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China Trip – Supply & To Do List
This list was given to Adoption Horizons by one of our families preparing for their China trip.
Before We Leave
• Appt. with Cindy to go over paperwork and Visa application • Meet with Pediatrician and pick up prescriptions. Does he have an email address? Will Bactrum handle Giardia? Get powdered version of Zithromax appropriate for baby. • Attach dresser and bookshelf to wall in baby’s room • Notify credit card company we will be traveling in China • Compile e-mail addresses and set up who will be main contact here • Get US Congress & INS phone/e-mail addresses • Does Blue Cross work in Asia? Plan emergency medical evacuation location (Tokyo?) • Check out travel insurance • Give house key and alarm directions to neighbor • Find someone to care for pets while we’re gone • Stop newspaper • Have post office hold mail • Go over location of personal documents with family member. • Install car seat • Mow lawn – and find someone to handle while we’re gone • Get traveler’s checks & cash • Leave complete copy of dossier along with passport and credit card copies with family member • Organize documents and cash packets • Pack the Travel Binder (provided by Adoption Horizons) • Pack Pager/Cell Phones • Gas up the vehicles • Leave extra van key in garage • Turn off water heater • Unplug TV, toaster, coffeepot, computer, etc.
Baby Supplies
Bathing: Baby shampoo – travel size
Caldesene medicated powder (a sprinkle at each diaper change is very helpful in preventing diaper rash)
Blankets: Two Receiving and one warm but lightweight – fleece, crib size Books: Soft, textures Baby care – How to Book – What to Expect the First Year covers it all. Bulky and heavy. May want
to photocopy a few key pages – what to do for a fever, how to take a temperature, etc.
Drop-in liners w/ring at top (Enough for 5-6 a day) Nipples – 6 Bring a couple different types including crosscut nipples as babies are used to getting formula quickly. Boil, per package instructions, before packing. Child carrier/Snugli Clothes: One Piece Outfits - 7-10 Plane Attire: Medium weight, easily accessible diaper-wise, bring two extra complete outfits and pack in carryon. Diapers: Huggies Supreme or other. Enough for 6 per day. (2-3 packs of 32 count – small/medium) Daypack style diaper bag Plastic bags for soiled diapers (for when you’re out of the hotel. Optional. Scented ones at K-Mart called Diaper Sacks.) Rash crème (Desitin with Zinc oxide – a bit messy but effective! A & D Ointment is a good product, too.) Wipes (200) – Enough for 15 per day, bring soft refill packages Bibs -5 (The bibs with Velcro are MUCH more convenient than the ones that tie or have snaps, unless you have a baby who tries to pull off their bib!) Rice cereal (1 box) – Rice cereal with banana is a good choice. Tupperware (small containers for snacks and for mixing rice cereal) Formula: Carnation Al Soy or Enfamil Soy. Also Enfamil milk-based. Recommend Enfamil travel packets – more expensive but worth it. Note: When we picked up our daughter we were given one bottle ready to go along with one bag each of the formula and rice cereal she was using. Some families in our group immediately started weaning their baby off the Chinese formula and onto whichever American brand they brought with them. We chose to continue feeding our daughter the Chinese brands until returning home in order to avoid gas, constipation and general stomach problems, which some of the babies being switched over experienced. Just something to consider… Thermos – travel size (for taking water on outings to mix formula) Note: The hotel will bring a thermos of boiled water to your room – as often as needed. They will also give you complimentary bottles of water – you will need to buy more. We filled our travel thermos about ¾ full of boiled water and then added bottled water to cool it down. Test it – you may need to add more bottled water to cool it to temp appropriate for baby’s bottle. Pacifiers w/clips – if you’re going to use these, bring a couple different types. Teethers – Rings, cloths, etc. Toys: Doll and stuffed animal Musical toy (kind where you pull string for a lullaby) Rattles/jingles/flashing lights Umbrella stroller (purchase there or you may be able to rent at hotels.)

