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Your Prescription Medication Plan provides coverage for services provided by Participating pharmacies as listed below.
Under this plan, benefits for preferred medications are covered at a higher benefit level. For assistance in locating a
Participating Pharmacy or the RegenceRx Preferred Medication List, please visit our Web site at
Your Prescription Plan Features
Mail order service for medications taken regularly for chronic conditions.
Up to a 90-day supply for mail order medications is provided.
Up to a 30-day supply for self-injectable medications for mail order.
RegenceRx Preferred Medication List, which offers quality generics and selected brands includingcontraceptives.
Needles and syringes used for self-injectable medications.
Preferred copayment for medications on the RegenceRx Preferred Medication List.
Medications that are required by law to be dispensed by prescription.
Benefit Features
Important Note: Present your identification card with all new and refill prescriptions. There is a $10 processing fee
for all submitted paper claims.
Medications purchased at participating pharmacies
*The maximum quantity is a 34-day supply for each prescription filled.
Medications purchased through mail order
*The maximum quantity is a 90-day supply for each prescription filled.
Renewals effective on or after January 1, 2005 Traditional Flat $10/$20/$40 Copay Rx OR (04/04) Rev 09/04 Limitations and Exclusions
Once enrolled, your benefits booklet can be viewed online at our Web site, Please refer to your benefits booklet for a complete list of benefits and the limitations and exclusions that apply. These Benefits Are Limited
! The maximum quantity for pharmacy purchased medications is a 34-day supply. Some medications may be limited
by quantity rather than day supply or may require prior authorization by the health plan.
! The maximum quantity for mail order purchased medications is a 90-day supply. Some medications may be limited by quantity rather than day supply or may require prior authorization by the health plan.
! The maximum quantity for mail order purchased self-injectable medications is a 30-day supply. Some medications may be limited by the quantity rather than day supply or may require prior authorization by the health plan.
! Compound medications are only covered when one ingredient is a federal legend or state restricted medication.
Services And Supplies Not Covered
! Prescription medications purchased at a non-participating pharmacy
! Impotence medications
! Fertility medications
! Nonprescription medications
! Medications prescribed for cosmetic purposes
! Medications with no proven therapeutic indication
! Retin-A for anyone 26 years of age or over
! Renova
! Lamisil and Sporanox
! Topical minoxidil
! Smoking cessation products
! Experimental or investigational medications
! Medications prescribed for weight loss or the treatment of obesity (including, but not limited to amphetamines)
! Vitamins and fluoride, except those required by law to be dispensed by prescription
! Injectable medications, except those defined as self-injectable
! Medications dispensed in a facility while a patient in a hospital, skilled nursing facility, nursing home, or other
! Stolen, lost, spilled, or destroyed prescription medications TDD Line for people with hearing impairments 1 (800) 382-1003


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