July 2009: Wealth Intelligence Academy (WIA)* launches Women in Wealth™** ‘Down Under’ together with Gill Fielding, the BBC’s ‘The Apprentice’ Mentor and Channel 4’s ‘Secret Millionaire’- challenging the Australian glass ceiling UK Channel 4’s ‘Secret Millionaire’ and Mentor on Sir Alan Sugar’s (now British Enterprise Tzar) much lauded ‘The Apprentice,’ Ms Gill Fielding, has arrived in Australia this July 2009, to help launch , Women in Wealth™**, a Wealth Intelligence Academy (WIA) brand ‘Down Under’, following on from the company’s successful UK launch back in 2008. Motivated to ‘light the spark of financial possibility’ within as many individuals as humanly possible the world over, mother of three, self-made multi-millionaire and business mogul, Gill Fielding, 51, is hoping to inspire women throughout Australia to take control of their own financial destiny, by taking action though the Women in Wealth™ Australia programme.
“I am so excited to be coming to Australia to launch such a vital and much needed brand like Women in Wealth™ Australia, particularly when it is not only widely recognised that women and men tend to differ in learning and management styles, but also given that the male vs female salary gap in Australia is still prevalent. I recently read in a BBC blog that only six per cent of CEO’s within Australia’s top 200 companies are female, all of whom are earning a mere 84 per cent in relation to their male counterparts*** - and these figures refer to the women in powerful positions! If you consider these figures, the Women in Wealth™ team has a great opportunity country-wide to be able to provide Australian women of all ages and social backgrounds with the confidence, tools and knowledge to create their own wealth. Not just for now but for the long-term future security for themselves and their families.
“If we consider further data issued by the Australian Bureau of Statistics in April of this year (post-2008 research), relating to men’s salaries vs their female counterparts, cash earnings for full-time Australian working women averaged $1080.90 per week versus their male counterparts’ wages of $1335.20 per week**** (an 80 per cent plus relative figure, as above, for the female CEO’s). So clearly the glass ceiling exists, but we also need more positive Australian female role models. So let’s help create financial independence for as many women here as possible, to inspire the next generation of wealth creators, via Women in Wealth™ Australia”.
The Women in Wealth™ educational programme launched for the first time in Sydney, Australia, between 3rd and 5th July 2009. For more information, testimonials, future events and photos please visit www.womeninwealth.com.au.
About Whitney UK, Ltd, T/A Wealth Intelligence Academy (WIA) Whitney UK Limited was launched in 2001 to bring Whitney Information Network Inc.’s property and financial instruments training to Great Britain. Based in London, Whitney UK delivers courses throughout the United Kingdom and Ireland.
For more information about Whitney UK, T/A Wealth Intelligence Academy (WIA) in the UK please visit www.wealthintelligenceacademy.co.uk For UK media enquiries, interviews and photographs please contact:- For Australia media enquiries, interviews and photographs please contact:- The outline Women in Wealth™ educational programme includes the following various stages/course elements:- 1. Initial introductory preview – a two-hour general course background and introduction 2. A three-day basic training covering topics such as managing credit scores, good vs bad debt, how to structure cash flow, basic property investment strategies, how to set up a business etc. 3. Advanced trainings in specialist subjects as well as a mentorship programme. The entire programme can take from anything between 12 and 24 months, depending on a student’s requirement and commitment. *Wealth Intelligence Academy (WIA) is the trading name for Whitney UK within the United Kingdom and represents the British office of the publicly trading Whitney Information Network, Inc, in the USA **Women In Wealth™ is a trademark of Whitney UK Ltd, T/A Wealth Intelligence Academy (WIA) and is used by permission. ***Source: http://www.bbc.co.uk/blogs/thereporters/nickbryant/2008/09/men_at_work.html ****Source: http://www.hrmguide.net/australia/rewards/employee-earnings.htm

Source: http://www.womeninwealth.co.uk/wiw_australia_launch.pdf

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