity that we experience each day. So I guess al I can say is that to me, my heritage is Me. I believe who I am isn’t restricted to but is a culmination of the ideas, beliefs and teachings of my forefathers who came to South Africa but also of those who fought for what was right, freedom and equality. I’m a product of South Africa. A person whose heritage consists of a time of war and a time of peace. My heritage shows me the beauty in the form of unity in diversity.·· Eligible 5
to me heritage means my birth right, my roots.
Heritage month to me means coming together irrespective of race, colour or creed and enjoying our country as a united front.·· Disqualified
A time to reflect that I am who I am as a result of past generations. It is just another way of acknowledging and reflecting the changes that we have experienced, and how we have implemented what we have learned to our Eligible 6
Heritage is the customs and beliefs and traditions from your background and the background Disqualified
Heritage Day means it’s time to celebrate my culture BUT also embrace the other cultures in S.A. It means for that day I am free to be Me something that the society judges so much. It’s a day to acknowledge who we ARE and where we come FROM. Every person now has a responsibility to carry on the culture because it’s the only way we differentiate ourselves from the world. Heritage Day is the day we show that South Africa is a diverse country but we are WHOLE. If one culture is missing we are lost so together its big family, which is meant to be different.via·· Eligible 7
Heritage is something we can be proud of our language and our culture. Aim for Dream and work for this Dream Let the Dream happen. Just Love the Sign Language . You have your own Heritage and let it grow to love it and Eligible 8
Heritage is to enjoy the fruits of yesterday with their different taste, texture and colour; and plant new, variety seeds for tomorrow so that you also leave a heritage.·· Disqualified
Heritage Day means we are al equal BUT different in terms of our culture. We embrace and celebrate the customs that have moulded who we ARE today. We celebrate the traditions that gave us the past and present generation. The traditions that al owed us to find our identity as a whole nation. Heritage day is our Christmas as a country! We all Disqualified
As a South African, heritage is two-fold. On a basic level it is what we have been handed down from our forefathers - be it culture, language, political systems, transitions etc. Celebrating heritage day is appreciating these components we have inherited and also respecting that it might differ to the next person's. On a second progressive level, it requires reflection on how we as a diverse nation are constructively adding to the heritage of the next generation.·· Eligible 9
To me heritage means sharing the same slogan 'UBUNTU' but stil differ in terms of our beliefs, culture and tradition. Heritage is what I am, nothing or no one can change that, no one or nothing can brainwash who I am, I am born to excel in my own belief system and culture and no one can erase that, it’s in me and other racial groups should respect that. Heritage means finding peace with your own beliefs and culture and also taking into consideration that others are existing too.

Winner Selection Procedure
Out of the 18 entries, 9 were disqualified for not having ‘Liked’ the Wits Language School Facebook
Page as required. As such, only 9 were valid entries, making our number range from which to select
winners between 1 and 9.
The draw for winners was carried out as follows:
• On the websitewe used the True Random Number Generator located at • 3 separate times, we entered a minimum number of 1 and a maximum number of 9, the range of numbers from which our winners were to be selected. • The numbers which were randomly selected were as fol ows: a) First random number generated – 9
b) Second random number generated – 8
c) Third random number generated – 2

From our table above, these numbers show the winner and runners-up as follows:
1. Competition Winner: Number 9 – Nos Gman. Congratulations! You have won yourself a free
language course from Wits Language School, and a goody hamper! 2. First Runner-up: Number 8 – Nakheela Nakheela. Congratulations! You have won yourself
3. Second Runner-up: Number 2 – Ntsoakana Mokala. Congratulations! You have won

May the winners please provide their email addresses via the Facebook message platform so we
discuss t-shirt sizes and arrange for prize pick-ups.

Thank you!

Source: http://witslanguageschool.com.winhost.wa.co.za/portals/0/docs/HeritageMonthCompetitionDraw.pdf


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