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Name __________________________________________________ Age ___________________ Circle one: girl boy Date of birth ____________ How did you learn about the Connections Camp? ______________________________________ Address _______________________________________________________________________________________________ Home Phone _________________________Main Family Email Address ____________________________________________ School (2010-2011) ________________________________________________ Grade (2010-2011) ___________________ Previous music experience ________________________________________________________________________________ Medical Information Health insurance company & policy number: _________________________________________________________________ Emergency phone contact, besides parents: __________________________________________________________________ Allergies to any medicines: _______________________________________________________________________________ Food allergies: _________________________________________________________________________________________ Pet/animal allergies: _____________________________________________________________________________________ Describe any medical conditions or chronic illnesses and necessary medicine: ______________________________________________________________________________________________________ In addition to a standard first aid kit, camp staff will have the following over-the-counter medications on hand to administer to participants if necessary. Please indicate below if you do NOT want one or any of these medicines given to your child for any If there are any other special needs we should be aware of, please describe on a separate page and include with this form. Parent InformationMother’s Name _______________________________ Cell __________________ Work Phone _________________________ Occupation/Company Affiliation ___________________________________________ Circle one: full-time part-time Email Address (if you want us to include on contact list)________________________________________________________ Father’s Name _______________________________ Cell ___________________Work Phone _________________________ Occupation/Company Affiliation __________________________________________Circle one: full-time part-time Email Address (if you want us to include on contact list)________________________________________________________ Singers will participate in every camp date. Monday camp date begins on August 2nd and will begin promptly at 9:00 Singers will be on time for camp days. (It would be good to establish the habit of arriving 5 minutes early, if possible.) Singers will bring their own lunch to camp each day. A mid-morning snack will be provided. Singers will be picked up on time at the end of each camp date. Monday through Thursday camp dates will end at 2:00 pm. Friday camp date will end at 4:00 pm following the concert. 5. At the first rehearsal, each singer will receive a tee shirt with the WSYC logo and name on it. These shirts will be handed out each day before we go on daily walking tours so singers can wear them to sing outside. Please circle your child’s appropriate shirt size below: Singers will respect others and their property and will obey all instructions from the Director and other instructors. Singers will return all music in good condition to the Director directly after the performance on August 6th. A fee of $5 will be charged if music is lost so the Chorus can replace it. 8. Parents will mail their $145 check (made out to WSYC) to the chorus office, along with the completed form below, by July 20, 2010. In the unlikely event that Connections Camp would have to be cancelled, the $145 would be refunded. Payment may also be refunded to final registrants if the camp becomes full. The $145 cannot be refunded in the event of participant cancellation or for any other reason (including choosing to leave the program early or not following the program expectations). By signing below, you agree to the following: We have read and agree to follow the Connections Camp expectations listed above. The WSYC is permitted to use photos or videos of my child taken during the camp for publicity purposes (WSYC website, newsletters, flyers, etc., as needed). In consideration of the benefits to be derived and having confidence that reasonable precautions will be taken to ensure the safety and well being of my child, I hereby agree to his/her participation, and waive all claims against the directors and chaperones. y wan to make a copy for your records) and mail with your $145 per partic Questions? Contact the WSYC: 336-703-0001 mail@wsyouthchorus.org wsyouthchorus.org

Source: http://www.wsyouthchorus.org/docs/campregistration.pdf

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Atypical Bullous Pemphigoid – three non-blistering presentations. Authors and F O’Sullivan, L Barnes¹, M Murphy Institutions: Departments of Dermatology, South Infirmary Victoria University Hospital, Cork, and St James’s Hospital¹, Dublin Abstract: Bullous pemphigoid is the most common autoimmune blistering dermatosis seen in elderly populations. The classic presentati

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Gastric Ulcers: Your Questions Answered Since the first Gastric Ulcer Awareness Month in 2007, it has been well documented that approximately 60 per cent of performance horses are affected by gastric ulcers. Despite this, it is believed that it is still one of the most under-recognised problems in the equine The main reason for this lack of detection is likely to be the vague and non-spec

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