Fall 2007, No. 22
Health Study Update
The Reynolds Risk Score: How the WHS is improving cardiovascular risk prediction in women any factors are known level, and sufficient for those at low to increase the risk for risk. Aspirin or medications that M
cardiovascular risk and are definitely the remaining 8,000 participants in a Announcing the Women’s
Health Study website
heart attack or being diagnosed with Cook, ScD, set out to develop a percent is intermediate to high; a risk simplicity. How did they do this? intermediate; and a risk of less than 5 dozen potential risk factors for heart their annual questionnaires online, using a link to a special, secure section of the WHS: Advancing Scientific Knowledge About Women’s Health Recent findings from the WHS
Ongoing research projects
• Blood clots
• Cancer Consortium
threefold.) (Glynn RJ et al., Annals of Internal Medicine 2007;147:525- pancreatic cel s, as wel as smal clinical WHS researchers are col aborating trials in patients with type 2 diabetes, with other cancer research groups in women and men in North America, break off and travel through the veins supplementation may reduce the risk and improve insulin action, leading to by the National Cancer Institute to gene-environment interactions in the is particularly useful for studying WHS—the only large-scale trial to test the WHS have been combined with this hypothesis—found no evidence to data from eight the genes for clotting factor V (that’s suggest that vitamin E protects against other large studies “V” as in “five,” and the mutation is type 2 diabetes (Liu S et al., Diabetes prevent cardiovascular disease and factor II (also known as prothrombin, vitamin E was associated with a 44 whether these agents prevent other be reported in next year’s newsletter.
conditions—namely, blood clots, • Cognitive decline
immobility (as on long airline flights), apparent protective effect is unclear, decline. We are also using the data collected from WHS participants to clotting (Glynn RJ et al., Circulation address a wide variety of research questions concerning the influence developing breast, pancreatic,
• Type 2 diabetes
genetic factors on health and the supplementation could stave off cognitive thus lead to better preventive and aspirin was not effective in preventing diabetes, a condition in which blood interview consisting of standard memory • Pooling Project of Prospective
Studies of Diet and Cancer
the G20210A prothrombin mutation. is the main cause of kidney failure, supplementation was effective at slowing MD, ScD, are participating in the which were found in nearly 8 percent blindness in the U.S., and is a major (Kang JH et al., British Medical Journal 2007;334:987; Kang JH et al., Archives of Internal Medicine 2006;166:2462-2468).
signifies the importance of genetics.” cholesterol-related measures. Reynolds Risk Score Findings from the Framingham after the foundation Heart Study suggest that a 50-year- deemed important 40 years ago from disease as she grows older. Vigilance contributed a baseline blood sample. the Framingham Heart Study, plus developing heart disease later in life.
A query to WHS Update
Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & to the Reynolds Risk Score (see page addressed in this newsletter, or experiences related to your participation • Women’s Genome Health
in WHS that you would like to share with WHS researchers, led by Paul Ridker, Watch for results of this landmark Institute to conduct ful genome scans Please be assured that al genetic data Health Study are ful y confidential, as 4


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