F O R G R A D E 1 1 P A R E N T SM A Y , 2 0 1 3 An in-depth study of a limited topic within a subject, or across a subject Around (max) 4000 words on a personally meaningful topic Supposed to require around 40 hours of work. Often it takes much more BUT at best is worth only a maximum 3 points on the Diploma score University-level research and writing skills The Subject must be chosen from the list of available IB subjects at FDR, or which a teacher-supervisor can support, usual y a HL subject, or now a World Studies Most candidates choose a subject that they are studying at the higher level (HL) because that is the career directions they are likely to head Students should choose a subject which interests them before deciding on a specific The original ideas / questions wil almost certainly change during the writing process.
Can be written in English or Spanish, but needs the supervisor to be able to read it too - I can’t supervise Biology EE’s in Spanish! -choose a topic that fits into one of the DP subjects on the approved extended essay list-observe the regulations relating to the extended essay, including meeting deadlines -acknowledge all sources of information and ideas academically It is strongly recommended that students: -plan how, when and where they wil find material for their essay-plan a schedule for both researching and writing the essay, including extra time for delays and unforeseen problems-record sources as their research progresses (rather than trying to reconstruct a list at the end)-have a clear structure for the essay itself before beginning to write-check and proofread the final version careful y-make sure that al basic requirements are met (for example, al students should get ful SUPERVISOR RESPONSIBILITIESIt is required that the supervisor: -provides the student with advice and guidance in the skills of undertaking research-encourages and supports the student throughout the research and writing of the extended essay -discusses the choice of topic with the student and, in particular, helps to formulate a wel -focused research question-ensures that the chosen research question satisfies appropriate legal and ethical standards with regard to health and safety, confidentiality, human rights, animal welfare and environmental issues-reads and comments on one completed draft only of the extended essay (but does not edit the draft)-reads the final version to confirm its authenticity-conducts a short, concluding interview (viva voce) with the student before completing the supervisor’s report.
-submits a predicted grade for the student’s extended essay to IB Cardiff It is strongly recommended that the supervisor: -spends between three and five hours with each student, including the time spent on the viva voce-ensures that the chosen research question is appropriate for the subject-advises students on: resources, structure and format, analytical level English A “ What are the role & significance of Dance in Pride & Prejudice and “How is ‘Death’ treated differently in the poems of Bronte and Language B“Alternative uses of ‘vos’ & ‘usted’ in the Spanish of the Rio de Plata “ To what extent does language used by High school students in Paris reflect racial discrimination?” (local language themes) “What is the nature of MC Solaar’s rap critique of French society?” “How & Why have explanations of the Cuban Missile Crisis changed since 1962?” (analytical, and open to multiple interpretations) “ To what extent were Hitler’s educational aims met in the Uhland Economics“Is Starbucks coffee a Veblen good in Beijing?” (company analysis) “The effect of the Asian Tsunami on fish prices in local markets in “Competition & Market Structure among petrol stations in my area” Physics“Is it possible to determine the presence of a black hole at the centre of the Milky Way?” (personal interest) “Do wine bottles of different shapes behave as Helmholtz resonators?” (col ection of first hand data) Environmental Systems and Society“From the major inputs and outputs of the school canteen, what overal estimate of its environmental impact can be made in terms of an ecological Biology“Are commercially available antibacterial cleaning agents effective at control ing the growth of E. coli on nutrient agar under laboratory conditions?” (lab work) Probably some of the more interesting works have included studies done with pets, hospitals, institutes…Chemistry“Does the time it takes to brew a cup of tea using a specific commercial brand of tea leaves significantly alter the amount of caffeine that is dissolved in the drink?” (phenomena that is “What was the role of mathematics, and geometry in particular, in navigation when we relied on the stars?” In maths, probability and gaming is reasonable “The use of Prime numbers in cryptography.” Theatre Arts“A study of the effects of the use of fabrics and lighting in (local or Broadway plays)Music“Urbanization of Mariachi music in Mexico: To what extent is the original flavor of the traditional rural mariachi music retained in modern urban mariachi (vast array: can be rock/pop studies)Visual Arts“The kimono: art form or tradition?” (local culture) Theory of Knowledge (ToK)
The band descriptors are:A Work of an excel ent standard B Work of a good standardC Work of a satisfactory standard D Work of a mediocre standardE Work of an elementary standard APPLICATION OF ANALYTICAL AND EVALUATIVE SKILLS The score from 36 is converted to an A – E grade which combines with TOK to give the bonus score (from a possible 3) Managebac (samples/exemplars/dates) Introduction: November 2012 Subject and Supervisor: April 2013: contract Viva voce (Supervisor interview): December 2013 (after Students can write their EE in Spanish provided their supervisor can guide them in that language (ie their super visor must have first language Spanish ability) Can students have a supervisor outside of school? Technical y, students need an FDR supervisor-teacher, but they can use other resources outside of school too (experts are definitely welcome) The student must be at the center of the decision making process1. Student picks subject and supervisor2. Student narrows choice to a topic or two3. Student researches topics for a narrow research questionThe questions should be open to interpretation, analysis, and even controversy, and it should al ow first hand evidence to be col ected. The topic should be The Saturday in September wil be crucial, please check the calendar, and make sure your child is available to workshop their essay. In al of their senior work, the EE is the most likely piece to be left behind. Making the most of the regular Wednesdays and the Saturday in September wil help the stress levels of the Good lock to the parents of Class of 2014


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ANTIRETROVIRAL PREGNANCY REGISTRY ANTIVIRAL THERAPY DURING PREGNANCY (Initiated at registration and completed at follow-up) The Registry assigned, non-patient identifying patient ID number or Patient (Log) ID: Sponsor MCN Complete as much of this page as applicable at Registration. A copy of this form will be sent to you in the expected month of delivery for compl

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New England Music Camp Health History and Examination Form 8 Goldenrod Lane The information on this form is not part of the camper acceptance Sidney, ME 04330 process, but it is gathered to assist in identifying appropriate care. This form, except for the "Health Recommendations of Licensed Healthcare Provider," is to be completed by the parents/guardians and camper. P

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