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Product Information
Antibiotics and Antimycotics for Cell Culture
(E437, E485, E477, E474, E480, E490, E487, E482)
A complete line of antibiotics and antimycotics is available for all of your cell culture needs. These antibiotics and antimycotic mixtures have been aseptically prepared from the highest quality materials available and are γ-irradiated to ensure sterility. The dry blends or lyophilized powders are packaged in amber serum vials with multiple injection stoppers for syringe mediated liquid handling. Also, each reagent has been tested for compatibility with standard tissue culture systems and is guaranteed sterile upon arrival. The end user simply needs to reconstitute the powder in the recommended volume of sterile tissue culture grade water. When stored at the recommended conditions, these products are guaranteed stable for > 1 year. E437-100mg
Solubilized Amphotericin B
Penicillin G, Sodium Salt
When reconstituted in 20ml sterile dH2O contains E485-20ml
Penicillin/Streptomycin/ Amphotericin B
When reconstituted in 20ml sterile dH2O contains 10,000 U Penicillin, 10mg streptomycin per ml. streptomycin and 300 µg amphotericin B per ml. E477-20ml
Ampicillin, Sodium Salt
When reconstituted in 20ml sterile dH2O contains 5,000 U Penicillin, 5mg streptomycin and 10mg neomycin per ml. E474-10ml
When reconstituted in 20ml sterile dH2O contains In water this material forms a suspension, which is effective in tissue culture applications. Application Disclaimer
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