Food Ideas
Baby food in jars – buy in China
Cherrios – a must! Store in ziplock or tupperware
Crackers: Gold Fish & Ritz
Granola bars
Peanut butter – small jar
Teething biscuits
Trail mix
Baby Medicines – Check out items listed and dosage with Pediatrician!
Anti-Yeast Cream – Clotrimazole or Miconazole Creams
Bactrim – RX for diarrhea (for adults only?)
Benedryl Antihistamine to relieve allergies and sedative– For babies under one year, ½ tsp. on plane trip to help
sleep and for allergies.
Broad Spectrum antibiotic for ear infections, upper respiratory, etc. Amoxicillin? Zithromax??
Eucerin lotion - travel size
Hydrocortisone Cream - .05% (for eczema, rashes, etc.)
Kaolectrolyte (individual packets)
KY Jelly – individual packets (for suppositories)
Lice (Nix shampoo) and scabies lotion (Elimite – Rx)
Lotrimin crème (for ring worm or other fungal infections)
Medicine dropper
Mylicon drops (for gas)
Nasal Aspirator – make sure tip is small enough to be slightly inserted into nostril
Saline nose drops
Suppositories (glycerine) or 2 jars of prunes (?)
Teething Pills - Anbesol or Ora-Gel for teething and/or Hyland’s Homeopathic Teething Pills – a MUST
Tylenol – Infant and Tylenol Cold Formula

Medicines – Adults
Antibiotics - for diarrhea and upper respiratory
Antibiotic Cream – Triple
Cough Syrup
Echinacea (whole bottle)
Listerine – travel size
Mosquito Spray
Neosporin (or other first aid cream)
Pepto Bismol
Prescriptions (and copy of doctor’s written RX)
Sleeping pills (Good idea to get an RX from doctor – very helpful on the plane and in China)
Throat lozengers
Vitamin C (bring a full bottle)
Our Clothes
Bathing suits
Sandals & Shoes
Thongs – for use on bathroom floor and shower
General Supplies
Pre-addressed labels for postcards
Airline tickets
Bags – plastic - for dirty clothes
Batteries – For booklight, cameras (video and 35mm), Walkman. Pack in carryon.
Bible (small)
Blow dryer (recommend one that converts to 240 volts)
Tupperware Bowl – medium - for washing dishes
Calculator with new batteries Camera (with 15-20 rolls of film and instructions – bring an extra, if possible.) Clothes hangers – thin coated or metal for hanging clothes up to dry. Clothes pins Colored yarn or ribbon for identifying suitcases Clorox wipes – you can use to wipe down the crib in the hotel. Clothesline Coffeepot – one cup travel type with filters – we used ours a lot to boil more water, especially in middle of night. Credit cards Cylinder to roll up maps, posters, etc., to store – a couple different sizes available at Staples. Daypack Dental floss Deodorant Door stop – for use on hotel room door Duct tape – we didn’t use but would’ve been helpful when our bags had started to come apart! Earplugs Eye Glasses Fanny pack/neck pouches Film (15-20 rolls of 36?) Fingernail clippers First Aid kit – with latex gloves Flashlight (small) Gifts: Go over with Xiaoqing and Cindy – only gift for Director of orphanage? For Directors – adult vitamins, lotions, donations to orphanage (for older kids; little shirts and shorts) Tour Guides – National and local. Optional. You can just tip them. Caregivers: Donate two outfits and vitamins to orphanage? Toys? Wrap in red paper. Hand to them with two hands. Hair brush/comb Hair spray (non-aerosol) Iron (travel type) Jewelry (bright necklace baby might be attracted to) Journal – important to TRY to write a few notes at the end of each day. You may think that you’ll recall details later but you won’t! Kleenex (small packets – can be used for TP!) Knife – Swiss army but don’t put in carry on! Kotex/Tampax Laundry soap (double bagged w/measuring cup in zip lock bag) or at Going Places; suds in a tube. Convenient! Lead film pouch – AH has one we can borrow. Luggage – Put an extra empty suitcase in another suitcase to use for souvenirs, etc. We bought another cheap suitcase in China Luggage locks (bring an extra) Luggage tags (bring an extra). (mark your luggage with bright colored nylon ribbon for easy location at baggage pickup areas. Makeup Neck pillows for airplane – can find at Going Places, Old Town, Eureka. Inflatable or other type. Nightlight (with adapter plug?) Notebook (small – for jotting down notes/reminders) Paper towels (partial roll) Passports – keep one copy in suitcase and one with family member here. Pens/pencil
Plastic box (“pencil” type) for keeping hotel souvenirs intact
Razors/ shaving cream
Ribbon – pre-cut – to use for gifts
Rubber bands
Safety pins
Scissors (small) – Store in suitcase when traveling.
Sewing kit
Shampoo and rinse
Body and face
Antibacterial soap (small size with hand pump)
Wipes (individual)
Suntan lotion
Tape – to use in wrapping gifts
Tissue paper – red – unopened – to use to wrap gifts for Orphanage Director, etc.
Toothbrush (2-3 extra in case you forget and use the tap water for rinsing)
Travel alarm clock – don’t really need. Use hotel wake-up system.
Travelers checks
Tripod (table top)
Umbrella (travel size)
Video camera and instruction book
Film - 10 hours
Voltage converter/transformer (Ours didn’t always work. The hotel may have one to loan)
Walkman with tapes or CD’s and extra batteries
Ziplock bags (lots of them in varying sizes)
Plane Carryon for Travel with Baby
Books and small toys
Bottled water (can get more at airport or on plane)
Bottles with liners already filled with pre-measured formula. We stacked and tied top one with rubber band.
Changing pad
Diaper Rash Cream
Hyland’s Teething Pills
Outfits – complete - Two
Pacifiers with clips
Plastic bags
Rice Cereal

