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Nicotine Nasal Spray
How Do I Begin?
For more information contact:
Nicotine nasal sprays are available by prescription only.
Two items of advice:
It helps to get help. Each year, only about 5% of people
Possible side effects:
Do not use if you
who try to stop on their own succeed. Research shows that those enrolled in formal stop-smoking programs 3300 Dundee Road • Northbrook, IL
Phone: 847.498.1400
Fax: 847.498.5460
Keep trying. Most tobacco users require many tries E-mail:
How To Quit
How T
before they are able to stop for good. If you resume Web:
smoking, don’t give up hope. An unsuccessful attempt Using Tobacco
Using T
is not a failure; it is a learning experience that brings you one step closer to your goal. Try again! Buproprion (Zyban)
This medication is available by prescription only.
Possible side effects:
Do not use if you:
(such as skin rashes, • have an eating itching and hives You Are Ready To Quit
• Set your quit date.
• Put your commitment in writing. • Follow the instructions above.
You can do it! Get started!
1 Help me quit using tobacco: Mayo Clinic Nicotine Dependence
2 Tips to help you quit: American Cancer Society, 20013 Quit smoking action plan. New York: American Lung Association, A New Approach to Life
Coping With Nicotine Withdrawal 1, 2
Nicotine Gum
If you are smoking fewer than 25 cigarettes per day, it is suggested that you use 2-mg pieces, no To stop using tobacco products, you will need a Withdrawal
more than 24 per day, for up to 12 weeks. If you new approach to life. People who stop successfully symptoms
How to cope
are smoking 25 or more cigarettes per day, you have developed new attitudes and activities that should use the 4-mg pieces in the same way. replace those behaviors that surrounded smoking and other tobacco use. Before you attempt to quit, The gum should be chewed slowly until a pep- think about preparing for it. The better prepared pery or minty taste emerges and then park the you are, the higher the likelihood of success. Here gum between your cheek and gum for about 30 • Decide positively that you want to quit. • Make a list of reasons, including personal rea- Possible side effects:
Do not use if
sons, medical effects, health benefits, financial Medications That Can Help
• Repeat one of these reasons to yourself several Ask your health-care provider for advice about using • Start conditioning yourself physically with a medications to ease the symptoms of withdrawal and modest exercise routine. Get lots of rest and help you to quit using tobacco. The US Public Health Service recognizes five first-line treatments that have • Set a target date for quitting within the next 2 been proven effective at reducing tobacco use: weeks. Don’t allow anything to change that date. • Identify barriers to quitting. What will make Nicotine Patch
it difficult? What situations make you desire The patch should be applied on a relatively hairless Nicotine Inhaler
area between the neck and waist upon awakening on • Make a list of people who can support your quit day and replaced with a new patch in a new loca- intentions to quit, such as family, friends, and coworkers. Discuss your plans with them.
Possible side effects:
Do not use if you
• If any of these people are smokers, ask them to Carefully read and follow the directions on the package refrain from using tobacco around you or, better yet, ask them to join you in quitting.
• Clear the places where you usually smoke of any- Inability to concentrate Take a brisk walk.
Possible side effects:
Do not use if
thing that would remind you of cigarettes – like • Clean your house and car; try to remove the • Make a list of activities, hobbies, and interests that you can do to keep your mind off smoking.
• Prepare yourself with knowledge about the withdrawal symptoms and ways to cope with Try not to push yourself for 2-4 weeks.



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