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Lisa K. Lutman PT., CSCI, Director

2012-2013 Health and Wellness Series

Building Bridges with Local Holistic Health Practitioners
2nd Tuesday of each Month
6:30 – 8:30 PM
Sponsored by:
Lisa Kelly Lutman, PT, CSCI and Owner, Alternative Physical Therapy, LTD
Cindy Baker, M.Ed., DCEP – Energy Psychology Practitioner
419.376.0844 Email: cindybaker001@gmail.com
Sandy Earl, RTY, Holistic Lifestyle Coach, Yoga Instuctor
419.351.7409 Email: sandyearl_rower@hotmail.com
Sept. 11
Topic: Vibrational Therapy
Speaker: John Fackler, Solfeggio Tuning Fork, Level lll, Soma Energetics Certified
Everything is created from vibration and frequency and to become in harmony with this and its
potentials in our universe is a true gift in itself. John Fackler of Intuit Vibrational Therapy will
present Solfeggio Tuning Forks as well as Crystal and Angel Tuners, Body Tuners, DNA-RNA
Tuners, Brain Tuners and Planetary Tuners that are also used in his sound healing modality
practice…different forks for different purposes, intents and results. He will close with a Solfeggio
meditation circle. Come and join us!
Contact John at jfackler@toast.net, or 419.367.8248
October 9
Topic: Spiritual Response Therapy
Speaker: Mary Beth Tanner, LMT
Mary Beth will introduce a system to research and clear discordant programming in the
subconscious mind and soul record.
Contact: Mary Beth at marybeth@bex.net or 419-367-5369.
Nov. 13
Topic: Ayurveda
Speaker: Denise Ellis, RYT, IYT
Learn the benefits of Ayurveda, a sister science of Yoga, and the oldest ancient system of natural
Contact Denise at denise@itsaboutmovement.net, 419.931.3001 or visit
Dec. 11
Topic: Naturopathy Overview and Demonstrations
Speaker: Linda Ott, ND, CNHP
Linda will explain Classical Naturopathy and her use of modalities of Nutrition Response
Testing, Acu-therapy, Reflexology, and Aromatherapy. Learn to manage pain through
stimulating acupressure points and prevention of the spread of colds and flu.
Contact Linda at: 419-517-8810 Office: 5600 Monroe Street, A-106, Sylvania OH 43560

Jan. 8
Topic: Acupuncture: A Time Tested Tool for Restoring and Maintaining Health
Speaker: Marcie Webb, RN, LAc
Marcie Webb is a Board Certified Acupuncturist. She includes a Western Medicine perspective
in her practice deriving from her 25+ years as a nurse. Her presentation will address the theories
of how acupuncture works and include a demonstration and information on other aspects of
Chinese Medicine.
Contact Marcie at marcelenewebb@yahoo.com or 419. 460.6779 Office: 134 W. South Boundary,
Perrysburg, Ohio 43551
Feb. 12
Topic: Past Lives – Fact or Fiction?
Speaker: Virginia Ulch, MA, Life Coach and Clinical Hypnotherapist
Explore research into past lives and clues from biblical references as well as personal accounts of
reincarnation accessed through hypnotherapy with Ginny.
Contact Virginia at 419.250.4810 or v.ulch@yahoo.com. Visit www.nbhctoledo.com
March 12
Topic: Essential Oils – Part of Your Natural First Aid Kit!
Speaker: Debra Reis, MSN, CCA, HTCP – Holistic Nurse Practitioner
Learn the healing value of essential oils and how they can benefit your health, wellness. We will
discuss how to determine quality for essential oils versus perfume grade and identify ways to use
essential oils for basic first aid measures.
Contact Deb Reis at 419-349-1815 or debrareis@gmail.com. Visit my website for a FREE Report
about essential oils for cancer care at www.debrareis.com or www.essentialoilsforcancer.com
April 9
Topic: Crystalline Consciousness Technique
Speaker: Scott McBride, CCT Level 1 Teacher/Reiki Master
Scott will present the use of CCT to set intentions in our lives. Conscious Intent will be discussed
and practiced. Participants will have the opportunity to experience a CCT Mini Session, and will
be able to set personal intentions (using what's learned in the class) within the session to move
forward in their lives!
Contact Scott at scott@rayofhealing.com or 419.376.3740
May 14
Topic: Oral Diagnostics: The Gateway to Your Health
Speaker: Michael McVicker, DDS
Learn about the oral/body connection and how advanced biologic dentistry can now screen/detect
serious medical conditions. Heart disease, diabetes, sleep apnea, and mercury-free dentistry are
just a few topics to be presented.
Contact Dr. McVicker at 419.474.5955 or visit www.exceptionalsmiles.com

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