Thermos filled with boiled water
Wash cloth
Wipes – diaper
Documents to Bring – Go over with Cindy
For Consulate – All notarized with this is a true copy…Employment verification, three years of taxes with all
schedules in exact order as prepared by accountant, xerox W-2 separate from taxes, last pay stub and I-864
form – complete now and notarize)
Cash – Estimate $6,000 in marked envelopes (will find out specific amount before we leave), 50’s and 100’s.
*New bills – see below.
Misc. Items
*Use small envelope marked for each payment. Bills in perfect shape – new, if possible. Call your bank now
and ask them to start setting aside new bills!

Mail letter to child on day you receive her so you have the postmark date.
Sponge-bath your child for the first day or two. They’re probably not used to taking baths!
Keep documents in carry on! Keep in hotel safe when not in use.
Purchase phone card over there, not here.
Save the clothes she comes in.
If doing laundry in your hotel room, wrap wet clothes in towels to squeeze out extra moisture.
Have someone check blue exit VISA inside child’s passport – which is written in Chinese. Make sure all is
correct (destination of child, etc.) Our guide took care of this but it’s good to double check.
Bring a disposable polaroid camera and film so when you receive your child, you can take a picture of you with
the baby to give to foster parents or orphanage. Have gift ready to give foster parents as you may meet them
after all (we did and we weren’t prepared!) Two couples in our group slipped cash to foster parents which I’m
sure is quite against the rules but most likely appreciated by the foster families. We wish we had been prepared
to do the same for our child’s foster parents.
Items We May Want to Purchase in China
Bottles with painting inside.
Chinese pajamas and dresses. Jacket?
Tapes of Chinese children’s music
Tea Set
Chinese toys
Videos to Watch – we haven’t watched yet
Books to Read – Haven’t read yet

Websites: Have heard these are good ones to review:
Tourist spots in Guangzhou:
Rosie Winters
Hong Kong
We stayed at the Sheraton which was at a great location to walk the “Golden Mile”
New World Hotel (few blocks away from Sheraton) attached to 5-story mall – Have day rooms and day tours to Stanley Market Large Toys R Us Dan Ryan’s Chicago Grill – heard this was a great restaurant. Ocean Harbor Complex (lots of shopping) Star Ferry to Hong Kong island to Victoria Peak Go to Chinese Arts & Crafts store. Per travel agent, Irene, reputable, set prices, near Ferry bldg. Don’t buy anything in the ferry building. Regarding pearls, if they feel smooth, they’re plastic, if they feel like sandpaper, they’re real. YMCA hotel one block away from Sheraton is good place to get a cheap meal when you get tired of paying high
Hong Kong restaurant prices.
Guangzhou - These are items we heard or read somewhere:
Hard Rock Café – basement of the China Hotel. Nice little shop around the corner from hotel. Zoo (take taxi) largest in China. Be sure to have a business card of hotel so you can show it Don’t eat dinner at White Swan. It’s poor quality food and expensive. Breakfast there is great. Go to “Tree” restaurant – tables are outdoors
After returning home
Appt. with Pediatrician asap and bloodwork at lab (take Child Arrival Medical to appointment)
Call Adoption Horizons Social Worker
Call Adoption Horizons Finalization Case Manager
Six monthly AH meetings and reports – 3rd Wed. of every month at 7 pm
S/S# for child
Update will
Family photo pages

Our desire to be parents matched her need to have them!
– Saw this on a website. A nice quick response for
strangers who stop you and ask, “why?”
I Samuel 1:27: For this child I prayed and the Lord has granted the petition which I asked of Him.


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